lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My husband is out of town

Wonder you are here because of the title here or because you received a spam mail like this as well. This email catch my eye and if there is a chance I would like to ask her so? Not everyone like to fuck up other peoples' life. I know it's just a spam mail that probably doesn't mean anything, it may be a guy behind the computer. It maybe a sexual enhancement product that they want to sell their product. If you are looking forward to buy herbal sexual enhancement product, I suggest you to buy Activ-Homme instead.

Today should talk about Halloween but not about this kind of spam mail, but feel like want to share this when saw the spam mail in my mail box. I saw a lot of ugly and horrible faces outside and it makes the environment actually not terrifying but fun. I already felt that yesterday and still have the chance to go out tonight. It's still Halloween. So how you guys celebrate your Halloween? I think it's a great excuse to party again, there are so many occasion for you to create the chance to know some new friends. Well if you want to get a new girl friend or friends to hang out is to meet more people and get yourself some new friends. Then you can a lot of chances to expand your network. I was never good at flirting or to know someone out there, I'm not a good looking guy as well, so the only way for me to know more friends is party and other activities.

If you want to get laid then it's a good opportunity for you tonight, yes tonight, go out and meet more friends. Call your friend and don't be shy to join their party. Shy guy do have their chance as well you know, expand your network, get used to talk to girls then you will learn how to talk to them properly without mess things up.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blow My Whistle Flo Rida

Watching porn of Daisy Marie, not sure what you guys think about her, but she is my natural sexual enhancement. With such a doll, I don't need any Viagra or Cialis to make my penis hard. Check her online, her porn can make you hard immediately. Her body is definitely paradise for all men. I remember I watched a porn of her giving blow job to a guy. Blow job is one of the best thing in life, it's an advantage to have a good blow job technique. Not even for girls, if guys can give a good oral sex, girl will like you a lot, do you know that? Well, who don't enjoy oral sex? But I know it's illegal to have oral sex in some of the state or country. I think it's a waste for those who don't enjoy oral sex before. Well I don't know about the reason why some of the country ban oral sex, it's a very personal thing right? If the couple are happy to have oral sex who are you to interfere and judge?

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Talking about oral sex, I always think about this when listen to Flo-rida Whitle. Can you blow my whistle baby let me know, I'm gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow, you just put your lips together... God, it's very seducing rite? Do you feel that he is singing about blow job? So I check online and the explain it's netball, I'm not familiar with Florida but the blog said that he is a big fan of netball. I think Flo-roda purposely make you imagine it as oral sex. Imagine when you are dancing in the dance floor with a pretty girl and the DJ play this song, the pretty girl give you a seducing lick in the air, god can you feel you are hard right now?

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hot guy

Watching one of my favourite drama lately, Suits. Gabriel Macht is so damn hot, well, my girl friend like Patrick J. Adams. I think I like those mature guy like Gabriel Macht. Back to the topic, Gabriel is so damn hot, well the suits they wear makes them very handsome. I wonder does that make me gay? I'm sure I'm not gay, but I enjoy watching these hot guys. I mention hot guys, there is another drama I like a lot, White Collar. Matthew Bomer is so hot as well. I recognise him in White Collar and only found out later that the handsome guy in Chuck is him. By the time I watch Chuck, I wondering how can Chuck win Sarah Walker over him? He is too handsome that I even worry for Chuck. Funny right? I think I have a thing for man in suits. I won't be able to look like them but I can make the best out of myself. How do you feel for man in suits?

Well, I'm not only in for hot guys but with the hot girls as well. I like Meghan Markle curvy body, I can assure you that I won't be able to work if there is such a hot girl in my office. The butt itself is super sexy already, not to mention her sexy boobs in those outfit. Are they allowed to wear so sexy to work? Gosh. Harvey Specter's pretty assistant Donna Paulsen look not bad as well, of course I like Rachel Zane as well. Watching Hawaii Five O now, although it's not so nice like Suits, but still a good drama to kill my free time. I believe that Alex O'Loughlin may look so handsome if he suits up. I still like those metrosexual guy like Gabriel Macht and Matthew Bomer. Hope that don't make me gay.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Octoberfest and sex

What is the link between octoberfest and sex? I think it's more likely that the sex activity will increase during this october fest. I just check online and there are tons of boobs photo where the girls are wearing sexy outfit for october fest. These photos can definitely make your cock hard as rock and you will hope to be there yourself. These activity is actually very good for sex, it is a sex party itself, like it or not. The environment is so good, everybody is celebrating, the alcohol makes you happy and ready for sex, unless you are drunk. Well the outfit is definitely the flash point for your penis to erect. This is not a one or two day event, but a whole month of celebration. This is good for us, of course the beer factory can earn a lot, but we need this to bright up our day. We need holidays, we need celebrations, we need more joy to make our lives better.

