lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Larissa Riquelme - The Paraguay Big Fan

Larissa Riquelme, do you know who is this sexy baby here? This girl is famous for her appearance in World Cup this year, whom promise to run naked in the field if Paraguay wins the World Cup. Don't be disappointed, Paraguay didn't win the cup but you may still see her sexy picture here and I think I saw her naked picture before some where on the internet, just search for it. She was also famous for putting her handphone between her breast and attract so many camera man to take picture for her. If not mistaken, that is Nokia. And I so feel like wanna be the handphone that is placed between her breast, I wonder the whether handphone will drop out from her boobs when she jumps up and down during the game, I didn't see her in my tv. So curious what the breast will look like if they are just in front of me. She is one of the biggest winner in World Cup as well as she gain such a big publicity and sure she will attract a lot of contract, I think Playboy already or may in the future have her naked pictures for you out there. By just looking at the picture I already feel like wanna squeeze and lick her breast. Those handphone, mobile phone manufacturer should look for her in advertising to prove that their handphone can stand for such a big pressure and won't crack. It's tough!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kim Kardashian

Do you guys know this Kim Kardashian? Well, I really don't know about this sexy bomb here. She is another girl that have a angel's face and devil's body. I haven't saw here in any places other than her nude picture in playboy, Kim Kardashian breast is so big, I can really die to just hold her breast. I knew her name just because she is very good with the press, there are far too many pretty faces in playboy, and I know her not in the playboy. I saw this sexy Kim Kardashian in the press. She have a sex tape with Ray J, but I really haven't see it before and I really hope to get one just to watch her scream and her sex move. Sure it is mind blowing. I wonder she have orgasm in the sex tape. I may go to search online for this sex tape, I don't normally do this but Kim Kardashian is just so sexy. I never watch her reality show, I think must be very boring compare to her sex tape. Or I rather see her nude picture in playboy. Heard that Kim Kardashian have a bad relationship with Paris Hilton, wonder there is any chances that they will take some nude picture together. Paris Hilton won't mind to show her boobs for free, you can find tons of her nude picture online, and no one is paying her anything. Perhaps she is just too rich and she don't mind to do some charity with her nude body.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kelly Brooke Nude

Wow, when i first see this... I don't know who is this and never see her before. But I will think of her all the time, the breast is so firm and...yes the size, large, so large, can't get enough of her. Men are crazy about her, look at her, beauty of an angel, body of a devil. Her look is killing me. I'm not sure all the guys are crazy for her, but 99.9% of the men population will have a heart attack for making love with her. Can't imagine if a girl like this is seducing me, or even sit right in front of me, I'll just suffocate, I can't breath if such an angel is talking to me. This is the kind of sexy young lady that is to die for, I won't get enough of her for at least 20 years haha. Where playboy find her? I'm not sure how many people out there know this Kelly Brooke, and for me, I will want to look at her nude picture again and again. If I have a girl friend like Kelly Brooke, I will die very soon, as I won't stop making love to her again and again, non stop. And my body won't be able to take it for so much of sex, and so much of orgasm will make my sperm volume go down, and I'll need the extra protein. Haha, so much crap here.
I am so damn jealous of the guy who can be with her, damn it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day of 20.10.10

Today I'm not talking about sex, lust, porn, chics, love making, penis, boobs, butts... I'm very moody today. Actually it's been kinda frequent lately. Think my heart is kinda empty lately, something is missing, and I think it's love. I need love, and my heart is hungry for love. I never tell someone beside me, I'm not sure what I want. I don't want to get involve in a relationship simply because I'm lonely, I met a lot of girls lately but no one can really match with me. I rather stay single than being with someone that I don't really love or suitable for. The loneliness is killing me. I have big bunch of friends but it's like I'm standing in a crowd all by myself before I found her.
I did meet some girls that I like but they aren't interest in me, and the other way round. So I just keep single like this for a very long time. I wonder how long it will take. I need some love to 'complete me' like Tom Cruise in one of his movie. Where is the one girl that I can get married and get old together? Lots of my friend whom married few years back are preparing for divorce, I have no security about marriage as well, why do people want to get married if they are going to divorce at the end of the day. If that is the case why don't just stay together without the marriage certificate?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Juan Rodriguez - Naked runner in front of Obama

Juan Rodriguez, this is one of the hottest name on earth right now, wonder it's the hottest keyword online or not. As you can see the picture above, this guy run naked in front of the crowd while President Obama was giving his speech. You may wonder why this Juan Rodriguez want to do something like this, I bet you can search online to see his full naked picture that include his penis. The last picture here shows that the lady doesn't admire Juan Rodriguez naked body at all. Luckily she did that, or else she will be caught in the picture that she was admiring some guys naked body. This is actually a game of a rich guy in Britain, a billionaire, Alki David. He offered $1 million in cash to the first person who streaked in front of Obama with his website name written on his chest while shouting "" six times. I think this billionaire David never think that he will ever pay this $1million as he just want to promote his website. Well, some stupid guy actually did it. And did it successfully. Do you know what David said? "Apparently, there is a law in Pennsylvania where someone isn't able to profit from an illegal act," What was he trying to tell? That he will be bind by the law not to pay the money. Poor Juan Rodriguez, he told the reporter that his family need the money so much and he is willing to do anything.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sexiest tennis outfits

