lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Female friend that you want to have sex with

Do you ever have a female friend that is a good friend of you and you would like to have sex with her? Most of you out there sure have a girl friend that you chat about everything, you never have sex with her before but she is so attractive that you would be happy that if you ever have a chance to make love to her. I have few female friends that I would love to have sex with and they are very attractive, I seldom meet them so I don't really think about it.

Few days ago I have dinner with a friend that who don't look so attractive back then and she make me feel like want to flirt with her. She is very sexy that night, makes me wonder she did it on purpose. The curvy body of her makes me so horny. Well nothing happened that night but it makes me feel refreshing to have such a feeling. Maybe this is the effect of the alcohol we took after dinner. In a relationship lately makes me feel like not so energetic like last time. I need something to boost my mind to make me more aggressive in work again. And when this girl friend call up, this give me a feeling that I don't have last time. It feels refresh and the pretty girls walking around the bar makes me horny. I feel like I'm an animal that is hunting for a pussy.

Hanging out with an attractive lady is really exciting, and I enjoy those jealous guys who look at me. I think it's good for me to keep some social life like that and I will be more aggressive in work as well. The animal instinct in me that re charge my battery to run again, the sexual instinct does boost my energy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oral sex

My girlfriend likes to do this oral sex to me, I like it a lot. Some of you can see it in porn that call it a blow job. I'm not sure there is any guys out there that don't enjoy oral sex. As for me, I totally enjoy the stimulation without moving at all. She have really good oral sex technique that makes her look like a pro in those porn movie. Sometimes I sit on a chair or lie on the bed, but the best position for blow job is stand, for me.

Well, in return I give her oral sex as well. It's not only for return a favour but girls do like oral sex a lot, and sometimes they feel that it's better than the real sex when you penetrate inside her. That's why you can see those lesbian can satisfy themselves without a real penis. I read an article that mentions that if your eyelids are not sticky after you give her an oral sex that means you are not doing your best to please her. I can imagine those porn movie that the guy is like dive into her vagina and give her the lick. The article even suggest that we should shake our face side by side that may give a very good friction to her vagina. Actually it will get kinda messy as my girlfriend is very wet down there. I haven't get myself that wet before, I may try it someday. Maybe I can save some money for facial since I will have a natural facial here.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Penis that is too big?

Penis that is too large. I have no idea what size should a penis be but a size that can make the women happy and won't suffer should be the main point right? Actually I do wonder whether is there a penis that is too large that will make a man run or even walk more difficult than other? These are very interesting topic for discussion, I asked this because I do not have such a big dick in my pants.

Big penis is not always an advantage, do you have any idea why? I do not understand until I read a post that a girl wrote, it's actually kinda funny. The girl mention that she is trying to give blow job to a guy and the first time she have problem putting the penis into her mouth. The penis is just too large. The girl call this penis an anaconda. The penis is very big that it make her vagina bleed, this is not because they have a rough sex but because of the size. This make her worry so much, ultimately she call her doctor and ask for his advise. Doctor suggest her to stop having sex for 2 weeks, but guess what's her reply? This is not an option. Haha, good answer. So she continue to have sex and the bleeding continue.

This is not the worst part of the big penis story. The guy ask for anal sex. lol. She is open for anal sex, but for anaconda that big? She is in deep pain and ask the guy to stop. Seems like large penis is not good for anal sex, this is the first time I felt relieve that my penis is in average size. I didn't have experience in anal sex but hope to experience it some day, I just think I'm not prepare for it. Come back to our story right here, the girl have some problem as well when they try oral sex. And she mentioned that her experience with big penis isn't the worst, her girlfriend have experience that a penis that is too large that she is in pain when only half of the penis is inside her. It's like going to buffet and not able to eat.

How to have sex with big penis comfortably? Lubes, lot of lubricants. No Anal sex and doggy style. That means you may use doggy style if you have a relatively small penis as this style will penetrate deeper. A classic missionary or sideway is good if you have a big penis or when you encounter one. Girl on top is also one of the best choice.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Men raped by women?

Read an article regarding 3 women in their 20s are charged with raping 17 men in Zimbabwe. The author wonder if the guy ejaculate, does that consider rape? This is a very good question, I can't answer that myself as well even I'm a guy. I certainly won't reject to have sex with most of the women, never think of any woman so desperate to have sex with me until want to rape me. And even when I have sex unwillingly with a woman, I think I will close my eyes and enjoy the process.

