lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Female friend that you want to have sex with

Do you ever have a female friend that is a good friend of you and you would like to have sex with her? Most of you out there sure have a girl friend that you chat about everything, you never have sex with her before but she is so attractive that you would be happy that if you ever have a chance to make love to her. I have few female friends that I would love to have sex with and they are very attractive, I seldom meet them so I don't really think about it.

Few days ago I have dinner with a friend that who don't look so attractive back then and she make me feel like want to flirt with her. She is very sexy that night, makes me wonder she did it on purpose. The curvy body of her makes me so horny. Well nothing happened that night but it makes me feel refreshing to have such a feeling. Maybe this is the effect of the alcohol we took after dinner. In a relationship lately makes me feel like not so energetic like last time. I need something to boost my mind to make me more aggressive in work again. And when this girl friend call up, this give me a feeling that I don't have last time. It feels refresh and the pretty girls walking around the bar makes me horny. I feel like I'm an animal that is hunting for a pussy.

Hanging out with an attractive lady is really exciting, and I enjoy those jealous guys who look at me. I think it's good for me to keep some social life like that and I will be more aggressive in work as well. The animal instinct in me that re charge my battery to run again, the sexual instinct does boost my energy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oral sex

My girlfriend likes to do this oral sex to me, I like it a lot. Some of you can see it in porn that call it a blow job. I'm not sure there is any guys out there that don't enjoy oral sex. As for me, I totally enjoy the stimulation without moving at all. She have really good oral sex technique that makes her look like a pro in those porn movie. Sometimes I sit on a chair or lie on the bed, but the best position for blow job is stand, for me.

Well, in return I give her oral sex as well. It's not only for return a favour but girls do like oral sex a lot, and sometimes they feel that it's better than the real sex when you penetrate inside her. That's why you can see those lesbian can satisfy themselves without a real penis. I read an article that mentions that if your eyelids are not sticky after you give her an oral sex that means you are not doing your best to please her. I can imagine those porn movie that the guy is like dive into her vagina and give her the lick. The article even suggest that we should shake our face side by side that may give a very good friction to her vagina. Actually it will get kinda messy as my girlfriend is very wet down there. I haven't get myself that wet before, I may try it someday. Maybe I can save some money for facial since I will have a natural facial here.