lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2 Man At Once

“I’m a little nervous, I’ve never done this before,” I said, biting down on my bottom lip.
“Don’t worry, you’ll love it,” Jack replied.

I turned my head: Jack’s roommate, Brad, was standing right behind me.

Both guys were completely naked, their cocks out and extremely hard. I climbed onto Jack where he was lying down on the bed. I placed my hands on his chest and lowered my hips over his rock hard erection. I clenched my teeth as I felt his tip squeezing into my tight, wet opening.

“You’re so big,” I gasped, feeling Jack stretch me wide open the more I lowered my body.

Finally, I felt him inside me completely as our hips touched. Jack placed his hands on my ass and started rocking me back and forth, his erection sliding in and out of me. I moaned loudly, feeling the veins around his thick manhood as it entered me, over and over.

A few minutes later Jack pulled my upper body down, my breasts pressing against his chest, this boost testosterone level to the max.
“Brad?” he asked.
I could feel the bed move as Brad climbed on and positioned himself behind me. I jerked with surprise as I felt Brad’s tip pressing between my ass cheeks.

“You are really tight,” he said.
He pulled my cheeks further apart as he pushed his tip into my ass. It was a tight fit, and he struggled for a few minutes to squeeze it inside. He dug his fingers into my thighs and pushed forward slowly, inching himself into my ass, bit by bit.

I moaned loudly, feeling him stretching me wide open. A few moments later he was inside. He started riding my ass, slow at first, but picking up pace soon after.

At the same time, Jack grabbed my ass and started drilling me from below. In no time, both guys groaned and moaned, ploughing both my holes at the same time. I never experience such sexual pleasure in my life before. 

I could feel their erections, slipping in and out of me… harder, faster, deeper…
“Ahhhh!” I finally shouted as an intense orgasm tore through my body.

I could feel myself clenching their cocks as they both grunted loudly, exploding deep inside me, filling me with a river of hot semen.

A few minutes of frantic pounding later, they both pulled themselves out of me. We all collapsed in exhaustion, falling asleep only minutes later.