lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Friday, September 28, 2012

Someone like you

 Just broke up with my girl friend, it’s not something special but it hurts too. When every relationship ends I will have to do the same thing again that I did last time with this ex-girl friend. I wonder how long I need to recover from this break up, it’s pain as I get used to her so much and now I have to forget about it and try to act that I’m ok. I don’t really want to end this relationship but then I really have no idea to do with this relationship, it’s very tired. I don’t want to let her hurt me again and again, it’s better that I end it now, once and for all. Pain once and the wound won’t recover soon, it’s a long term pain and I’m not sure how long it will take. I always understand that it’s good to have one night stand, no commitment, no responsibility, you can get it whenever you need it. You don’t need to take care of the relationship and you don’t need to be hurt like this.

I felt so damn bad when I listen to Adele’s song, someone like you, the song touch me so much. Have you ever imagine or experience that your lover is getting marry and you don’t even have a partner or potential prospect. It does make you feel very bad, especially you love her so much. When Adele sing this song she can still feel the pain, how long ago when she broke up? The wound is still there and she still can feel the pain? I really can’t imagine if she walks in front of me with her new boyfriend, or know that she is going to marry soon. It’s going to be hurt and I really want her in my life.

Well it’s not that I will give up on love, but I really need some time to recover before I start another relationship. I wonder how long it will take, the last time I took a very short time to recover and to start a new relationship, it actually took me two years.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sex activity after broke up

Have you ever wonder that after broke up or divorce, the quantity of love making tend to increase or decrease? I think it depends a lot on the person's character and situation, right? If the one whom broke up, feels sorrow and hurt, do they have the mood to have sex? They may feel bad and look for some new excitement to forget the past, they may even feel hurt that feel like want to revenge to their ex by having more sex after broke up. But I always feel that when people are hurt, they may hang out more, this will give them more chance to explore the world outside.

Well, I always believe that there are no one in the world that can't be replaced unless you are Brad Pitt or David Beckham. Revenge sex is a common thing in life as well, you don't want me or long to have sex with me then there are a bunch of guys/girls who enjoy my body. Not sure that it is a mature thing to do but the moment that you enjoy the sex, you are in heaven. If you are faithful while you are in a relationship, then you maybe very happy as you have the chance to make love to whole lot more of different people.

Some of them out there have evolved from a very good boy or girl to a playboy or playgirl. Since there are not many of them who appreciate what they did, it's no surprise people tend to choose to have casual sex. It's not easy to have a good relationship, it depends a lot not on one of them but both parties. There are far too much variables that will affect a relationship.