I saw Rihanna is another set of photos, it looks like she is attending an event of october fest as well. I'm not a  fan of her body but still the outfit she wear in the event does make me wanna make love to her. Check this online, her body is not curvy but it's still very attractive. We should thank to those who created all these just to make our life more fun and kick the boredom away.

Well, don't miss your local event that promote this october fest, it's good for you to look for one night stand. Enjoy the beer and the sex, I think you will love your october so much.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Someone like you

 Just broke up with my girl friend, it’s not something special but it hurts too. When every relationship ends I will have to do the same thing again that I did last time with this ex-girl friend. I wonder how long I need to recover from this break up, it’s pain as I get used to her so much and now I have to forget about it and try to act that I’m ok. I don’t really want to end this relationship but then I really have no idea to do with this relationship, it’s very tired. I don’t want to let her hurt me again and again, it’s better that I end it now, once and for all. Pain once and the wound won’t recover soon, it’s a long term pain and I’m not sure how long it will take. I always understand that it’s good to have one night stand, no commitment, no responsibility, you can get it whenever you need it. You don’t need to take care of the relationship and you don’t need to be hurt like this.

I felt so damn bad when I listen to Adele’s song, someone like you, the song touch me so much. Have you ever imagine or experience that your lover is getting marry and you don’t even have a partner or potential prospect. It does make you feel very bad, especially you love her so much. When Adele sing this song she can still feel the pain, how long ago when she broke up? The wound is still there and she still can feel the pain? I really can’t imagine if she walks in front of me with her new boyfriend, or know that she is going to marry soon. It’s going to be hurt and I really want her in my life.

Well it’s not that I will give up on love, but I really need some time to recover before I start another relationship. I wonder how long it will take, the last time I took a very short time to recover and to start a new relationship, it actually took me two years.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sex activity after broke up

Have you ever wonder that after broke up or divorce, the quantity of love making tend to increase or decrease? I think it depends a lot on the person's character and situation, right? If the one whom broke up, feels sorrow and hurt, do they have the mood to have sex? They may feel bad and look for some new excitement to forget the past, they may even feel hurt that feel like want to revenge to their ex by having more sex after broke up. But I always feel that when people are hurt, they may hang out more, this will give them more chance to explore the world outside.

Well, I always believe that there are no one in the world that can't be replaced unless you are Brad Pitt or David Beckham. Revenge sex is a common thing in life as well, you don't want me or long to have sex with me then there are a bunch of guys/girls who enjoy my body. Not sure that it is a mature thing to do but the moment that you enjoy the sex, you are in heaven. If you are faithful while you are in a relationship, then you maybe very happy as you have the chance to make love to whole lot more of different people.

Some of them out there have evolved from a very good boy or girl to a playboy or playgirl. Since there are not many of them who appreciate what they did, it's no surprise people tend to choose to have casual sex. It's not easy to have a good relationship, it depends a lot not on one of them but both parties. There are far too much variables that will affect a relationship.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Normal Trip

Just came back from a trip. It’s a nice trip, no sex, no porn this time but still with girls. No, I went to the trip with guys, one of my friend who happens to be very good in communicate. He is not tall and not handsome at all, but he has his own way and style. What happened? We went for trip and join a local short trip with a guide, there are 50 people in the group so there are high possibilities of young and pretty girls in the team. And yes, we have a group of 4 young and active girls in the travel group.

My friend who are very good at knowing friends, guess his look is very ‘safe’, people feel comfortable talking to him. And so he start to be-friend with the small group of girls, it’s a good to have friend like this so I just join him and get to know all the girls. It’s a very nice experience, it’s not about sex, pure friendship, and we have nothing to worry about if our wife or girl friend is not happy about it.

