lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sexy Russian girls spam mail

Russian girls do have their fame, they are pretty, they are tall, blonde, big boobs. Recently I receive a lot of spam mails claiming that they are lonely and they are looking for a companion. Other than this, I also received message from a pretty girl claim that they are looking for a soul mate. I received this message in a social networking site. I have to admit that the profile page look very convincing, and the girl do look pretty and sexy. I already wish to ask her out for a date and of course I hope to have sex with her after that. It will take a long time to build up the trust to go to the next step, it's not like pick up a girl at the bar.

After a few chats then the girl start to tell me that she wants to meet me, but she need some money to settle her problem before that. Then only I stop. I'm not sure that others will do the same, if not, she already get the money. There are too many scams online, we have to becareful all the time so that we wont's be cheated.

There is an article online also mentioning that social networking site like Facebook are encouraging teens to upload more sexy photo of their own. Well Facebook didn't do it on purpose, they only create a 'like' button. Teenagers who are too into their cyber life want to create attention online, so they upload their own sexy photo to get more 'like'. A lot of adults are doing this to get attention, how can teenagers avoid this? You have to be alert all the time if you are a parent.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

sex scandal

One can't be too careful now, there are a lot of people out there who is finding anyway they can to get your nude photo. Do you think that your nude photo is worthless? Do you think so because you are not someone important or the value is too small for them? There are few cases out there that found that your nude photo does worth something, they don't sell it to the tabloid or magazine, they use it just to threaten you pay them else they will share it online about your nude, horny and maybe enjoying by the time you took it.

There are a lot of cases that use social networking site to find the sex scandal victim, sites like tagged, skout, and even msn. It normally upload pretty girls photo and attract guys to add them up, after that they will message you to chat with you and tell you how much they like you. After you fall for it, they will seduce you to send them your naked photo as they are horny and hope to see you naked. At the same time they will send you nude photo to gain your trust, of course it's just the dummy sexy or nude photo they found online. Or some cases they use the real nude photo but without the look, so you can't threaten them.

This happen and one of the guy who fallen for it paid about 100 grand for it, the girl who threaten him get caught at last as they push him too hard and never stop threaten him even after they get the money. Now you know how much your naked photo may worth, and of course if you don't give a damn, you may only leave it and let other admire your naked and pretty body.