This news remind me that a Russian hair stylist raped a particular guy for 3 days, how it happened? The guy is a robber that rob her in the shop, and the guy didn't notice that he was robbing a karate girl. She knock him down throw him inside a store room, she fed the guy with Viagra and 'rape' him. She did this for 3 days. I'm not sure what happen but she have to buy the guy a pair of jeans and let him go. The robber came in naked? The news show the face of the hairdresser, the look is ok. There are some very funny facts right here. I'm sure I won't report to the police if a woman like this rape me, I think I enjoy the sex a lot. This robber here don't seems to enjoy the sex and report to the police that he was being raped and ultimately he himself was charged for robbing? This don't make sense to me but the lady may make him do something so piss him off that he wanted to report this having to know the risk that he maybe jail too. And the hairdresser, what made her so desperate to have sex until she want to make love to a robber and being charged for raping? I myself will sign up if she is looking for someone to make love. And I can assure her that I don't need a Viagra to do so.

Funny story huh?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bad sex

Read this from Askmen, there are some useful tips that if your partner is not so good in sex. The first tip they suggest is to fake an illness so that you can avoid having sex and not to piss her off. This is kinda fun is it, and it is better than telling her directly she is not good in sex. People don't like to be told that they are not good, so if you want her or him to do something, you may start to give compliment of something they are good at. Say for instance, if she is good in giving oral sex, give her the compliment and tell her that it will feel better if she can do another thing that you like.

Another way of doing it, which is suggest in the article is asking what she likes on bed. This will make her feel special when you discuss this with her, and give you an excuse or chance to tell her what you like. This makes her more willingly to do exactly what you want, isn't that nice? You will like this guy, watch porn in front of her. Why? So you can let her know that the girl in porn do something that makes you hard, she may learn the same thing to make your penis hard as well. Now you just create the chance to make her watch porn with you and learn from it.

Do you like pole dance? Personally I have no special interest but I am interest to watch pretty girls wearing so sexy to dance on the pole. And the best thing when she is doing this pole dance, she can burn the calories and stay fit. I think pole dance is cheaper and more effective that those slimming treatment in those beauty centre, right? It will be a good investment when you see her dancing in front of you. There is another way of telling her that she is fat, purposely buy shirt that she can't fit then she will feel that she's fat. If she receive your message, she will take care her body and you won't piss her off.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Too much sex?

Read an article online that a man just have a new girl friend, and they have sex pretty soon after that. After some time he is feeling kinda depress that his girlfriend is unable to orgasm, so he keep on trying to make her orgasm after that. He had tried this for few weeks and can't make it. The good thing in this relationship is they both love sex and he don't even need to ask for it, the bad thing she is unable to come.

He feel frustrated no matter how he try she still unable to come, so he ask therapist for help. He felt like he is not good in sex and the girl friend felt she is not attractive enough to make him give more effort about it. The last time they had sex, again, he come and his girl friend was unable to come. His girl friend scold him and he leave without saying a word, he also won't believe that he himself think he don't want to have sex in these few weeks that too much sex with his girl friend and this makes him feel tired. They broke up at last.

I believe most of the men won't believe that there is such a thing as too much of sex. Yes, this does happen, in this case this guy here have too much of frustration in sex and relationship. After some time, he may have a chance to meet some other girl that can have a better sexual relationship. Sometimes, work or some other thing may affect you mentally or physically that you are feeling not willing to have sex. It's normal, right?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to make her her orgasm

Read a post on internet, this guy felt so lucky to have a pretty girl friend but he was unable to make her come. Her girl friend have difficulties to orgasm, and so he send an email to ask a sex shrink about it. The question from the sex shrink, which part of her body you should stimulate to make her climax? Neck? Breast? Nipple? Clitoris? The answer that the shrink suggest is her mind. She may enjoy the sex with you, and she likes it a lot, but the thing is she may not be comfortable with it especially she is shy of her body.

What can you do make her feel comfortable? Make her relax, safe, softly and slowly. She suggest him to lie down beside her and do the foreplay to relax her. While she is asking for more then only go down to her and rub her clitoris. After this then only penetrate, the penetration will take her to climax if everything is going well. When she is near to climax, she may need a catalyst to take her to climax. The sex shrink suggest that you may for instance try to grab her ass as there are a lot of nerves that may make her climax.

I have sex a lot, and often but I only know it's so complicated right until now. Or maybe I should say there are so many procedures for sex. And this may not be my girl friend's preference, so much to learn, luckily we have internet online to learn all these stuff.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The foreplay

Many guys tend to make the whole sex process longer by making the penetration time longer but forget the fact that girls may not enjoy the process or maybe don't feel comfortable at all. If your partner doesn't enjoy the sex, then what's the point of prolong the time?