My case, I get to know one of the girls and ended up we are quite close in the conversation. Not sure it’s a good thing or bad thing, during the last day of our trip I felt that she was kinda into me. If we have another day or two then I may have the chance to catch her heart. I thought it’s just my own feel but another friend of mine feel the same as well. But who knows, it may be just a perception of guys that girls totally don’t agree with it at all. The experience is good, no sex is good as well? Yes. It may be an affair of mentally but still give a very good rest for the heart and mind. This is not a good thing for relationship, right?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Best penis enhancement

Have you search for best penis enhancement pill online? There are a lot of penis enhancement products out there to help you to perform better sex. How many of you tried before and the pills does work for you? It's not easy to find the suitable product that can help you settle this problem. Actually I feel that it's not only the pills that help us, there are a lot of other thing that can boost our sexual testosterone.

The best sex enhancement for me is pretty girl, the girl is very important. A pretty and sexy girl can give a very good sexual stimulation for my penis. Try to imagine, if you take any of those erectile dysfunction pill like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra that enhance your penis. You have a  chance to make love to a girl that is totally not your type or may look like gollum in Lord of the Ring, do you still have the appetite to take off her dress? I think the testosterone level in the body won't be able to increase as well. You may choose to masturbate yourself in the toilet rather than having sex with her. A pretty and sexy girl is a very good sexual enhancement pill, it's better than those pill some of the time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Boobs boost business

Boobs is good for business most of the time. And now these sexy boobs is not only in pub and strip club, there are a lot of breastaurants that have sexy waitress with very low cut dress to attract men. These restaurant is not only a small restaurant but with lots of outlets in different locations to serve their customer. These breastaurants is now making good money in a very volatile and pessimistic economy. Well you always know that sexual attraction exist since human being is here, it's always a good strategy to use these sexy girls to attract business.

Cute girls are just too hard to reject, right?  I can't say no to cute little girls even when they are trying to kill me, luckily there aren't any pretty girls are interested with my life. What is the better things that you can enjoy after work than looking at those pretty babies in sexy outfit, walking around and always smile at you? This is the basic instinct of sexual attraction. An office is also much better to have some pretty ladies walking around , the whole environment are so hot. You may enjoy and satisfy your vision by looking at them, even you don't imagine of having sex with them. Can't we just admit that men are just horny?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Motivation to keep sexy

Keep sexy is important for you if you want to flirt, it's a very good for your confidence and very good for others visual enjoyment. If you meet someone new, your sexy look may give them a good impression even way before you start to make your move. I consider this the very first step of pick up a lady out there. Imagine that you saw a pretty attractive lady out there, you are all turn on and ready to take her to your bed, by the time she is naked, you are so crazy about her body. This can be the same when the girl sees you.

Share something when I went for a run this afternoon, out of a blue I went to a park nearby for jogging, normally I like to workout in the gym. Never realised that there are so many cute girls jog here, and the best thing is the cute little outfit they wore for exercise. Damn, some of them are so hot and sexy. This give me the motivation to run non stop, I have run more than what I usually do. I think those sexy outfit they wear must be distracting me from my pain in running. I can already visualise myself picking them up, guess I just give myself more excuse to workout and stay sexy.

Motivate yourself in exercise is not easy for some of you out there, and there are so many food seducing you. Give yourself targets and set the plan, stick to it then things will go better. Find some exercise that you like, when you do something that you like it tends to be easy for you to do it in long term. For me, I like to run, I don't run fast, I just follow my own pace, I enjoy running. Running makes me feel free, confident, I know I can run and that makes me feel good.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prostitute in Starbucks

Just read the news stating that Prostitute is now hunting for men in Starbucks, their owner sure haven't think about that Starbucks a coffee place can be places for prostitute to find business. This is not an individual case as the one that locate in Starbucks is a pimp, not a prostitute. The pimp even examine the girls body in the toilet, imagine a place like Starbucks being evade by them, sure a lot of those unwanted customer stay around the area and there are no more environment there. I'm sure myself won't be interested to drink there even I do like to look at those girls. But I prefer those normal customers, they may not be as sexy as those prostitute but they are girls with taste. Sometimes it's an enjoyment to take a sip of coffee in Starbucks and look at girls that pass by, you can see these pretty ladies modeling the latest fashion.
For these prostitute, if I want to look for one, I do know where to look for them and sure Starbucks is not the place I prefer, am I too conservative? Isn't that a good thing to chit chat with these pretty ladies that you know you can make love with them with just some money and with some beer at a poor lighting place, you won't get to see their actual look and keep some good imagination in mind, right? Oh ya, this incident that prostitute invade Starbucks is in Taiwan.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Boring sex

