lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Looking for sex?

This is what I saw when I surf my daily nutrition site, a porn site, one of my favourite porn site. 'Looking for sex?' is the title. And there are description, Join our website now to view images and profiles of women looking for casual sex. There is another ad title 'Want a girlfriend?' and you will like the description there, register now to start chatting with horny singles in your area. I'm sure there are many horny singles out there, but I do have a doubt that this website is providing this service or they are just providing escort service? There is also another nice ad mention Married women who just want to be fucked, description? Meet unhappily unmarried women today.

I do like this advertisement title and description, I would like to meet these horny singles. Who don't like to have some no string attached sex? I'm sure that women nowadays have their own sexual need as well, and they are not shy to ask for it, it's a good thing for us. Make sure you won't have to deal with their boyfriend or husband, then it will be a good experience for you. It's much better than having sex with some prostitute, since those hooker is just doing it for money. These horny singles is doing this for their needs and entertainment, I'm sure it's better than other escort service.

I saw FHM UK have a site that introduce pretty singles who wants to look for friends as well, too bad that I'm not in UK else I have all the chances to meet those pretty ladies. Too bad.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sexy Bar Refaeli

Ever heard of Bar Rafaeli? I never heard of her until she was on Sport Illustrated. She was on SI cover. Apparently Bar Rafaeli is a super model from Israel. She is so damn pretty and she have the devil figure, every single part of her body is perfect. She can see her sexy body in swim suit, just search online for this pretty sexy baby. I'm so damn jealous that Rafael Nadal can hug her during the photo shoot, he is such a lucky guy. There are a few of the photos that Bar Refaeli is naked, but with her hands on the sexy part. The tiny little pants that she wear is damn sexy as well, it's good to see girls in such a sexy outfit when they are exercising, this will give me a big motivation to jog more. I would like to see the breast and butts jumping in front of me.

Swimsuit is never an old way of catching your eye, you can see that CSI Miami use it very often. Is Miami having all kinds of pool party that have so many pretty sexy baby for you to tackle? Miami looks like heaven to me with all these pretty girls, I hope to see it myself one day. Talking about swimsuit, bikini girls is my favourite. Beach in Rio Brazil is so famous with all these bikini girls, their bikini is much smaller than the normal, they call it the micro bikini. I want to go there one day for these sexy babies.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Megaporn is gone

What do you do when you are free? I like to surf around online, and megaporn is one of my favourite hang out place. Some time ago, I think about a month ago. When I surf for megaporn, it's gone. And there is a FBI notice there for anti-piracy and so on, god damn it, there must be some big guy behind this to stop the site. So what now? We have to buy the original porn DVD now? I remember I read the news that some rich IT guys were arrested and one of them is damn rich. Wonder how this megaporn guy earn his money, if not mistaken, it's link to megaupload as well.

So now my favourite porn website is gone, where should I find more of this porn to satisfy my sexual needs? When I search across the net, there is a porn site with an advertisement, it caught my eyes. Tired of jerk off, look for a fuck buddy here. Is it there so many of fuck buddies out there who want to fuck a guy? I though only most of the guys are hungry for sex, and only some of the girls are horny? And another advertisement is more funny, a club for those sex hungry wives to look for sex buddies. I don't mind to satisfy other people's wives if they really need me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tired in sex

My girl friend is asking me for sex in 2am. This is really a bad timing. Actually I read this in an article as well. For me, I'm kinda exhausted and sleepy during midnight, why can't she do this in the morning. I may get it hard with RX like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. But I won't be able to perform well and enjoy the sex at the same time. Timing is really important, not only in sex but everything. And in sex, timing is crucial. I hope to make love to her as well, but why she have to ask for sex at this time?

The article I mention just now, sexual intelligence. It states that many people have sex when they are tired. Normally people will do something that is important during prime time, like spending time with their kids, movies, hang out, work, exercise and so on. They leave sex for last, save the best for last doesn't work well for sex. When you are having sex after all your 'important things', you are normally exhausted. There are no more extra energy to make sex more exciting and satisfying.

This will lead sex life to a boring and routine status. When you are tired, you will have no time and energy to make sex fun, of course you won't be able to have fun as you are too tired. The next time when you hope to have sex and you won't expect much, your experience will tell you that it is just another sex that is so boring. Make a difference by just have this much earlier even in the morning, then the sex will be more satisfying and exciting. There are a lot more in the article other than morning sex, share it the next time.