Saw this sexiest tennis outfits in, msn should do this more, something like sexiest swim suit, sexiest basketball outfits, sexiest running outfits and so on. I haven't not follow up with tennis for a very long time, the last pretty tennis baby I know is Maria Sharapova. Of course she is one of the pretty baby listed here, I think she is sexy no matter what she wear, she is just stunning. Share some of the picture here. Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Kirilenko, Daniela Hantuchova are listed in the list as well. See Maria Sharapova in the blue dress? I like that so much and it looks sporty and lady at the same time. Daniela Hantuchova's blue dress is one of my favourite too, you can see her nipple as well, too bad the dress doesn't show us the cleverage, or else I will sit in front of the tv just to watch her boobs jump up and down. Maria Kirilenko look so cute in the picture, look at her face, and the dress look more innocent. I think these outfits are good for costume in role play, it's makes people so horny when thinking of having sex with these sport celebrities. I personally like it so much as most of you guys here know that I have something for long legs, and these dress or sport outfits just show the leg so much, I am dreaming of how to hug them in my sleep later on.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

cute butt

Went for a run yesterday at a park around my area to make myself fit and also prepare for the marathon coming this Sunday. Came here kinda often and never see so many cute butts in one day. Like the shorts they wear so much, it's short...and so short that I can see the butt is falling out from the shorts. So feel like wanna grab on it. It's damn sexy, and seldom see so many girls wearing it over here, new trend? I can already feel my little buddy penis is waking up, gosh, not here bro, I'm wearing a shorts too. Focus...not on the butt, on the road please. This is one of the reason I like to join marathon so much, you can see lots of sexy and firm butt. It will give you lots of motivation to run, as you have to run in the same pace just follow the butt. A lot of the girls really can run, sometimes they run so fast that I can't follow then I have to give up on this butt and follow on another butt. Haha, it's not that I like butt only, I like boobs as well. But I can't see it from behind, and I can't run to the front and turn back to look at the boobs to jump up and down. And most of the girls who really can run often have firm boobs not those big size that jumps up and down so much. Thanks girls you really make my run so much fun and interesting. Though I can see only but not touch, but it definitely make my penis erect.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Anyone using foursquare

Just back from a trip, saw a friend of mine use this application, if not mistaken, it's foursquare. I guess this is one of the application that you use in those fancy phone like iphone, htc, blackberry. Haven't try it on my phone before, may try it sometime. Actually I think it's a danger and stupid application. This application work like this, you go to some places then you click on this four square, then it will post on your facebook to tell others where are you right now. And I think this is not a good thing as I need some privacy and don't want others to know where am I. But there is a nice feature in this thing. That day when my friend log in to this application, he can see others in the same restaurant using this application whom log in as well. And in this case there is a pretty girl sit just next to our table, he wait no more and add the girl in his list. The girl approve him later that day, and he gotta hook up with the girl. Ok, that is a cool feature, anyone using application like this to date girls? Ok, if my phone can't use software like this sure I will get myself a new phone so I can use this thing here to tackle some girls who like to use this application as well. Never expect that I will need a thing like to tackle girls, but it's nice. Now I know why those phone are selling like a piece of hot cake!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cute girl

Met a cute girl in the karaoke just now. I met her right in front of our karaoke room while I rushed out to get some food. I almost bump into her, actually I'm so angry with myself why don't I just bump into her directly, at least I have some chance to talk to her. I didn't do anything to this girl other than looking at her in the eye, the more I look the more she's cute. The cute girl is not in a sexy outfit, but OL look, wearing a dress in black and white stripe. I have the chance to approach her few times, but I didn't get to know her. I tried my luck to get her number and this is my lucky day. How did I do it, this cutie pie is just opposite of our room, I went out everytime I saw her go out to take some food. At last I have the chance to stand right beside her, she's taking her food and her hand is full. She almost drop her plate while filling it up, so I decide to give her a hand.
Just started a small chat and everything goes fine, but no phone no. given! I didn't give up and keep on asking for facebook account and msn, haha, never like these 2 things so much, got her email and have both the account. Well, it's not a bad start and I'm going to make something happen. After so much sex, time for some love and really making love not having sex only.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sensual sex