I'm not sure why, but when you are in a relationship for quite some time, you will feel that it's boring. No matter how pretty she is, you will feel that the sex is boring, no matter how good her skill for sex is you will feel boring at last. So, it's not surprise to see those celebrities that you fancy to have sex with them or become their boyfriend, girlfriend, how you hope you have the chance to be with them, they are being cheated by their partner.

I have a very good girl friend, she is pretty and she is very good in sex as well. She is willing to do whatever it please me, even for those things that you can watch in porn, she have no problem doing that. Then everything should work out fine right? For me it isn't, I didn't ask if she have the same feeling. But I have that kind of feeling that she just lazy to think and work something out for us, she don't want to break up with me, she just lazy to put some effort. I'm so close to have an affair out there, but I asked myself do I really want to do so? Is there anything that I can do about it?

You see, we can't blame this on our partner even you feel that it's a boring sex, have you try something new, have you ever even try to communicate this with her or him? You want to spice up your sex life or even relationship, you have to do something about it. Well, it's common that we will take for granted after a long relationship. We become lazy, so lazy that even a phone call to make them feel better, we assume everything will turn out to be right but no, relationship doesn't work like this. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to flirt and tackle girls through internet

Remember that I have share with you using website to get to know girls out there, this is a very good place for you to meet girls out there if you are a shy guy. Even though that website like this give you chances to get to know the girls, you still need to have a good profile and photo to attract them to know you. After you get to know the girls, so what's next? If things didn't go smooth as it should be and your skill to tackle girls is not good enough to date her out, there are some games out there that can help you to work it out and make things better.

It's easy to meet a girl online and starting a conversation with them is just a start as well, if you are good at it then a game may help you to do better with the relationship. When she enjoy the game with you, it will make her mindset more relax, and when she thinks of you she thinks about fun, happy and exciting. This will increase your chance to take the relationship to next step. Then what is it?

Have you heard of a apps lately that is so famous around the world and the company have designed 30 plus of apps before this and finally they have a big shot. Draw something. It's a very good apps that can help you to get to know the girls better. This game can help you to tackle girls? Yes, it can help you to build a stronger relationship with the girls with this game. I think there are other games that help also, but this game does have something different that can make your life fun. The drawing and the guessing is damn good to create something that is common between the two of you and this is a very good topic for you guys to talk about, it makes you closer with each other. Try it out and you know what I'm talking about. Remember, this may lead to a casual sex and get laid tonight.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flirting with pub girls

Had a wonderful and lusty night at a pub nearby, the pub is amazing, it's not cheap at all. The spending a night is enough for one hour sex with a prostitute, but the girls here are not prostitute, they don't actually have sex with you unless they like you and they don't mind to spend a night with you. Have you ever wonder why people are willing to spend so much money with the girls but not for sex, and the girls here doesn't strip as well. They may only approach you, chit chat and dance with you, you buy them a drink that they have a commission. The pub also have all sort of way to lure you to spend every single cent in your pocket. Those girls dance on the stage, it's like Miss Universe performance, I did forget to tell you that there are a lot of them with this model look and body, damn hot. You can buy a crown, flower as a gift for them, and the girls have a commission as well. 

Why guys are willing to spend so much money here just to dance with them? These are the girls that we may not have a chance to have a relationship with in real life, so we just save some money and spend it on them to have an experience of girl friend feel with them. The girls won't mind whether you are tall, fat, poor, look and so on as long as you are willing to spend on them. These are the feeling deep inside that need to be satisfy, a need of flirting, lusty, excitement. A night of money burning are able to kick the loneliness inside you and refresh your life, it's not in a good way. You will feel alone again after you leave the place, but still it satisfy your need.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to find the girls?