As I have mention in my previous post, some of the girls like oral sex or hand job more than the penetration itself. If they like it, why don't you spend some time doing it before the penetration, that is foreplay.

Do you know that foreplay is crucial for women if you want to turn them on? They may make love with you but they may not enjoy it much, they may even fake the orgasm. Men and women are very different in sex, women will need a longer time to prepare before go into business. And since men like to make the sex time longer, why don't you spend some time doing the foreplay for them. And it's a very good way to satisfy the women if their partner have premature ejaculations.

Most of the men can't last longer than 5 minutes in penetration, studies shown, not my own statistic. If you spend some time kissing, from head to toe, pick the sensitive area, play around, spend more time to explore her body, find her g spot other than her vagina. Clitoris is a very organ for you to give her the oral sex, clitoris is a very sensitive area that have a lot of nerve like your penis. You may give her the orgasm by just licking it without penetrate, it's more like the way she give you the blow job. We can talk about the way to stimulating her clitoris in the future post.

When you have give her sufficient stimulation to turn her on, your penetration will make her come very fast. You may be able to make her come before you do, then she will have her orgasm as well. Hope this is a solution for you to have better sex.

Lucky me

I have always been saying that I'm lucky to have a girlfriend whom know how to make sex interesting. She knows clearly what she wants and guide me to it. I think most of the ladies now is not shy to ask for more in sex, it's a good thing that a couple is able to sit down and talk about it. I always think that communication is very important in a sexual relationship, and it will affect your relationship in a way. I read articles that mention that a couple that have a satisfied sexual relationship can last longer and tend to be more strong in relationship.

If you do not know about what your girl friend or boy friend want, you may ask them about it. Not only that you should know about your partner's need but yourself as well. Are you kidding me that I do not know about my sexual needs? Yes, it's true and nothing funny about it, because some of the people out there really don't know how to pleasure themselves, especially girls, they don't even know the feeling of orgasm. Studies shows that only one third of the women out there haven't have their orgasm before even they have a bunch of children. So girls, don't be shy, it's not something bad that you want to be satisfied in sex.

When you are alone with yourself, try to pleasure yourself with your own hands or dildo, play with yourself and find out how can you orgasm. Yes, I'm asking you to try to masturbate, it's not a bad thing if you can find out how to be satisfied in sex. If you don't even know about it, how can you tell your partner what you want. Not every men a sex machine that is able to satisfy you. Studies also shows that women tend to orgasm more by using hand and mouth, they enjoy it more than the penetration itself. So it's not a bad thing to play with yourself and help your partner to learn more about you as well.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Another sex challenge

Ok, read this online as well. Actually you can find lots of information online about having better sex, you may just need some time to clear out those article that you are not interested of. This time she wants to challenge having doggy style sex with some porn alike scene. This is not really a challenge for me but still a good sex idea, I may try it the next time when I have the mood of having sex with my girlfriend in pony tail. I continue to read on the next sex challenge, my god, this is something that I should try but haha, this is not easy and kinda out of my league, sex on the beach. How many of you guys really tried this before? It's so hot by just thinking about it, right? Well I have to say that it's not that easy in the place I stay as this is kind of a dangerous move over here, if we're in good luck, we may met the police and bribe them, if not lucky, there may have something more serious case like raping. I have to plan this carefully and really want to try it. Imagine doing this under the moonlight with sea breeze, it is very hot already. I think my girl friend will love the idea of having sex on the beach, but sure the sand will go into our butt. And hope that I won't face the problem like the author, that a group of people is just right beside them while they are enjoying their sex.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reading hot sex tips online

It may sound strange for a guy to read sex tips in Cosmopolitan, but it does give me a lot of sex tips that I never think of. And also it gives me some of the thought of female partners, so I can know what they are thinking and kinda connect to what they think about sex. For instance, my girlfriend said she felt so damn hot when I play with her clitoris and her ex never do that to her. Of course I have to be humble at the same time so that I can keep on learn more about them, and at the same time she may tell me this just because she want to makes me feel good. From the sex tips online, some even said that the manual stimulate with clitoris feel better than sex itself, you can see how important it is the foreplay for girls.
I came across another article this time in Cosmopolitan, actually it's a whole subject rather than just a single article, it's about sex challenge. The one that I read just now is about to use a toy in sex, guys always felt threaten with sex toys as the toy is always available and they can work 24/7 as long as you have the battery. I don't like to use dildo on her as well, frankly speaking who like to use that fake penis instead of our own. I would like to enjoy sex with her as well. They use a cock ring as a sex chanllege, it's a funny article that you should take a look. It mention that how her boy friend stress out using the cock ring and also worry about his own performance while using it. They failed the first time, her boy friend's is not able rock hard, as we have mention before stress can kill your mood and not able to perform well.
The second time she caught him unprepared, licking him all over his body before gave him an oral sex. She gave him the cock ring while he is hard as rock and this time they made it but the author don't like the feel of the vibrator so they stop using it. The main point here is they tried it, at least try it out before you think it's not suitable. Your girlfriend may like it, but she still need you as a whole package instead of the vibrator, nothing is good as your kiss right? (you must think that I want to say your penis huh) I will read the whole sex challenge thing, and let me start with this cock ring first.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Her Libido

