lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Neighbour Sex fantasy

Ever have a sexual fantasy with your neighbor? What kind of girls do you like, MILF, youngster, girls in uniform, anything you can think of? Search online for some porn regarding neighbour, I bet I can find some onilne. Yeah, I saw 1 of my neighbour, a young girl last time and she is all grown up. Well I don't have the sexual fantasy with this pretty young lady but she does manage to let me feel that there are so many opportunities in my own condo. Why I sound like so pathetic and desparate? I can make a tv series name The desperate neighbours.

Everytime I go to take the elevator I'm always standing there with very positive mindset that there will be a pretty girl coming out from the elevator. Yes, I'm disappointed almost every time, but it will flash my eye out of a blue. One thing for sure that I am preparing myself for the best outcome, there maybe a pretty doll coming out from it. I have stay here for 3 years and I haven't meet all of them yet, look at the positive side, there maybe a pretty girl that I never meet before will appear in front of me. That makes the waiting less boring.

So far, I didn't do anything yet, as I always think that if look for some one night stand or casual sex partner, the same condo is never a good idea. What response do I need to give them if I see them again in the condo? I'm sure some of you did that before, suddenly I rememeber The desperate housewives, if I have a neighbour like Eva Longoria, I won't mind to move to another condo just to have an affair with her. Does she consider as MILF? She is one hell of a hot MILF. She will have no problem for being my natural sex enhancer, I can erect in no time for being her standing in front of me.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Does muscular girl look sexy for you?

I always like girl in good shape, well, most of the human beings do, not only men, women do look at pretty girls as well. That's why those magazine like Sports illustrated, playboy, penthouse take all those sexy photos. Have you watch Justin Timberlake new mtv, you gotta love it, there are a lot of boobs for you, I never expect it will appear in Justin Timberlake MTV. I always like those sexy and seducing MTV and this Tunnel Vision will be one of my favourite, sexy seducing and not as boring like porn. We can watch these nude bodies even in Youtube, why youtube doesn't exist when I was young. By the time I watch this MTV, I'm like thinking how did he do the MTV by staring at those naked bodies? Those girls are gonna make me high and erect. We may call this professionalism, right?

The topic here is about muscular girl, I have an Instagram account and I follow a lot of those fitness and body building account. They often show people with very fit body, before and after photo to show how they transform, it's very motivating and inspire. These are amazing picture, if you have Instagram and you are interested with fitness and healthy life style, I suggest you to search this tag like fitness, healthy food, healthy recipe, body building, transform, sexy body shape and so on. Some of the accounts show those girls that are very fit with very muscular look, for me, I do like girls in good shape, fit but not too muscular. It's good that they are able to do those cross fit or even triathlon, I have no offend with those body, for me, I just like girls with body shape like what you can see in Justin Timberlake new MTV Vision Tunnel. Those are the body that I like and hope to spend my life with, I think I won't get bored with those bodies and pretty faces.

So go on and check out Instagram, oh ya, there are of course a lot of pretty girls picture that you can get, if you like photos, don't miss this apps. It's a very apps to spend your time.