lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sex Addict

Read a sad story regarding a sex addict in Sexual Health. Before I read it, I thought it will be a wild and saucy sex story. After I read this, it appears to me that this is sad. Who thought that a story about sex addict is so bad, it should be like the lifestyle of a playboy, and I like happy endings. It should be a story about a guy who are unable to settle down and have a lot of girlfriends or sex partners, attending all kinds of sex parties, clubbing every night. It appears that the story here is different. The couple married and the wife started to cheat on the husband after 2 weeks by having a boyfriend. The affair lasted for 2 years and finally found out by the husband.

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According to the wife, this is a story told by the wife, a 36 year old women from Miami said that the husband is a good looking, funny and wonderful husband. The wife had an affair because she felt that the life of marriage, a husband that is so loyal made her feel lack of sexual interest. And she lost her sex drive towards her husband after married. And the best of it, she manage to keep both of them in the dark without knowing the existent of each other. She relates her sex addict to her childhood, it's like men's sexual fantasy of girls in school uniform. I don't really agree with this as our preference of school uniform doesn't hurt our partner unless we are doing it with others. And she enjoys having sex with her boyfriend while her husband is nearby, she feels that it's exciting.

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The wife knew that she have this sex addict and married her husband, and in her mind she did hope that things really work out. I think she should do the treatment before marriage not after. What I found surprise is that the husband still manage to be with her for another 2 and a half years after found out she was cheating on him. This husband is really not bad but met a wife with sex addict, this is not something that we can expect. You may check the story in Sexual

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