lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another sex challenge

Ok, read this online as well. Actually you can find lots of information online about having better sex, you may just need some time to clear out those article that you are not interested of. This time she wants to challenge having doggy style sex with some porn alike scene. This is not really a challenge for me but still a good sex idea, I may try it the next time when I have the mood of having sex with my girlfriend in pony tail. I continue to read on the next sex challenge, my god, this is something that I should try but haha, this is not easy and kinda out of my league, sex on the beach. How many of you guys really tried this before? It's so hot by just thinking about it, right? Well I have to say that it's not that easy in the place I stay as this is kind of a dangerous move over here, if we're in good luck, we may met the police and bribe them, if not lucky, there may have something more serious case like raping. I have to plan this carefully and really want to try it. Imagine doing this under the moonlight with sea breeze, it is very hot already. I think my girl friend will love the idea of having sex on the beach, but sure the sand will go into our butt. And hope that I won't face the problem like the author, that a group of people is just right beside them while they are enjoying their sex.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reading hot sex tips online

It may sound strange for a guy to read sex tips in Cosmopolitan, but it does give me a lot of sex tips that I never think of. And also it gives me some of the thought of female partners, so I can know what they are thinking and kinda connect to what they think about sex. For instance, my girlfriend said she felt so damn hot when I play with her clitoris and her ex never do that to her. Of course I have to be humble at the same time so that I can keep on learn more about them, and at the same time she may tell me this just because she want to makes me feel good. From the sex tips online, some even said that the manual stimulate with clitoris feel better than sex itself, you can see how important it is the foreplay for girls.
I came across another article this time in Cosmopolitan, actually it's a whole subject rather than just a single article, it's about sex challenge. The one that I read just now is about to use a toy in sex, guys always felt threaten with sex toys as the toy is always available and they can work 24/7 as long as you have the battery. I don't like to use dildo on her as well, frankly speaking who like to use that fake penis instead of our own. I would like to enjoy sex with her as well. They use a cock ring as a sex chanllege, it's a funny article that you should take a look. It mention that how her boy friend stress out using the cock ring and also worry about his own performance while using it. They failed the first time, her boy friend's is not able rock hard, as we have mention before stress can kill your mood and not able to perform well.
The second time she caught him unprepared, licking him all over his body before gave him an oral sex. She gave him the cock ring while he is hard as rock and this time they made it but the author don't like the feel of the vibrator so they stop using it. The main point here is they tried it, at least try it out before you think it's not suitable. Your girlfriend may like it, but she still need you as a whole package instead of the vibrator, nothing is good as your kiss right? (you must think that I want to say your penis huh) I will read the whole sex challenge thing, and let me start with this cock ring first.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Her Libido

Do you know that women sexual desire depend on her libido? If your women have low libido then you may help to boost her low libido and make her desire for sex stronger. And how can you boost her libido and hormone? To boost her hormone is easy, which I think so. You can boost her hormone level by just do something that is romantic or adventure, make your heart beat and her heart beat link together. To boost her libido is more easy, but it really depends. I have tried this Activ Homme, it works for me for sexual enhancement. It's a pill that give you energy to have sex with your partner more explosively. And I didn't expect it works for the girls as well. My girlfriend took the pill by accident, she mix up hers with mine and it makes her kinda horny after that. She is more aggressive than usual, keep on asking for more. My girlfriend is really horny during normal time, but that day she keep on teasing me, so I think it have to be the pill that boost her libido that makes her want to have sex more. I do some search online and found out that this pill is using tongkat ali herb that normally use by men as energy booster. It is famous in the market about 20 years ago, they even mix it in the coffee as drink. I think you guys may try to use it as sexual enhancement for girls if you are looking for one, I saw that you can just order with 1 pack. Try and you will know whether it works for you or your partner.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My girlfriend want to play with my ass hole

This may be a bit rude to write the title like this, but just want to share that my girl friend is interested with my butt. I do not understand girls well, how come girls are interested for anal with guys? I understand that if a guy is interested for anal with girls because they have a penis and they enjoy while penetrate into girl's butt, but for girls to play with my butt, it's strange. They can feel high when penetrate my butt with their fingers or some sort of butt plug? But my girl friend always like to oral sex with me and she is wet while doing it. I just wonder if I feel good when she plays with my butt, am I a step near to become gay? At the end of day, I may enjoy when someone penetrate in my butt, it's better that I don't start with anal, once start I may not be able to stop. I just feel gross while imagine myself playing with another guy, that is over my limit, but I have no comment for gay and lesbian. In fact lesbian's porn is one of my all time favourite, who can say no to 2 girls playing in front of you? And having sex with 2 girls at the same time is always a big fantasy for guy, I am so turn on by just thinking of it. There are 2 pairs of breast in front of you, they can make me fainted by just shaking it in front of me. I can be easily turn on by girls, their sexy photo can make me feel high already.