Do you know that women sexual desire depend on her libido? If your women have low libido then you may help to boost her low libido and make her desire for sex stronger. And how can you boost her libido and hormone? To boost her hormone is easy, which I think so. You can boost her hormone level by just do something that is romantic or adventure, make your heart beat and her heart beat link together. To boost her libido is more easy, but it really depends. I have tried this Activ Homme, it works for me for sexual enhancement. It's a pill that give you energy to have sex with your partner more explosively. And I didn't expect it works for the girls as well. My girlfriend took the pill by accident, she mix up hers with mine and it makes her kinda horny after that. She is more aggressive than usual, keep on asking for more. My girlfriend is really horny during normal time, but that day she keep on teasing me, so I think it have to be the pill that boost her libido that makes her want to have sex more. I do some search online and found out that this pill is using tongkat ali herb that normally use by men as energy booster. It is famous in the market about 20 years ago, they even mix it in the coffee as drink. I think you guys may try to use it as sexual enhancement for girls if you are looking for one, I saw that you can just order with 1 pack. Try and you will know whether it works for you or your partner.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My girlfriend want to play with my ass hole

This may be a bit rude to write the title like this, but just want to share that my girl friend is interested with my butt. I do not understand girls well, how come girls are interested for anal with guys? I understand that if a guy is interested for anal with girls because they have a penis and they enjoy while penetrate into girl's butt, but for girls to play with my butt, it's strange. They can feel high when penetrate my butt with their fingers or some sort of butt plug? But my girl friend always like to oral sex with me and she is wet while doing it. I just wonder if I feel good when she plays with my butt, am I a step near to become gay? At the end of day, I may enjoy when someone penetrate in my butt, it's better that I don't start with anal, once start I may not be able to stop. I just feel gross while imagine myself playing with another guy, that is over my limit, but I have no comment for gay and lesbian. In fact lesbian's porn is one of my all time favourite, who can say no to 2 girls playing in front of you? And having sex with 2 girls at the same time is always a big fantasy for guy, I am so turn on by just thinking of it. There are 2 pairs of breast in front of you, they can make me fainted by just shaking it in front of me. I can be easily turn on by girls, their sexy photo can make me feel high already.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sexy baby of Transformers Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington

Have you guys watch the new movie of Transformers: Dark of the moon. The preview seems good and will go to watch it later on. It seems like Shia LaBeouf love to have Rosie Huntington in this New Transformers, he said it will be awkward to have Megan Fox here with him in this movie as he have some feelings for her. So you guys like the new girl Rosie Huntington in this Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon? For me I have no problem whether Megan Fox is here or not as I have no special interest for fake boobs, I like the real natural breast. Hope that our director Michael Bay can bring out the best of Rosie Huntington, show her sexy part and bring out the wild side of her in the movie and give us some sexy scene that we won’t forget. I remember that there is a sexy girl in Transformer 2 that is a Decepticons robot? Wow that sexy and lusty scene I believe that most of the guys remember that. The girl is mind blowing and I prefer her over Megan Fox, frankly speaking. Just search for her name online, her name is Isabel Lucas. She look so damn sexy to make love to, I believe you guys love her. Mr Michael Bay can make Isabel Lucas come back again? She just show up in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, I want this sexy baby Isabel come back again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is coffee a natural aphrodisiac?

