lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is coffee a natural aphrodisiac?

I had OT until 2am in the morning this morning. I was damn tired during the drive to my girl friend's place. By the time I reached her place I just feel so exhausted and simply take a bath. I want to take my sleep after that but my girl friend just miss me a lot and kissing me non stop. She even gave me an oral sex after that, my penis just can't resist and woke up. Normally my penis will be soft at late night especially during week days after work. But that night my penis was very hard and I even manage to give her an orgasm. I think for quite some time, what did I took during the day that make my penis so hard? The only thing that I don't normally consume was coffee. Is coffee a natural aphrodisiac? If it is the natural aphrodisiac then I should consume more before sex, the only side effect, can't sleep well that night. Ya, I can't manage to sleep well as I was sensitive to coffee. The only natural aphrodisiac that I know is ginseng and tongkat ali, but never try them in raw. I knew some of the sex pill contain these natural aphrodisiac that can make your penis hard as rock, Maxman, Activ-Homme, Satibo and some of it like Extenze, not sure whether they have these natural aphrodisiac. I tried these sex pills before, they really can enhance sex performance and make your penis hard as rock. If I want to have sex in the morning, I will try coffee again, then I will know whether it's the coffee that make my penis hard. At night, I will just take those sex pill, I need some good sleep at night.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

She is all wet

I look for my girl friend about twice a week. Every time we meet sure I don't miss the chance to make love to her. I think it's quite normal that guys sexual need twice a week, most of the guys at least twice or triple per week. There was a day I feel so horny in the morning while working, so I just text her to tell her how much I miss her and I also wrote something like I hope to undress her now and lick her nipple and all over her body, she likes me to kiss her neck and back, that's her favourite spot that make her wet. The whole day I text her few time and my penis do feel hard as well. I think she was kinda excited to receive the message and felt horny too. I remember I read this in some article that this kind of message or call before meet up can help to make her horny and turn her on, it can be a kind of foreplay.
By the time I reach her place after work, she was already in my favourite lingerie. We started everything with a kiss, I didn't do much foreplay and reach my hand to her vagina. I was about to make her wet so that we can started to make love, and I was so surprise that just a few kisses she was already wet. She did have her orgasm again, and she told me she was so turn on while she receive my text. She felt excited to receive message like this during work, it was like I was there to undress her already. Just to share this with you and you may try it, it does work.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Her seducing trick

It was a beautiful Tuesday, I looked for my girl friend for dinner. She was doing yoga while I reached her place to pick her up, she asked me to give her another half an hour to finish her yoga. She was so sexy while doing those yoga, and I can imagine myself having sex with her in those yoga post. Is there any yoga sex thing out there? I was kinda turn up, but then I didn't interrupt her and just took my rest on the couch. We went to shopping mall after dinner and she brought me to a lingerie shop to help her choosing it. The exciting part was when she invited me to the dressing room to try those lingerie and I guess many of you guys did the same thing. No, we didn't have sex inside and I didn't like to make love in such a tiny small changing room. We just rub each other sensitive areas, kissing, caress, my penis was totally rock hard and it was about to blow, like Kei$ha's song. So you can imagine that I have to hold the fire in my pants from the mall to her place, it's just 15 minutes distance but it was like a year to me. She didn't stop rubbing my penis the whole journey and it's pretty excited, you can imagine that I was totally blew up while having sex with her. I'm so glad to meet such a sex kitten and she told me the yoga thing was purposely plan to seduce me. Ya, she did turn me on.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Morning sex

I always talk about having sex in the morning but I haven't do it for quite a while. I don't have a steady relationship for quite some time, most of the time I have sex with those girls I met in the club or bar. So normally I will make love with them immediately after met them that particular night, and we may date few more time but never have a long term steady relationship. I have a girlfriend lately, she is such a perfect candidate for long term relationship. Not only that she loves me a lot and loyal to me, she is wild in sex at the same time. So wild that I am so satisfy with her. We went to clubbing last Saturday, it's so nice to hug her and dance, and it's Pitbull Enrique Iglesias Tonight I'm fucking you. Ya, definitely I will have sex with her after clubbing. Accident always happen, I drank a lot and I'm kinda hangover. My penis just aren't able to erect hard, it's soft, I just stop and go to sleep directly.
The next morning, of course I didn't waste my time and make love to her the first thing I woke up that day. The sex is so good, and she can feel my hard erect penis so much, she told me that my penis is normally softer at night. It's normal as after work we will be kinda tired, the sex in Sunday Morning is so good, guys you should do it more often. I'm glad that I can make her come and have her orgasm twice. I know she enjoy sex a lot, and during weekday I some how know that she didn't have her orgasm, and I'm very happy that I'm able to give her twice that morning. We have our sex the second time that afternoon after came back from cinema, she have her orgasm again. God the feeling of satisfying her is damn good. I just hope to share with you guys that you may try morning sex more often as both you and your gf or wife are energize. Your penis will be very hard in the morning after resting the whole night. Other taking those sex pill, you need very good rest, the best remedies for sexual intercourse.