I talk about the sex with girls that I hardly know and even those girls you pay for sex, but I never tell how much I want a proper sex with a girl that I love and care about. The feelings of sex between a lover and 'workers' is totally different. I believe I have told this before, sex between lover I called it making love, but sex between those strangers, I called it having sex. The feeling of it...hmm, with the girl I love, it's more sensual and the satisfaction is totally different, it's not only the orgasm that I felt, but the satisfaction of spirit. And having sex with those you pay for, the satisfaction is totally physical, the service they provide is so good as you are there just to enjoy the service and without worry whether your partner have their orgasm, is this sex position their favourite. Ha, this makes me remember a UK drama, forget about the name, 'Secret diaries' something like that. There are lots of story about how the girl, an escort entertain their client and how they manage to cope with all the funny situation.
Though, I still hope to make love to someone I love, I don't mind to give her some service, I think to make her enjoying her sex is also a satisfaction for myself. It's hard to find a good relationship right now, wonder how long I will have to wait.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lucky day for sex

It's a busy day for me, on a Sunday. Have a job to do on a Sunday morning, then attend a charity bowling after work. I was so tired after the bowling event, it ends 1pm. Though I'm super tired, but still grab my chance to have a lunch with my friends that I seldom meet. So exhausted after lunch, and feel so sleepy. Took my nap after reach home and so unluckily my phone rang after 15mins, have another job to settle. God... after I reach client's place, can't get the job done as we need more things to do it. A waste of my time. Then my phone rang again, this is a friend asking me to join him in a charity dinner. Mostly I will reject for event like this, but that day I say yes.
And here comes the best part of the day, I met this young lady sit just right beside me. She was hot! Well she is not perfect, she doesn't have a pretty face, she looks better than average, but not those model look girl. But she have great skin and body. It's smoking hot. I was so disappointed while sitting down as she looks like a couple with another guy sit next to her. The young lady is friendly and the dinner start to look good as I had a great conversation with her. When the dinner almost finished, she offers to send me home. God, come again? What about the guy beside him? He's only a friend. This is great. Never ever have a girl offers to send me home. And, I didn't let her down and let her fetch me. She did send me home, but not mine, hers instead. Of course, we have great sex. Her panties was long gone while on da way back, my hand were all over her bodies including her breast. This is kinda danger as she was really high and wet in her pussy, can't focus much on the road. Luckily it's near to her place. We have sex in her car on the front yard, it's damn nice. And I really enjoy hugging her to sleep. First thing in the morning, can't wait to make love to her again. We separate after brunch, and I know we will meet up again soon as she enjoy the sex a lot.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Naked spectacle

Saw an online advertisement selling a spectacle that can see through the cloth and see the boobs, bra, underwear inside. They are selling USD 220 for spectacles like this, just wonder how many of you will buy a spec like this? I like to see sexy ladies, naked ladies and also when they strip, but to peep them using a spec? No, it's not going to happen. Watching sexy ladies doing whatever thing, it's fun, but peeping at them unwillingly? It's not excited nor it's sexy anymore. The sexy ladies comes with confidence and when they really want to show you voluntarily. For those who like to show their naked bodies in the beach, I don't mind as they are willing to show me their breast or even their vagina, then I'm willing to look at them. You may find a pretty lady easily, but to find a lady with fine body with pretty faces, it's damn hard. To find a pretty faces with perfect body still need the inner charisma to bring out the beauty of it. So peeping girls with those spectacles, it will never be my option. There is a reason that I like the office ladies so much, they spend time to make themselves look good in minimum time. From hair to breast to their toe, all these takes time, money and heart to do it. I appreciate all these hard work, and I enjoy taking them off one by one, if peeping them using this spec, no thanks!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sexy Girls in Grown Ups, Adam Sandler

Have you guys watch Grown Ups? Just watch it with my friends yesterday. My friend brought two of his girl friends with him, he wanted to introduce one of the girls to me. Yes, it's a tall girl. I'm not going detail with this girl here. My friend were late that night for the movie, I reach there earlier at the mall so that I can have some time to enjoy myself here. I went to Starbucks for a nice coffee and pick a really nice spot that can let me check on each and everyone who walks into the mall. There are tons of hot girls in this mall, I enjoyed myself a lot looking at the pretty or sexy or even classy girls. I was sitting there for an hour, I was amazed that I spend an hour without reading any magazine. Who needs a model in the magazine while you can have the live model show in front of you?
The whole night was perfect other than this stupid movie, Grown Ups, Adam Sandler. Should give a shot in the head for the director. What the hell is this? Compare to Adam Sandler's previous movie 'Click', Grown Ups sucks A LOT. The whole movie I can just remember the butt, the boobs of the girls. Salma Hayek is not the hot girl inside, there are 2 girls that I can't recognised which are damn hot. The hottest part is when the girl fixing the car, while she is in a short. And I really jealous of the 2 little guys whom can hug the sexy chics, damn, how come I don't have the chance to do that while I was young? Keep your money, don't go for a stupid movie like this, should stop support movie like this and make them provide better quality movie.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sex Social Network