I had OT until 2am in the morning this morning. I was damn tired during the drive to my girl friend's place. By the time I reached her place I just feel so exhausted and simply take a bath. I want to take my sleep after that but my girl friend just miss me a lot and kissing me non stop. She even gave me an oral sex after that, my penis just can't resist and woke up. Normally my penis will be soft at late night especially during week days after work. But that night my penis was very hard and I even manage to give her an orgasm. I think for quite some time, what did I took during the day that make my penis so hard? The only thing that I don't normally consume was coffee. Is coffee a natural aphrodisiac? If it is the natural aphrodisiac then I should consume more before sex, the only side effect, can't sleep well that night. Ya, I can't manage to sleep well as I was sensitive to coffee. The only natural aphrodisiac that I know is ginseng and tongkat ali, but never try them in raw. I knew some of the sex pill contain these natural aphrodisiac that can make your penis hard as rock, Maxman, Activ-Homme, Satibo and some of it like Extenze, not sure whether they have these natural aphrodisiac. I tried these sex pills before, they really can enhance sex performance and make your penis hard as rock. If I want to have sex in the morning, I will try coffee again, then I will know whether it's the coffee that make my penis hard. At night, I will just take those sex pill, I need some good sleep at night.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

She is all wet

I look for my girl friend about twice a week. Every time we meet sure I don't miss the chance to make love to her. I think it's quite normal that guys sexual need twice a week, most of the guys at least twice or triple per week. There was a day I feel so horny in the morning while working, so I just text her to tell her how much I miss her and I also wrote something like I hope to undress her now and lick her nipple and all over her body, she likes me to kiss her neck and back, that's her favourite spot that make her wet. The whole day I text her few time and my penis do feel hard as well. I think she was kinda excited to receive the message and felt horny too. I remember I read this in some article that this kind of message or call before meet up can help to make her horny and turn her on, it can be a kind of foreplay.
By the time I reach her place after work, she was already in my favourite lingerie. We started everything with a kiss, I didn't do much foreplay and reach my hand to her vagina. I was about to make her wet so that we can started to make love, and I was so surprise that just a few kisses she was already wet. She did have her orgasm again, and she told me she was so turn on while she receive my text. She felt excited to receive message like this during work, it was like I was there to undress her already. Just to share this with you and you may try it, it does work.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Her seducing trick

It was a beautiful Tuesday, I looked for my girl friend for dinner. She was doing yoga while I reached her place to pick her up, she asked me to give her another half an hour to finish her yoga. She was so sexy while doing those yoga, and I can imagine myself having sex with her in those yoga post. Is there any yoga sex thing out there? I was kinda turn up, but then I didn't interrupt her and just took my rest on the couch. We went to shopping mall after dinner and she brought me to a lingerie shop to help her choosing it. The exciting part was when she invited me to the dressing room to try those lingerie and I guess many of you guys did the same thing. No, we didn't have sex inside and I didn't like to make love in such a tiny small changing room. We just rub each other sensitive areas, kissing, caress, my penis was totally rock hard and it was about to blow, like Kei$ha's song. So you can imagine that I have to hold the fire in my pants from the mall to her place, it's just 15 minutes distance but it was like a year to me. She didn't stop rubbing my penis the whole journey and it's pretty excited, you can imagine that I was totally blew up while having sex with her. I'm so glad to meet such a sex kitten and she told me the yoga thing was purposely plan to seduce me. Ya, she did turn me on.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Morning sex

I always talk about having sex in the morning but I haven't do it for quite a while. I don't have a steady relationship for quite some time, most of the time I have sex with those girls I met in the club or bar. So normally I will make love with them immediately after met them that particular night, and we may date few more time but never have a long term steady relationship. I have a girlfriend lately, she is such a perfect candidate for long term relationship. Not only that she loves me a lot and loyal to me, she is wild in sex at the same time. So wild that I am so satisfy with her. We went to clubbing last Saturday, it's so nice to hug her and dance, and it's Pitbull Enrique Iglesias Tonight I'm fucking you. Ya, definitely I will have sex with her after clubbing. Accident always happen, I drank a lot and I'm kinda hangover. My penis just aren't able to erect hard, it's soft, I just stop and go to sleep directly.
The next morning, of course I didn't waste my time and make love to her the first thing I woke up that day. The sex is so good, and she can feel my hard erect penis so much, she told me that my penis is normally softer at night. It's normal as after work we will be kinda tired, the sex in Sunday Morning is so good, guys you should do it more often. I'm glad that I can make her come and have her orgasm twice. I know she enjoy sex a lot, and during weekday I some how know that she didn't have her orgasm, and I'm very happy that I'm able to give her twice that morning. We have our sex the second time that afternoon after came back from cinema, she have her orgasm again. God the feeling of satisfying her is damn good. I just hope to share with you guys that you may try morning sex more often as both you and your gf or wife are energize. Your penis will be very hard in the morning after resting the whole night. Other taking those sex pill, you need very good rest, the best remedies for sexual intercourse.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ejaculate problem

