lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Best penis enhancement

Have you search for best penis enhancement pill online? There are a lot of penis enhancement products out there to help you to perform better sex. How many of you tried before and the pills does work for you? It's not easy to find the suitable product that can help you settle this problem. Actually I feel that it's not only the pills that help us, there are a lot of other thing that can boost our sexual testosterone.

The best sex enhancement for me is pretty girl, the girl is very important. A pretty and sexy girl can give a very good sexual stimulation for my penis. Try to imagine, if you take any of those erectile dysfunction pill like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra that enhance your penis. You have a  chance to make love to a girl that is totally not your type or may look like gollum in Lord of the Ring, do you still have the appetite to take off her dress? I think the testosterone level in the body won't be able to increase as well. You may choose to masturbate yourself in the toilet rather than having sex with her. A pretty and sexy girl is a very good sexual enhancement pill, it's better than those pill some of the time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Boobs boost business

Boobs is good for business most of the time. And now these sexy boobs is not only in pub and strip club, there are a lot of breastaurants that have sexy waitress with very low cut dress to attract men. These restaurant is not only a small restaurant but with lots of outlets in different locations to serve their customer. These breastaurants is now making good money in a very volatile and pessimistic economy. Well you always know that sexual attraction exist since human being is here, it's always a good strategy to use these sexy girls to attract business.

Cute girls are just too hard to reject, right?  I can't say no to cute little girls even when they are trying to kill me, luckily there aren't any pretty girls are interested with my life. What is the better things that you can enjoy after work than looking at those pretty babies in sexy outfit, walking around and always smile at you? This is the basic instinct of sexual attraction. An office is also much better to have some pretty ladies walking around , the whole environment are so hot. You may enjoy and satisfy your vision by looking at them, even you don't imagine of having sex with them. Can't we just admit that men are just horny?