lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Naked spectacle

Saw an online advertisement selling a spectacle that can see through the cloth and see the boobs, bra, underwear inside. They are selling USD 220 for spectacles like this, just wonder how many of you will buy a spec like this? I like to see sexy ladies, naked ladies and also when they strip, but to peep them using a spec? No, it's not going to happen. Watching sexy ladies doing whatever thing, it's fun, but peeping at them unwillingly? It's not excited nor it's sexy anymore. The sexy ladies comes with confidence and when they really want to show you voluntarily. For those who like to show their naked bodies in the beach, I don't mind as they are willing to show me their breast or even their vagina, then I'm willing to look at them. You may find a pretty lady easily, but to find a lady with fine body with pretty faces, it's damn hard. To find a pretty faces with perfect body still need the inner charisma to bring out the beauty of it. So peeping girls with those spectacles, it will never be my option. There is a reason that I like the office ladies so much, they spend time to make themselves look good in minimum time. From hair to breast to their toe, all these takes time, money and heart to do it. I appreciate all these hard work, and I enjoy taking them off one by one, if peeping them using this spec, no thanks!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sexy Girls in Grown Ups, Adam Sandler

Have you guys watch Grown Ups? Just watch it with my friends yesterday. My friend brought two of his girl friends with him, he wanted to introduce one of the girls to me. Yes, it's a tall girl. I'm not going detail with this girl here. My friend were late that night for the movie, I reach there earlier at the mall so that I can have some time to enjoy myself here. I went to Starbucks for a nice coffee and pick a really nice spot that can let me check on each and everyone who walks into the mall. There are tons of hot girls in this mall, I enjoyed myself a lot looking at the pretty or sexy or even classy girls. I was sitting there for an hour, I was amazed that I spend an hour without reading any magazine. Who needs a model in the magazine while you can have the live model show in front of you?
The whole night was perfect other than this stupid movie, Grown Ups, Adam Sandler. Should give a shot in the head for the director. What the hell is this? Compare to Adam Sandler's previous movie 'Click', Grown Ups sucks A LOT. The whole movie I can just remember the butt, the boobs of the girls. Salma Hayek is not the hot girl inside, there are 2 girls that I can't recognised which are damn hot. The hottest part is when the girl fixing the car, while she is in a short. And I really jealous of the 2 little guys whom can hug the sexy chics, damn, how come I don't have the chance to do that while I was young? Keep your money, don't go for a stupid movie like this, should stop support movie like this and make them provide better quality movie.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sex Social Network

Remember the sex social network that I'm talking about yesterday? I have sent out about 10 messages, and it's happy to receive 4 replies, consider very fast and high reply rate as I have not put any picture in my profile. I'm not sure whether the girls on the other site look good or not, as some of them not showing any picture as well. I find those profile that is looking for sex partner, or they wrote something horny in the profile.
The first girl that I sent is a girl looking for customer, she provide 'special service', ha, sure u know it's a prostitute. There isn't any picture there so I just send a message asking for picture before I really go. I receive the reply this morning, god, she is god damn gorgeous. It's a foreigner, and fair skin. It makes me feel really horny and really want to go there now, it's only 20 minutes away from my home. It's the pimp who setup the profile, so he is the one who replied me as well, luckily I didn't flirt in the message at all. It will feel weird, really weird. These websites are so useful, even pimp use this to find their client. Good.
The other 3 replies that I received is not this kind of service, they are girls who look for sex. I bet they look 'not so good', but I don't expect high on it. What can I ask more, it's totally different feeling from fucking a prostitute. This type of sex with sex partner is really excited, she will looks like your girlfriend, then you do not need to worry much about the hygiene, sex disease.
Have to go to hunt for horny girls again, ciao.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sex Online

Today is super boring! No where to go and no girls coming to my place today, all I can do is just watching porn and surfing those naked girls and porn site online. Work non stop for the whole week, 12 hours per day and I really need some rest. Some of the porn sites that I used to go is not working at all and made me search for some new porn site all over again. Suddenly I came across a social networking site and it is link with some of the blog that the members wrote. Most of them don't use their real picture, and these members in the blog wrote alot of erotic and sex related topic, frankly speaking, I'm kinda turn on by just reading about the sex blog and the discussion about sex and love making, some of the topic that I remember are 'girls asking for sex', 'guys date girls just because of sex', 'no money, no honey' I think it means no money, no sex, haha 'lonely at night without my bf'. I just use the few minutes to register as their member and in no time I run through all the girls profile that is around my area. Damn, there are more than 10 of them, sending out my horny message and asking them for a date. These girls are so open that they mention clearly that they want you to sextify them, and there are couples asking for sex together, have to find a partner and join them. This is still a night without sex, but it's not boring at all, I'm having the hope for sex again these few days.