We have talk about finding dates online, yes, it's one of the way that may help you to find the right girl. There are a lot of way that you may use to find a date. Don't look other place, it's just beside you. These small little changes can help you to know more new friends and may meet up the girl you want. Change your routine. You are going to work on the same route everyday, why not you change it to another route tomorrow? You may bump into her tomorrow, you won't loss anything in case you didn't found the girl. There may be other interesting thing that you may found. You are going to the same cafe and restaurant every week, so just try another cafe a block away. Who knows? You see, most of us are doing the same thing every single day and how long you have been doing the same thing? Your life won't change unless you started to change. 

If this doesn't work for you, there are other things that you may try. Interest group, find those who are having the same interest as you then you may meet some of these girls in those event. Girls are looking for a guy as well. Even a small gathering with your friends may give you the chance to meet your dream girl. Throw a party and ask them to bring their friends to make the party more happening; try out some new restaurant in the town with your friend and ask them to invite some other friend so that you guys may order more dishes to try out. It's easier to date them again once they met you before, there are so many things that you may get to know about them during the meal. Don't just think about sex, get to know them first.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Find sex partner online

Guess this title does attract a lot of guys, should we be happy because we are the one to hunt the girls? You wish to get laid tonight, right? Well, unless you are the hot guy, else you have to just learn more to tackle girls and get them to spread their legs for you. There are a lot of these sites that can help you, but I'm only familiar with these two. Tagged and Skout. There are some advantage for Skout, they always mention how far the girl is away from your location. I didn't really check how accurate is it, but it gives me an idea how far I need to go to look for her.

What I always do here, I will just see the status of these girls out there and see what kind of status that can help me to know more about them and give me a chance to talk to them. Communication is king, it apply here. If you want to get laid tonight, like mention before unless you are hot or lucky, else masturbate yourself tonight and do some homework. Be funny and make them feel so happy to talk to you. Make it more often and they will be happy to go on a date with you. You can't imagine how many of those girls out there feel boring when they are on the line, login and you will see, there are plenty of them waiting for you to cheer them up.

Before you start to create your profile, get the best photo you have, you won't want to scare them away by just looking at your profile picture. Be creative when write up your own profile, you don't want to bore them to death.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

15 minutes of orgasm

15 minutes of orgasm? It's for her, Sure you think that you have to be a sex god or at least a giant penis to make her orgasm for 15 minutes. You don't need a giant penis to make her orgasm. It is quite amazing, don't you think so? I don't any girl can resist you if you are able to make her orgasm for 15 minutes, she will be damn to miss you. I haven't try this thing before, I will try it someday and I think that if I can do this, the girl will beg to have sex with me all the time. You know what, this technique doesn't even need your penis to give her the big orgasm. Well, again I can't assure that it works as I haven't try it before. Read the details here,

As to the author who wrote this, Timothy Ferris, I read one of his book, a New York Times Bestseller, The 4 hour workweek. Frankly speaking, I'm quite disappoint the it. Not much details in the book that can help, but there are some ideas inside to inspire you in work. Lets hope that this new book here, The 4 hour Body can really helps you to become a Super human. It's on the cover that said An uncommon guide to rapid fat loss, incredible sex and becoming super human. Well, that is a very good title, it does bring the curiosity to buy this book to become super human and have super sex. If you are interesting in fat loss and kill some fat, there is a very good site that may help you as well., try it out.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sexy Russian girls spam mail

Russian girls do have their fame, they are pretty, they are tall, blonde, big boobs. Recently I receive a lot of spam mails claiming that they are lonely and they are looking for a companion. Other than this, I also received message from a pretty girl claim that they are looking for a soul mate. I received this message in a social networking site. I have to admit that the profile page look very convincing, and the girl do look pretty and sexy. I already wish to ask her out for a date and of course I hope to have sex with her after that. It will take a long time to build up the trust to go to the next step, it's not like pick up a girl at the bar.

After a few chats then the girl start to tell me that she wants to meet me, but she need some money to settle her problem before that. Then only I stop. I'm not sure that others will do the same, if not, she already get the money. There are too many scams online, we have to becareful all the time so that we wont's be cheated.

There is an article online also mentioning that social networking site like Facebook are encouraging teens to upload more sexy photo of their own. Well Facebook didn't do it on purpose, they only create a 'like' button. Teenagers who are too into their cyber life want to create attention online, so they upload their own sexy photo to get more 'like'. A lot of adults are doing this to get attention, how can teenagers avoid this? You have to be alert all the time if you are a parent.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

sex scandal

One can't be too careful now, there are a lot of people out there who is finding anyway they can to get your nude photo. Do you think that your nude photo is worthless? Do you think so because you are not someone important or the value is too small for them? There are few cases out there that found that your nude photo does worth something, they don't sell it to the tabloid or magazine, they use it just to threaten you pay them else they will share it online about your nude, horny and maybe enjoying by the time you took it.

