lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dating an older woman

Have you date an older woman before? What is the feeling of it? I have a relationship with an older woman, but it's just one year difference. This is not something special, it's a normal case. I had a gathering with my friend yesterday, one of them is dating a lady who is 6 years older. This is started to get interesting. Well the best model we can get now is Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, it's 17 years different!

For me, if I'm the guy, I would be certainly glad to flirt with them or just some sex. For a lady like Demi Moore, she is pretty and sexy even at this age. I really don't mind to have fun and experience the sex with older lady. They should be more sophisticated and the sex is more fun, they know more about sex compare to those younger lady. I always fantasize to have sex with those hot and mature woman. I don't have this luck yet.

what do you expect the guy will do? Ashton is handsome and he may be strong in his career and financial, sure a lot of girls are willing to have sex with him even it's for free. I don't understand why Demi Moore is sad about it, she should expect something like this to happen when she started this relationship. If Demi just want a short relationship with this Ashton and enjoying some exciting sex, then it make sense. I just don't get it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The power sex pill

Have you ever experience that you are too tired to have sex and no matter how hard you try or your partner stimulate you, but your penis is just not able to get hard? I have that kind of experience just last week. My girl friend was very hungry for sex and she try to seduce me and give me hand job and blow job as well, but I'm just too tired for it. I hope to get some sleep by the time she ask me for sex.

She kinda figure out that I'm not able to have sex with her and ask me to take this pill Activ-Homme. She told me it's from her friend that is for sexual enhance, a product that her friend is using and give her few to try it out. I just give it a try since I do not want to disappointed her. She took one herself as well, her girl friend is using this for sexual enhancement. We watch some drama together for about an hour then she starts to get horny again. We did some foreplay and get into business right away. Something surprise me is that this really enhance my penis, it may not be some super power pill but it does made my penis hard. I can get this hard when I'm in very good shape, but I'm in a very tired situation that night. The sex pill give me a very hard penis and to my surprise, my girl friend vagina is very tight that night. She is tight most of the time, but that day she was tighter and more responsive.

We enjoy our sex that night, and I think you guys may have this with you for 'emergency' use. Of course it's even better if you guys can take a rest and make love in the morning, a quickie. But you may encounter a case like mine, that our girl friend or wife is longing for a nice sex.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The sexy night at Bangkok

Cash is king. We heard this all the time. You don't need to be a millionaire to live like a king. Where can you be a king? Bangkok, Thailand. Why? Saw a video in youtube, wow. You can see about 30-50 sexy girls dancing in the club, the best thing, there is a pool in the club. The girls are dancing in the pool for you or even with you inside the pool. Check out the link in youtube here,

This is a famous club in Thailand, they can arrange a sexy show just for you. It's more like an event company than a club as they can arrange so many sexy pretty girls in your club. Wait no more and you can become a king now. What is more excited than a full room of girls that you can fuck anytime? These fantasy makes me horny and excited, so feel like want to arrange a trip with my gang for this crazy life.

I'm not in college now, no way I can arrange a crazy party like those in college. Those party is crazy, I think it won't be over to say that those party is for sex. These parties are so much better than having sex directly as it's full of seduction. God, I wish I'm there now. Not sure how much I will need to spend for a crazy party night like this.