Remember the sex social network that I'm talking about yesterday? I have sent out about 10 messages, and it's happy to receive 4 replies, consider very fast and high reply rate as I have not put any picture in my profile. I'm not sure whether the girls on the other site look good or not, as some of them not showing any picture as well. I find those profile that is looking for sex partner, or they wrote something horny in the profile.
The first girl that I sent is a girl looking for customer, she provide 'special service', ha, sure u know it's a prostitute. There isn't any picture there so I just send a message asking for picture before I really go. I receive the reply this morning, god, she is god damn gorgeous. It's a foreigner, and fair skin. It makes me feel really horny and really want to go there now, it's only 20 minutes away from my home. It's the pimp who setup the profile, so he is the one who replied me as well, luckily I didn't flirt in the message at all. It will feel weird, really weird. These websites are so useful, even pimp use this to find their client. Good.
The other 3 replies that I received is not this kind of service, they are girls who look for sex. I bet they look 'not so good', but I don't expect high on it. What can I ask more, it's totally different feeling from fucking a prostitute. This type of sex with sex partner is really excited, she will looks like your girlfriend, then you do not need to worry much about the hygiene, sex disease.
Have to go to hunt for horny girls again, ciao.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sex Online

Today is super boring! No where to go and no girls coming to my place today, all I can do is just watching porn and surfing those naked girls and porn site online. Work non stop for the whole week, 12 hours per day and I really need some rest. Some of the porn sites that I used to go is not working at all and made me search for some new porn site all over again. Suddenly I came across a social networking site and it is link with some of the blog that the members wrote. Most of them don't use their real picture, and these members in the blog wrote alot of erotic and sex related topic, frankly speaking, I'm kinda turn on by just reading about the sex blog and the discussion about sex and love making, some of the topic that I remember are 'girls asking for sex', 'guys date girls just because of sex', 'no money, no honey' I think it means no money, no sex, haha 'lonely at night without my bf'. I just use the few minutes to register as their member and in no time I run through all the girls profile that is around my area. Damn, there are more than 10 of them, sending out my horny message and asking them for a date. These girls are so open that they mention clearly that they want you to sextify them, and there are couples asking for sex together, have to find a partner and join them. This is still a night without sex, but it's not boring at all, I'm having the hope for sex again these few days.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Facebook sex or sexbook

Read a news regarding a guy in Taiwan have sex with almost 1 thousand women, and most of the girls he makes love with aren't someone he knows. The news may be just another normal sexual news or won't even be a news, it's being disclosed because the guy was infected with AIDS and other sexual disease. Imagine these thousand girls make love with another thousand guys out there. How many of them actually infected with these disease?
I'm sure most of you have a Facebook account right? How many of you actually utilise it to know the pretty sexy baby out there? I can see tons of pretty and sexy ladies in facebook that post all types of sexy and seducing pictures and waiting for you to date. And this guy told the doctor that he know most of the girls in social network site like Facebook, god, isn't he our idol? Oh, please minus the sexual disease and AIDS he infected. Get yourself a ultra thin condom please, save yourself and others.
Most of you guys have an account with facebook, right? I saw there are lots of social network that helps you to know more fuck buddy and sex partner, I don't know what's the name of this site. Maybe sexbook, fuckbook... ... I don't know, isn't internet wonderful? Once again we found something that people utilise the internet for sex.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Favourite sex position

When talk about sex, sex position is always the favourite topic. We are not going to talk about the Kamasutra sex position thing. I have discuss this with some of the girls that I have sex with, and you know what kind of sex position they like most? I believe that you guys have read lots of magazine or online website that teach you hell lots of position but not surprisingly girls like only some of them. They don't mind to play along with you for different type of sex position but few of the position they like are doggy style, missionary and women on top.
They like the doggy style because penis can touch their g spot easily and this can help them to have their orgasm easily. This sex position also help guys to penetrate deeper than any other positions. Missionary is the most traditional position, and most of the girls like this sex post just because it's the most comfortable sex position for them, they can focus on cumming. Girls on top, ya, sure you know why, girls can take control, and it's not only because they like to stay on top only, but they can control the speed, position, and whatever they like in this position.
For me, all these 3 sex position are my favourite as well, sometimes girls on top works very well for me when I'm so lazy and I like to see her boobs jumping up and down.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anal Sex

A friend of mine ask me what is anal sex while we were having our tea session yesterday night at this food court again. There were so many girls compare to I went there last time, and the girls this time is younger, sexier, prettier and definitely better figure. There was a lady I think can consider she as MILF (Mother In Law Fucker), she is damn sexy and pretty, she is abit age which can tell from her face but she is damn pretty. The type of girl that will be my type of dream girl if she is young, I can assure that there will be lots of guys to tackle her if she is young. Oh ya, as you guys know that I like girls with long leg, yes she is tall and with very long legs. Consider small size for girls at this height.
Coming back to Anal Sex, I'm not very good, but if not mistaken it's fucking or penis penetrate into one's butt. I think most of the gay like to do that. I'm not a big fan of it, I haven't try it before. It feels damn nice for someone to lick your butt but fuck? I'm really not sure about it. I don't even like to watch those porn that label anal sex, I like almost all other type of porns with different style 'girls play in dildo', 'natural orgasm', 'guys fucking big tits or boobs girl', 'girls showing her pussy in the public', 'sex in the car', 'lesbian sex' but definitely not 'anal sex', ya, 'sex maniac' also not my type. No offense to the fans out there, this is just my opinion.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bali vacation sex experience