Lately met a girl from the club that I used to hang out. We went out after a few chat on the phone, I didn't have sex with her the first three date although she slept just beside me. It's like a pillow talk. After these dates, I started to make love to her, and she is such a lovely young lady. And the problem came, I was not able to ejaculate when I made love to her. This happened the first time, second and even third time. I wonder is it my problem? I don't have the problem to erect, it's not erectile dysfunction nor premature ejaculation. Just wonder I'm too tired to have sex. I have been under stress in work and this really affect my sleep, I didn't go straight back to my home for rest but enjoy my night life. I do need beer and girls to make my life more lively but then this affect my sex life as well. It's such a bad experience that I'm not able to ejaculate and give the girl an orgasm, my penis is soft on the half way. This is a wake up call for me, I should take care my health properly then only I can enjoy my sex life. Else it will be useless even there are 1 dozen of naked girls lying in front of me. I think erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation is not far from me, take care your penis else it won't be there when you need it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sex With Ex

Just read this article in Maxim, ‘Rated Ex'. It's talking about having sex with your ex, it can be a good sex since your ex have the knowledge of pleasuring you on the bed and know your body very well. There is also a good thing that having sex with your ex, you are not making love with them so often now, and when you going to bed with them again, the feeling is not like last time. You will have new discovery about her, she may have a new lingerie, and she may even know a new way to please you. The feeling will be totally awesome as the feeling is fresh since you are not having sex with them every week. The best part about it, there are no string attached, you don't have to argue about why you put the empty pizza box on the table or where you went after work.
There are a lot of things to consider as well other than the benefit of sex with ex, you guys may argue with some old issues again or one or both of you can't get over the broke up, having sex again may just remind you how much you love each other. And things will have to repeat again like it used to be. It's better that you don't look for those ex that broke up in a short time. And if you can, look for those ex that is not staying anywhere near you so you have nothing much to worry about other than sex.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to be a sexy guy?

Yes, this is what I want to share today, it’s not about sex. But a healthy body and nice body shape is always good for sex right? I found out that my friends have the problem with their waist line, so hope to share with you guys the programme that I used last time. I slim down a bit in a month, but nice muscle and body shape. I manage to reach my target body shape in 3 months. So how I did it, just want to share with you guys.

First, I cut all my sugar in food and drinks. I like my coffee, so I just order a black coffee without sugar and cream. Second, I cut my carbohydrate like rice, pasta at night, have only protein and vegetables. You may take chicken, fish or any meal replacement that you can find in the market. Avoid red meat. So it’s not enough to cut these food and drink, you have to burn the calories. You have to design a programme that is suitable for yourself.

If you have a gym membership, it’s good for you. How to burn more fat in the gym? Go directly to the treadmill and run for 2 hours don’t help you much. My suggestion, go for a bicycle ride for 10-15 minutes to warm up. Then go to the weight lifting section for 30 minutes, build up some muscles and get rid of the sugar in your body. When we workout, our body will burn the sugar first, not fat, so head to the weight section to burn of some sugar then only go to treadmill will save you more energy to burn the fat directly when you are on the treadmill. And muscles can help you to burn the calories even when you are sleeping.

For my case, I don’t have a gym membership and lazy to get one. I’m staying in a condo, high rise condo with swimming pool. I use the staircase and climb up to 25th floor, 4-6 times, depend on my mood, haha. I use the lift when I go down as going down won’t burn my fat and hurt my knee as well. Then the next day I will go to swim. Do this alternatively according to your own plan. Please check your staircase whether it’s safe, guys. Something that you need to do before going for these cardio session, do some weight lifting, sit up, bumping, anything that can make you to build some muscles.

So guys, get your butt of the chair and start soon. Build up your body and make yourself sexy. These exercise is good for your performance in sex as well, train your persistence and strength. I had my reward, no kidding, the girl approach me herself.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Single Ladies

To all the single ladies out there, these are some of my opinion about girls. Stop here if you don't like what I wrote here, but these are the perspective from most of the guys, those who doesn't agree wither they are pastors, gay or you mean nothing to them.
Take care of your appearance, please. This can be apply in any event, including a casual date or on the bed, of course I don't mean when you are sleeping. Guys do like that when you don't wear make up on the bed, but do take care of your body and buy some nice lingerie. Why should they treat you seriously when you don't even bother to dress up nicely in a date? And if you are out of shape, please go for exercise. It's not easy, it may not take up only your effort, it will take your time as well. It's not easy keep fit, but work it out, find a way, know your body and spend some time to find out the best way to make yourself fit but enjoy your life as well.
90% of the guys will be turn on if you have the right lingerie, so if you have the nice body with the right lingerie. You can make your man erect in no time, if he is a healthy person then you are the viagra for him. Sex is only part of the life, but if you take good care of it, it will build up a very strong relationship. Satisfaction of sex is important, take some effort to make it great and you will have a wonderful life.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi Sex Scandal

