lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My husband is out of town

Wonder you are here because of the title here or because you received a spam mail like this as well. This email catch my eye and if there is a chance I would like to ask her so? Not everyone like to fuck up other peoples' life. I know it's just a spam mail that probably doesn't mean anything, it may be a guy behind the computer. It maybe a sexual enhancement product that they want to sell their product. If you are looking forward to buy herbal sexual enhancement product, I suggest you to buy Activ-Homme instead.

Today should talk about Halloween but not about this kind of spam mail, but feel like want to share this when saw the spam mail in my mail box. I saw a lot of ugly and horrible faces outside and it makes the environment actually not terrifying but fun. I already felt that yesterday and still have the chance to go out tonight. It's still Halloween. So how you guys celebrate your Halloween? I think it's a great excuse to party again, there are so many occasion for you to create the chance to know some new friends. Well if you want to get a new girl friend or friends to hang out is to meet more people and get yourself some new friends. Then you can a lot of chances to expand your network. I was never good at flirting or to know someone out there, I'm not a good looking guy as well, so the only way for me to know more friends is party and other activities.

If you want to get laid then it's a good opportunity for you tonight, yes tonight, go out and meet more friends. Call your friend and don't be shy to join their party. Shy guy do have their chance as well you know, expand your network, get used to talk to girls then you will learn how to talk to them properly without mess things up.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blow My Whistle Flo Rida

Watching porn of Daisy Marie, not sure what you guys think about her, but she is my natural sexual enhancement. With such a doll, I don't need any Viagra or Cialis to make my penis hard. Check her online, her porn can make you hard immediately. Her body is definitely paradise for all men. I remember I watched a porn of her giving blow job to a guy. Blow job is one of the best thing in life, it's an advantage to have a good blow job technique. Not even for girls, if guys can give a good oral sex, girl will like you a lot, do you know that? Well, who don't enjoy oral sex? But I know it's illegal to have oral sex in some of the state or country. I think it's a waste for those who don't enjoy oral sex before. Well I don't know about the reason why some of the country ban oral sex, it's a very personal thing right? If the couple are happy to have oral sex who are you to interfere and judge?

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Talking about oral sex, I always think about this when listen to Flo-rida Whitle. Can you blow my whistle baby let me know, I'm gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow, you just put your lips together... God, it's very seducing rite? Do you feel that he is singing about blow job? So I check online and the explain it's netball, I'm not familiar with Florida but the blog said that he is a big fan of netball. I think Flo-roda purposely make you imagine it as oral sex. Imagine when you are dancing in the dance floor with a pretty girl and the DJ play this song, the pretty girl give you a seducing lick in the air, god can you feel you are hard right now?

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot guy

Watching one of my favourite drama lately, Suits. Gabriel Macht is so damn hot, well, my girl friend like Patrick J. Adams. I think I like those mature guy like Gabriel Macht. Back to the topic, Gabriel is so damn hot, well the suits they wear makes them very handsome. I wonder does that make me gay? I'm sure I'm not gay, but I enjoy watching these hot guys. I mention hot guys, there is another drama I like a lot, White Collar. Matthew Bomer is so hot as well. I recognise him in White Collar and only found out later that the handsome guy in Chuck is him. By the time I watch Chuck, I wondering how can Chuck win Sarah Walker over him? He is too handsome that I even worry for Chuck. Funny right? I think I have a thing for man in suits. I won't be able to look like them but I can make the best out of myself. How do you feel for man in suits?

Well, I'm not only in for hot guys but with the hot girls as well. I like Meghan Markle curvy body, I can assure you that I won't be able to work if there is such a hot girl in my office. The butt itself is super sexy already, not to mention her sexy boobs in those outfit. Are they allowed to wear so sexy to work? Gosh. Harvey Specter's pretty assistant Donna Paulsen look not bad as well, of course I like Rachel Zane as well. Watching Hawaii Five O now, although it's not so nice like Suits, but still a good drama to kill my free time. I believe that Alex O'Loughlin may look so handsome if he suits up. I still like those metrosexual guy like Gabriel Macht and Matthew Bomer. Hope that don't make me gay.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Octoberfest and sex

What is the link between octoberfest and sex? I think it's more likely that the sex activity will increase during this october fest. I just check online and there are tons of boobs photo where the girls are wearing sexy outfit for october fest. These photos can definitely make your cock hard as rock and you will hope to be there yourself. These activity is actually very good for sex, it is a sex party itself, like it or not. The environment is so good, everybody is celebrating, the alcohol makes you happy and ready for sex, unless you are drunk. Well the outfit is definitely the flash point for your penis to erect. This is not a one or two day event, but a whole month of celebration. This is good for us, of course the beer factory can earn a lot, but we need this to bright up our day. We need holidays, we need celebrations, we need more joy to make our lives better.

I saw Rihanna is another set of photos, it looks like she is attending an event of october fest as well. I'm not a  fan of her body but still the outfit she wear in the event does make me wanna make love to her. Check this online, her body is not curvy but it's still very attractive. We should thank to those who created all these just to make our life more fun and kick the boredom away.

Well, don't miss your local event that promote this october fest, it's good for you to look for one night stand. Enjoy the beer and the sex, I think you will love your october so much.