I was in Bali, Indonesia few months ago. I was there clubbing, the club I went is one of the largest and hottest club in town. The environment is great and the girls are totally waiting for you to ask them for sex. No kidding. As you know Bali is a place for holiday, everyone go there looking for fun, so you can imagine that they are looking for some pretty sexy experience as well. That day not only foreign travelers, the local from other place of Indonesia also there to celebrate their holiday as it's weekend. The club was damn full, I'm dancing with my friend, we order tons of beer, it's damn cheap and we bought it during happy hour. By the time we reached there the club is not that crowded so I just sit there to watch some girls doing pole dance in sexy dress. Only few of them are young and pretty, others are too old. I enjoy these sexy girls dance so much. After pole dance, there was something like dirty dance. There are few different kind of costume, there are office lady look, sailor, maid and I don't recall others. Imagine these girls dancing in front of you and taking off their dress one by by, it's sort of strip dance. Too bad they don't strip all, the underwear and bra still on, but it's sexy enough as their movement was big.
After the dance, the crowd started to show up, and I was lucky enough to pick up a local girl which is damn hot. Ya, those type of girls I like, long hair, long leg, pretty face, boobs...I should say it's fair not big. Nice experience as the culture is so different, I have a long chat with her after having sex. One thing is common, the sex. She enjoy a lot as she told me that the local guys here is not so willing to service and foreplay. I give her lots of kisses and licking all around her body, she have orgasm even long before I started to have sex with her.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The spa sexual service

We have talk about those massage centre that provide sexual service as well on the last post. Those who miss it, we are talking about those spa or massage centre that provide sexual service like handjob, blow job, cum in boobs, naked body to body massage. These kind of spa and massage centre is very common. So common that there are lots of forum online discussion regarding these sexual service. These forum is very professional as well, they have field reports on the sex making process. They can rated according to face/look, boobs, body, girl friend type, service type like massage blow job, hand job, fuck job and so on. They share their own sex experience with the girls, so everyone can have the information and know what kind of girl and service they expect before they reach the spa.
When we are talking about these sexual service, it's not only in the spa, it includes those who work on their own. You may get the prostitute contact by asking others, most of the time they exchange contact so that they can try new things. The field report they write is pretty detail, it makes me feel like that I'm reading some porn novel. They will share with you the service that this girl provide, whether the girls is willing to service, are the girls rushing for the next appointment, are they willing to do blow job or let you finger their pussy. It's pretty amazing that guys can share so much about sex, don't you think so?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sexy Japanese Lady

Fuck, fuck, fuck and FUCK. God damn it. Saw a pretty sexy lady just now, in a bar, on a rooftop of a hotel. And there are 2 of them. If there is such sexy ladies in front of me, why am I complaining here. These 2 girls are Japanese ladies, Young Japanese Ladies! They are not those type of kawaii girl that you see in the movie Tokyo Drift, they are those classy ladies, not in those mini skirt or tube top. They look like those type of model whom can be sexy but not cheap. One of them wear short skirt with a sweater, and the other wears a v neck purple dress. She have such a pretty breast, of course I can only see part of it! I am so damn jealous of the guy who came with them. I was so into the purple dress lady, she is so classy. I can already imagine I am taking her dress off in the hotel and making love to her. I just can't take my eyes off her. This is the kind of lady that I want to spend my life with. Imagine that we have to have sex with the same girl for the rest of our life, we must choose the best. How can I ever have the chance to have this kind of girl friend? I wonder what these sexy young ladies doing here, business? I really appreciate these kind of girls who really take good care of their look, they have taste, they make the environment great, they make the world more beautiful. And I wonder they will scream like the girls in Adult Video while making love. I'm falling in love again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thailand Massage Girl

When I went to Thailand last time, it's a very nice trip for me, I'm totally relax. I like my coffee time in the morning. There is one coffee shop around the motel I stay, I like to go there every morning. I do nothing but just sit there and enjoy my coffee, they play some thai songs that I don't understand at all. I get to watch the cars pass by, the thai girls on scooter, in mini skirt. The thai girl wears very sexy, their uniform is tight and their skirt is short as mini skirt. They wear high heels too, not sports shoes or snickers. It's good to be student in Thailand. Coming back to my morning coffee time, the feel is really great. It's peaceful.
I like to go massage after that, I like to visit different massage centre everyday as I can choose to have different girls massage for me everyday. These massage centre provide special service as well, like blow job and hand job. Most of the massage centre I visit offer the full package include blow job, massage, have sex. One of the massage centre I visit have this pretty young lady sitting in front the counter, the girl is damn sweet, wear very sexy as well, we can communicate in english very well. I would like to fuck her so much but too bad that I was unable to attract her to do so. I think she just work here as reception but not sex, just too bad. I can imagine her in nude. Her smile is sexy enough, even with her cloths on.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another with hotties in the food court