Does this name sound familiar to you? This will be your idol for the year! Silvio Berlusconi is the president of Italy and also a billionaire himself, that's all? What's so interesting? Silvio Berlusconi is a the girl magnet too. So now you are interested, who don't? Girls, sex, scandal, any of this can be hot topic itself and now it's with the president! The president have lots of news that related him to girls, this is an open secret that The president Silvio Berlusconi is a horny guy and have all kind of girls be with him all the time. The scandal lately related him to a young whore who is just 18, Noemi Letizia. According to the news that this sexy little slut is just 16 when the president was hanging out with her. Apparently it's having sex. I think the news should ask a very important question, how can an old man like him still can make his penis so active, have a hard rock penis all the time? Most of the old men like him suffer erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, but the president can have sex not only once but making love all night long. This is a very good topic as well, I bet the italian are proud with the president. Italian once again prove that they are a romantic country, the girls there still believe in love and don't care about the age, isn't that the good news for all of you there?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Woman Orgasms 300 Times a Day

Woman that have 300 orgasms per day? God damn it. I saw this in youtube, oh, now you have sex education channel in youtube? Nope, it's just a news. Imagine if you are able to give your wife 300 orgasms per year, and she will love like... Crazy! I don't think any girl will leave you for what ever reason, unless they think that the LV bag is better than sex itself and you can't afford 1. It is always a great topic itself for orgasm, and it's like a mystery to most of the guys. Orgasm is a thing that the guy will be so happy and proud to give it away. Guys have to take it seriously as most of the woman out there doesn't have even an orgasm for the whole year while maybe you are making love for 100 times per year. Imagine that!
For this woman here, I think it's not that good for her as well. She have orgasms too much in a day, if deduct 8 hours sleeping time, she is having 18 orgasms every hour. Imagine she moans in front of you while chatting, you are going to steam! Go and take a look at this link here, don't said I didn't warn you, she doesn't look delicious,

Pretty baby with natural big boobs

Have you seen any pretty lady with natural big boobs out there? I guess this is not hard to find as there are lots of them, but what about natural big breast with perfect body that makes you horny and erect immediately? And the hardest part of it, Big boobs, perfect body including the cun and ass, the pretty face. This is what we call angel face with devil body. Girl like Keira Knightley, with pretty faces but not the devil body, Jennifer Aniston is another girl that have a pretty face but not the devil's body. Brad Pitt's current girl friend Angelina Jolie does have the evil body and pretty face, and that is the girl that can make you horny and give you the impulse to make love with her. You can stare at her body all day long and not getting bored with it. You can even make love with them, stay in a god damn room for few days and not wanting to go out from it.
Look for this sexy gal nude, Alice Goodwin. God had done a very good job with her natural boob job. Her fine curve, nice boob, pretty face, that going to kill you right away. You won't get tired of making love with her again and again until, maybe when she is old, but now, it is still fresh and Wet! What you guy think? Will you enjoy sex with girl like this if she doesn't have good love making or sex skill?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Renee Ostead Nude Photo

Have your guys check out the nude photo of Renee Ostead, It's not new but still fresh. Go and check it out now. The sexy young actress Rebecca Renee Olstead who is in the TV sitcoms Still Standing as Lauren Miller, & The Secret Life of the American Teenager. You must check out her new photo, she have really good figure, nice breast and butts. Her boobs, no silicone implant can compare. You will feel so wanna make love to her by just looking at her nude photo. There are wet t-short as well, they are so seducing and lusty. You can see her nipple in the wet t, it's like they are summoning you to lick them. There are also some of the nude pictures that shows she is masturbating herself, I bet most of the guys are willing to service her and give her a free fuck. I think she enjoy pleasuring herself with the dildo only. How come all these hotties have bustard boyfriend that leak the nude photo? for me, I will just enjoying the photo myself and those are privacy as well. But on the other hand, I have to thank them for giving us the nude picture so that we can enjoy Renee Olstead nice body, oh ya, there are some of the photo in sexy lingerie and in costume as well. Enjoy the sexy nude photo.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Extenze - Extend your length and strength

