lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ejaculate problem

Lately met a girl from the club that I used to hang out. We went out after a few chat on the phone, I didn't have sex with her the first three date although she slept just beside me. It's like a pillow talk. After these dates, I started to make love to her, and she is such a lovely young lady. And the problem came, I was not able to ejaculate when I made love to her. This happened the first time, second and even third time. I wonder is it my problem? I don't have the problem to erect, it's not erectile dysfunction nor premature ejaculation. Just wonder I'm too tired to have sex. I have been under stress in work and this really affect my sleep, I didn't go straight back to my home for rest but enjoy my night life. I do need beer and girls to make my life more lively but then this affect my sex life as well. It's such a bad experience that I'm not able to ejaculate and give the girl an orgasm, my penis is soft on the half way. This is a wake up call for me, I should take care my health properly then only I can enjoy my sex life. Else it will be useless even there are 1 dozen of naked girls lying in front of me. I think erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is not far from me, take care your penis else it won't be there when you need it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sex With Ex

Just read this article in Maxim, ‘Rated Ex'. It's talking about having sex with your ex, it can be a good sex since your ex have the knowledge of pleasuring you on the bed and know your body very well. There is also a good thing that having sex with your ex, you are not making love with them so often now, and when you going to bed with them again, the feeling is not like last time. You will have new discovery about her, she may have a new lingerie, and she may even know a new way to please you. The feeling will be totally awesome as the feeling is fresh since you are not having sex with them every week. The best part about it, there are no string attached, you don't have to argue about why you put the empty pizza box on the table or where you went after work.
There are a lot of things to consider as well other than the benefit of sex with ex, you guys may argue with some old issues again or one or both of you can't get over the broke up, having sex again may just remind you how much you love each other. And things will have to repeat again like it used to be. It's better that you don't look for those ex that broke up in a short time. And if you can, look for those ex that is not staying anywhere near you so you have nothing much to worry about other than sex.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to be a sexy guy?

Yes, this is what I want to share today, it’s not about sex. But a healthy body and nice body shape is always good for sex right? I found out that my friends have the problem with their waist line, so hope to share with you guys the programme that I used last time. I slim down a bit in a month, but nice muscle and body shape. I manage to reach my target body shape in 3 months. So how I did it, just want to share with you guys.

First, I cut all my sugar in food and drinks. I like my coffee, so I just order a black coffee without sugar and cream. Second, I cut my carbohydrate like rice, pasta at night, have only protein and vegetables. You may take chicken, fish or any meal replacement that you can find in the market. Avoid red meat. So it’s not enough to cut these food and drink, you have to burn the calories. You have to design a programme that is suitable for yourself.

If you have a gym membership, it’s good for you. How to burn more fat in the gym? Go directly to the treadmill and run for 2 hours don’t help you much. My suggestion, go for a bicycle ride for 10-15 minutes to warm up. Then go to the weight lifting section for 30 minutes, build up some muscles and get rid of the sugar in your body. When we workout, our body will burn the sugar first, not fat, so head to the weight section to burn of some sugar then only go to treadmill will save you more energy to burn the fat directly when you are on the treadmill. And muscles can help you to burn the calories even when you are sleeping.

For my case, I don’t have a gym membership and lazy to get one. I’m staying in a condo, high rise condo with swimming pool. I use the staircase and climb up to 25th floor, 4-6 times, depend on my mood, haha. I use the lift when I go down as going down won’t burn my fat and hurt my knee as well. Then the next day I will go to swim. Do this alternatively according to your own plan. Please check your staircase whether it’s safe, guys. Something that you need to do before going for these cardio session, do some weight lifting, sit up, bumping, anything that can make you to build some muscles.

So guys, get your butt of the chair and start soon. Build up your body and make yourself sexy. These exercise is good for your performance in sex as well, train your persistence and strength. I had my reward, no kidding, the girl approach me herself.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Single Ladies

To all the single ladies out there, these are some of my opinion about girls. Stop here if you don't like what I wrote here, but these are the perspective from most of the guys, those who doesn't agree wither they are pastors, gay or you mean nothing to them.
Take care of your appearance, please. This can be apply in any event, including a casual date or on the bed, of course I don't mean when you are sleeping. Guys do like that when you don't wear make up on the bed, but do take care of your body and buy some nice lingerie. Why should they treat you seriously when you don't even bother to dress up nicely in a date? And if you are out of shape, please go for exercise. It's not easy, it may not take up only your effort, it will take your time as well. It's not easy keep fit, but work it out, find a way, know your body and spend some time to find out the best way to make yourself fit but enjoy your life as well.
90% of the guys will be turn on if you have the right lingerie, so if you have the nice body with the right lingerie. You can make your man erect in no time, if he is a healthy person then you are the viagra for him. Sex is only part of the life, but if you take good care of it, it will build up a very strong relationship. Satisfaction of sex is important, take some effort to make it great and you will have a wonderful life.