I went to a food court that is full of hookers just now. It was famous because of all these hookers, the girls walk around. And these girls are not old guys, but these are pretty young like early 20s, yes there are some 30s as well. The whole environment is like a pub but with food stalls around. It's a bit dark so that the sexy girls look more sexy and you don't need to be shy to expose yourself in the public. About the sexy girls. There are lots of different types of character, we have found it quite funny though. Let me try to remember here, there are Sailor Moon, teacher, princess, little student, hookers(of course), slut and... No matter how they wear, one sure thing is they are so damn sexy, the boobs almost come out from the dress, I even wonder whether they have any underwear inside. I wasn't planning to have sex with any one of them as I just came here for my dinner with my friend. But I changed my mind when I saw this girl, (as you guys know that I have a thing with tall girl with pretty long leg) wow, she have nice figure, big boobs (real tits, confirmed! as I have run some Test, haha). The tiny little skirt she wear hardly cover her ass, god. She looks sharp too, like some model. I didn't make any move until she come near me and totally ignore my friend and just sit on my thigh. Since they don't charge for 'body checkup', I have my hands running through her body. I wasn't really turn on until she touch me. My penis just getting pump up. So feel like want to have sex with her on the table, I was too shy and I don't think the girl is willing to have sex in the public as well. I just brought her to the nearest hotel, it's just next to the food court and enjoy my night with this sexy little slut. I will say the price is reasonable that's why there have a big crowd in the food court. It's sex again, how am I going to spend my time without sex.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hotel Room Service - Pitbull

Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room,
you can bring your girlfriends and meet me at the hotel room.
We at the hotel, motel, holiday inn.

Sure you guys know about Pitbull's Hotel Room Service. Gosh, I like this song so much. Not only about the tune, it's such a good song to dance on the dance floor. Have you guys ever listen this song in a disco before? It's such a good song for you to flirt with the girl. And another song of them, I know you want me. I can still remember that I flirt with the girl beside me that day. The girl with a long hair wearing a sexy top, and mini skirt. I was so excited to see such a sexy pretty lady with a pair of long leg standing beside me. I like girls with long legs. We were dancing on the dance floor and this song suddenly came out, the whole club went crazy with the song. (with pose) I see the girl beside me and I look her in the eyes and sing this song as well. She look back at me and smile. I just got shock by her smile. I will keep the rest and you guys figure it out.

About this hotel room service, we should more song like this then only the girls will come along with us to the hotel room for sex. Not only that he mention in the song that he is going to undress the girl, he is also asking the girl to bring along other friend for having sex. This really never happen to me, 2 girls at 1 time? The song is kinda 'brave' and 'horny' compare to other songs, it is so direct that it is related to having sex. What is the girl's feeling with this sexy song? Are they going to be turn on by it? The chances is slim but I won't mind to have more song like this. I will put it as having sex but not love making as you won't have so much of love with someone you just met in the club, right? We need more sexy song like this, so come on and give us more.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Phone sex or Cyber sex

Have you try phone sex and cyber sex before? Do people nowaday still do these things? Or Cam sex is the more popular thing now? I can see all the cam whore in those websites that people lost their cameras and leak out to the public. And you can see those in the website that those girls, wow and wow, fucking wow, so many of them look god damn hot and sexy. Some of them looks better than the celebrities, I'm so god damn jealous about their boy friend.
Come back to the phone sex, I suppose I have something like this 10 years ago. It's something that I want to share. The phone sex is actually started from cyber sex, we used to have mirc last time, still remember? It's name is more or less relay chat. Then I know a girl in a chat room, we have all these cyber sex chat that really makes me high. I was young and not so expose to sex material. The cyber sex is actually great, it's full of imagination, it's nothing like the current cam sex that can compare. As there are no camera back then, you can only imagine, I still remember that the girl told me that she bought this green bra and hope that I can look at it as well. We chat so often then 1 day I gave her my house phone, cell phone is not so common back then. So sudden that she called me 1 day without notify me and this really surprise me, actually is more like terrify me. If someone call me now and ask the same thing sure she will get it. But I was a coward and chicken out immediately, my parents just sit beside me watching the tv. I just asked her not to call and that's all. God damn it. I have the chance to convert this cyber sex or phone sex into real sex, and I think my whole sex life will change quite a lot. And now I'm so prepared for this but I don't have chances like this anymore. What the fuck.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sexy office lady