Extenze. The product that is made to help you maximise your manhood by extend your penis length, strength, time to ejaculate. There are lots of thing that can make a man happy, but the best thing? Sex! It's the food for your soul. It's the food to make you stronger and tougher.
During the time when you have sex with your partner it is important to perform good at the right time, you don't want to embarrass yourself and disappoint your sex partner. If your penis doesn't perform like what you want, too bad then, this may be your last chance to be with them. It's not that hard to do it right at the first time. You don't have the strength and stamina that can last until you give your sex partner an orgasm? Try this then, Extenze. A $100 can help you to test whether it can really work for you. Nothing much you can loss, total loss $100 if it's not working for you. And the best thing, you don't need to embarrass yourself in front of the doctor or even pharmacist. You don't need to tell them you can't satisfy your sex partner in the sexual intercourse. Wait no more and order now. Satisfy your sex partner tonight on the bed, give them the orgasm they want and make them want you more.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Charlie Sheen Sex Scandal

Have you watch Two Men and a half? The horny guy Charlie Harper in the show whom have tons of girls that would like to sleep with him, a one night stand guy that refuse to marry and pick up girls in the pub, shopping mall and even his concert. The real person Charlie Sheen can do the same thing as well but the moron paid $12,000 for an escort Capri Anderson. In real life he can have tons of girls willing to sleep with him for free since he is such a popular guy and filthy rich. If you want to pay $12,000 for an escort, look for some pretty sexy bitch, but not porn star like Capri Anderson. I bet you can find 3 or 4 girls at the same time whom look better that the porn star. Type this name in Google and you can find tons of her nude photo. Charlie Sheen seems to have a thing for porn star, do you know how many porn stars have sex with Charlie Sheen before? Sure a big no., porn stars like Ginger Lynn, Cathy Barry, Chloe Jones, Heather Hunter, Brittany Ashland and so on. Wow, go and search for the porn video online.
And lately Charlie Sheen must use too much of drug and get his head burned, talking all the nonsense on the radio and tv. I know why they look for Charlie Sheen for the drama Two Men and a Half, it's him they are writing. Too bad, I'm gonna miss the show.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sun Page 3 Nude Girl

It's March now, and what can you expect more from this month? It's 2 months after Christmas and New Year, life is so boring. Go and get your newspaper and flip to page 3, oh... you're not in UK? Search for The Sun Page 3 Girl, and there you see the sun is rising. Double Sun, double breast! See for yourself here, look at them, aren't they sweet and sexy? Not only they are sexy and delicious, they are young, so young & fresh. They have just make your day, aren't they? You can feel the power within you down there, have your little penis feeling horny and need for some sex? I wonder who's idea it is to show pretty boobs in the newspaper, it can make your day so good every morning. And no matter how bad you feel that day, it can sure help to make your day sexy and horny. Do you think the half naked girl in newspaper every day will spice up the sex life of UK? I feel horny and want to make love to any of these pretty babe with beautiful faces and devils body here right away.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sex in the jungle

Went for a hiking trip in Asia. It's a rainforest, sure it is. It rains everyday while I was there. The place is very rural, you can only go there by plane from the nearest city, and only that particular city, or by boat, just a 5 or 6 hours ride if you are lucky enough. After going to the place by plane, need to take a 40 minutes boat ride. After the boat ride then another 10km walk to the camp.
There were about 20 people in the camp when I reach there, actually it's a hut that have 4 rooms, no door at all. No pretty ladies at all, at least not my taste. I follow the guide to the summit the second day in the camp, it took me 8 hours to finished it. While I was back in the camp, some new members showed up. This time, someone interesting shows up. A pretty lady from Holland. She is going to the summit tomorrow, and we discussed about the hike to summit. We discuss about a lot of other stuff and backpack trip. Nothing happened that night.
The next day morning, she didn't go for a hike because she don't feel well and stay in the camp. We have some chat and share our food. The camp was quite empty as most of the guys went for hiking and just a few of us here in the camp. I suggest that we go to bath in the river in front of the camp since it's hot in the afternoon. I don't remember how it happened but my hand started to get naughty and run over all her body, hugging and kisses came after that. She acted wild, guess she haven't enjoy sex for quite some time since she travels alone. Her moan made me so horny, I haven't have sex for a week as well because of this hiking trip, I can't stop myself and take off her undies, started to have sex with her just beside the river. I don't see anyone approach the river but who cares, nobody knows us. Though I have muscle ache around my body but still it doesn't matter at all, I don't feel a thing when I was having sex with her. Everything ended nicely and we decide to meet up in a city next week, expecting it. I want to have sex with this hottie again, she is damn wild.