lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Monday, January 28, 2013

Different kind of sluts

Suddenly feel so horny during office hour while I'm still working. I can only blame those girls who like to show people their boobs. My penis is all hard and ready for a fuck anytime. There are so many social media and we can peep into other's life especially when they are very generous to share about their personal life. So many girls like to take sexy picture half naked in the bathroom, I really like these and this can turn me on in no time. The bad things about these peeping, you can see but you can't touch. And in those horror movies this means that you will become a loner and so obsess that you will lock them up and kill them at last.

I remember read an article before and mention that guys like all kind of  boobs, small boobs, big boobs, show boobs, covered boobs, naked boobs and so on. I like natural big boobs, but petite is good for me as well. I think I like the body as a whole, we all like beautiful things. A beautiful body is a good start for sex, if the skill in sex is good then it is the best. Imagine a pretty girl that you have sex with is not good with everything and not interested with sex so much, what kind of joy you can get from making love? A girl who love sex as much as you do is the best pal of men, they will make sex wonderful and the orgasm is the best.

Girls who enjoy sex but without love they will just find different sex partner like men do and if you can't understand them you may think that they are in love with you. Girls are really open and the article have separate them into different kind of slut. Yes, they use the word slut. The slut that genuinely love sex, she loves sex because of her own pleasure, normal person may feel that they are irresponsible or crazy towards sex. It may cause some problem but it's their own life, no one have right over it. Some of them sleep around just to feel that they are still sexy and desirable, they want their self-esteem. Some of them have random sex just because of their career, they sleep with their boss. They don't enjoy the sex itself, they don't appreciate good sex. So which kind of slut you feel is the worst kind?