What do you feel about office lady? I'm sure that you guys have seen lots of office lady around your work place or at the mall or restaurant. I worked in a small company and don't have the luck to see pretty office lady here. You guys have any luck to see the office lady in your own company? I'm really jealous of those guys who work in big companies with all these sexy office lady, and these office lady takes good care of themselves, they have nice hair, skin with good taste of dress, they are willing to take the time to make themselves look great. I really appreciate their effort to make the whole environment look great.
Wrote about office lady here not just because I have a thing for office lady, especially sexy office lady just because I went to uptown to have my lunch this afternoon and our eyes are so damn busy looking at all these pretty girls, they are not wearing mini skirt but still look sexy, nice curve, high heels, pantyhose, too many to mention. The place we went is about 15 minutes away from my office, this is our lunch time at uptown, a reward for ourselves after working so tired for the whole week. Actually we are still having the same this around my office, the food around my place is better, but the girls here is damn good. Enjoy looking at the girls and being looked as well, haha we are obviously taking off their cloths with our eyes, and some of them just don't like it. Since I don't have a girl friend right now, I can only satisfy my eyes with all these girls on the street, well it only makes me wanna stay single more. Who knows when I will have the luck to have one night stand with any of these office lady. Guess the next time I should go for happy hour instead of lunch, then I may have the chance to have sex with one of them.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lust Inception

Have you watch the movie Inception by Leonado Dicaprio, Joseph Gordon, Directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie is talking about a thief that steal your secret or information in your dream. I think this is a very good movie to make it into porn, it can be a very good porn movie as it's full of imagination. I found the movie's idea is kinda same with Matrix, where everything that is happening now may not be real, it's just a dream. The real you is just lying down some where else. So isn't it a good idea for Virtual porn. Everyone can have a sexy model girl friend and make love to them whenever you want, whoever you want, whatever post, background, costume you like. A Bikini Model is not enough, a lingerie model? Or a pornstar? If you don't like to make love with Angelina Jolie, you may choose Scarlett Johansson or maybe the naughty Lindsay Lohan. And you get to choose the background like in Star War, on the ship of Titanic, or You like the lost world in Jurassic Park, even in Avatar.
I'm not sure about the story of Inception, but if we can control the dream, then we won't have nightmare and we can have really good dream everyday. A movie like inception is so good for imagination, what I mean is in porn movie. Sex is always the most popular thing in life, people don't say it often, but they really think of it often. If there is a machine that can make you have sex in dream then it's perfect, you get to save the time as well.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love porn

Yes I want to said it out loud. I just love porn. It's one of the greatest invention of all time, we have to thank to the technology of video and internet, and you can watch over thousands of porn online for FREE. How many of us actually have the chance to have sex with a pretty lady with the nice breast and ass? And now you can have sex with any kind of girls, petite, big breast, brunette, asian, blond, more amazing, you get to choose the lingerie, costume and location. You can even choose for normal sex, hardcore sex, oral sex or even anal sex. And with porn, you don't need to worry about cold and lonely nights. Do you know that there is a porn version of Pirates of the Caribbean, I don't remember the name, but it's a porn version. Isn't that fantastic, it's not just fantasy, it's kinda real compare to your imagination, someone have just realised it. And you don't need to look for a girl to have sex, just a few clicks and you can have sex with the most beautiful girl in the world.
I think not everyone is comfortable to disclose their sex life, and porn is also a kind of sex education, although some of the porn maybe misleading. No matter what, porn is still a good thing for us, you can't ignore it as most of the usage in internet is porn, it's the top search in every site, it had use up most of the bandwidth in internet. How you get here? What word did you search just now? I think 90% of you search something that is related to sex, porn, anal sex, oral sex or big breast, lingerie? Whatever, Enjoy your porn.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sexy Angelina Jolie in Salt

Have you watch Salt yet? I watched the trailer in cinema just now. Angelina Jolie is not wearing any sexy outfit in the trailer, wonder there is any sexy scene in the movie or not. Although Angelina Jolie is not sexy in Salt, but she looks attractive as always, actually she looks kinda handsome. Remember I saw a scene that she was wearing like an Office Lady, and with a short skirt. Damn, the leg is so sexy. Angelina Jolie is not tall you know? She is just 173cm, with a 7.5cm high heels is just 180cm. But still she look smart and sexy in the movie. She looks perfect for this kind of action movie. It's like the female James Bond. Can look smart, rough and sexy at the same time. Oh ya, she does look good on bed, you can see her nude scene in some of her old movies, her nude body is fabulous. It's good for masturbation.

Actually I'm not confident with this Salt before I watch the trailer, I thought the movie is just like 'Wanted', sorry to said so, I feels like want to walk away when I watched it. The movie sucks! I won't even give it a damn if Angelina Jolie is not in the movie. It's stupid, I haven't watch Salt yet, hope that I won't get the same feeling when I watch it. Salt is the type of movie I like, it's action, with conspiracy theory with it, it's even better if there have some secret behind it, and reveal it slowly. Can't wait to watch it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fake boobs tits

Just finished a drinking session with some girl friends. I'm quite impress that they still look young and have keep all their properties at the right place. In the middle of conversation, we came across about plastic surgeries. As all of these plastic surgeries are so common among us. I have to give some compliment to those that do not fear of pain and 'arm' their bodies with silicone or plastic parts. A friend of mine have a very 'horror' experience, one day the couple just went to a late dinner and have some liquor during it. My friend just went to his girl friend's place to stay a night, of course they won't waste their time and have some sexy activities during the night. While they are having sex, my friend's hand just lightly knock on his girl friend's nose, and her nose have been push aside. Imagine this happen when you are kissing or just making love with her, this shocks him! Immediately his mood was killed and have some sort bad experience as he keeps on thinking about it every time he is having sex. Luckily he didn't suffer erectile dysfunction because of it.

Come back to the conversation with my girl friends, they asked my opinion about plastic surgery, the extend that I'm able to accept. I told them frankly I have make love with those girls who have fake boobs, and the feeling is just... ...bad. I have to admire god for the feeling of real breast, they are far more 'good feel' than the fake one. Luckily it's just a one night stand and I don't even like the look of fake tits, not to mention the feel. Too bad that I still don't know how to differentiate fake or real breast while with cloths on.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Horny Jerk

A friend of mine, a guy always keeping himself busy with girls. He can tackle girls even when he have two girl friends at the same time. After the girls fall for him, he will have sex with them and stay in a relationship with them for a month or two, then he will dump them. Those girls that he tackle may not be pretty, these girls are expecting a good relationship, not because of sex. He always get to know the girls in the pub or club, he is very good in talking I guess, have the luck to bring the girls back to his home most of the time. I like those girls in the pub or club as they wear their most sexy and pretty outfit, it's really seducing. It's like they are asking you for sex. It's not that I don't like to have sex with them, I really like to do it, I prefer one night stand. As this won't hurt them or break their heart. What the guy I know do is make the girls in love with him then only have sex with them. He enjoy the process of tackle girls and I think he is very happy when he get to cheat the girls, and enjoy few girl friends at the same time. It's very weird, I wonder how he can manage to have few girls around him and not making any mistake. He have all sorts of weird theory to 'legalised' the things he did. We all know that it's his penis problem as he is horny, he just fool around all the time. It's normal that we talk about girls all the time, but not fucking around. He is just a horny jerk.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Thai Girl Sex

Just come back from a Thai Spa around the neighborhood. This Thai Spa is very comfortable with a swimming pool on the 8th floor where you can have a view of the city and the night scene. Of course it provide the service of thai massage, the massage is fabulous, you should try the massage in thailand if you happen to visit there. The thai girl wear a pretty sexy outfit and have a very good figure, during the massage she touched my sensitive area purposely and making me so high. When she see that I'm enjoying the touch, she make it more obvious and getting closer to me. I enjoy her caress, this make me so horny as I haven't have sex for quite some time. My penis erect and my hand get so naughty, running around her body as well. Her skin is as smooth as silk, my hand is going inside her shirt as well. After the massage, she asked me whether I want the extra service. Actually she can see that my penis have a full erection, and the towel can't really cover it up.

I replied her by kissing her on the lips, I'm so thirst for sex right now and my mind is not functioning after my little brother penis wake up. The rest is pretty normal like what you can see in the porn movie. She gave me a hand job mix with blow job, this is making me crazy. Having sex with them is really different making love with girl friend. Having sex with prostitute is totally different experience, it feels like the master and servant. They are providing the service that pleasure you most so they can get a have nice tips. You are the master and they are doing whatever you want. Well making love with girlfriend or wife, you will have to pleasure them as well, you may enjoy making them high or teasing them. If I have to choose one among it, I'll choose to make love with partners, I like the feel of hug and when I penetrate into her vagina, it's like she's totally mine. Can feel the passion, love, horny in the whole sexual intercourse.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the lust and horny diary

I was doing nothing this afternoon, it's lazy afternoon. I login to my facebook to hang out and suddenly saw this set of album from a friend of mine. He's a photographer, just took some picture for this model. The picture is really mind blowing as I saw this girl before and she is just in front of me, never realised the girl have such a good body type and sexy butt. The picture make me so excited and my penis is so feel like wanna make love with her. The picture may not be as attractive for others as the feeling is different. I saw this girl before and this makes me feel like she is so near to me and I have the chance to go out with her and of course having her in my bed as well. I have to give my thumbs up, my penis up as well for my friend for taking such a sexy picture and make people horny. I must ask for her number the next time I see her again. I can imagine her without the sexy little cloth on her right now. Damn, I have to go to have myself settle now or else my penis will just keep standing up and won't go down. Wonder when can really make love with this girl, she have a very sexy lips, thick lips like angelina jolie, so want to kiss her lips right now. Damn, my friend is such a lucky bastard for having the chance to take these sets of sexy picture for her, those boobs is so near to grab. Looks like it's time for me to learn photo taking, and before that, a nice digital camera. Wonder when I can take picture for the model and take them to my bed, let them suck my cock and fuck them hard.

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