There are a lot of cases that use social networking site to find the sex scandal victim, sites like tagged, skout, and even msn. It normally upload pretty girls photo and attract guys to add them up, after that they will message you to chat with you and tell you how much they like you. After you fall for it, they will seduce you to send them your naked photo as they are horny and hope to see you naked. At the same time they will send you nude photo to gain your trust, of course it's just the dummy sexy or nude photo they found online. Or some cases they use the real nude photo but without the look, so you can't threaten them.

This happen and one of the guy who fallen for it paid about 100 grand for it, the girl who threaten him get caught at last as they push him too hard and never stop threaten him even after they get the money. Now you know how much your naked photo may worth, and of course if you don't give a damn, you may only leave it and let other admire your naked and pretty body.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Looking for sex?

This is what I saw when I surf my daily nutrition site, a porn site, one of my favourite porn site. 'Looking for sex?' is the title. And there are description, Join our website now to view images and profiles of women looking for casual sex. There is another ad title 'Want a girlfriend?' and you will like the description there, register now to start chatting with horny singles in your area. I'm sure there are many horny singles out there, but I do have a doubt that this website is providing this service or they are just providing escort service? There is also another nice ad mention Married women who just want to be fucked, description? Meet unhappily unmarried women today.

I do like this advertisement title and description, I would like to meet these horny singles. Who don't like to have some no string attached sex? I'm sure that women nowadays have their own sexual need as well, and they are not shy to ask for it, it's a good thing for us. Make sure you won't have to deal with their boyfriend or husband, then it will be a good experience for you. It's much better than having sex with some prostitute, since those hooker is just doing it for money. These horny singles is doing this for their needs and entertainment, I'm sure it's better than other escort service.

I saw FHM UK have a site that introduce pretty singles who wants to look for friends as well, too bad that I'm not in UK else I have all the chances to meet those pretty ladies. Too bad.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sexy Bar Refaeli

Ever heard of Bar Rafaeli? I never heard of her until she was on Sport Illustrated. She was on SI cover. Apparently Bar Rafaeli is a super model from Israel. She is so damn pretty and she have the devil figure, every single part of her body is perfect. She can see her sexy body in swim suit, just search online for this pretty sexy baby. I'm so damn jealous that Rafael Nadal can hug her during the photo shoot, he is such a lucky guy. There are a few of the photos that Bar Refaeli is naked, but with her hands on the sexy part. The tiny little pants that she wear is damn sexy as well, it's good to see girls in such a sexy outfit when they are exercising, this will give me a big motivation to jog more. I would like to see the breast and butts jumping in front of me.

Swimsuit is never an old way of catching your eye, you can see that CSI Miami use it very often. Is Miami having all kinds of pool party that have so many pretty sexy baby for you to tackle? Miami looks like heaven to me with all these pretty girls, I hope to see it myself one day. Talking about swimsuit, bikini girls is my favourite. Beach in Rio Brazil is so famous with all these bikini girls, their bikini is much smaller than the normal, they call it the micro bikini. I want to go there one day for these sexy babies.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Megaporn is gone

What do you do when you are free? I like to surf around online, and megaporn is one of my favourite hang out place. Some time ago, I think about a month ago. When I surf for megaporn, it's gone. And there is a FBI notice there for anti-piracy and so on, god damn it, there must be some big guy behind this to stop the site. So what now? We have to buy the original porn DVD now? I remember I read the news that some rich IT guys were arrested and one of them is damn rich. Wonder how this megaporn guy earn his money, if not mistaken, it's link to megaupload as well.

So now my favourite porn website is gone, where should I find more of this porn to satisfy my sexual needs? When I search across the net, there is a porn site with an advertisement, it caught my eyes. Tired of jerk off, look for a fuck buddy here. Is it there so many of fuck buddies out there who want to fuck a guy? I though only most of the guys are hungry for sex, and only some of the girls are horny? And another advertisement is more funny, a club for those sex hungry wives to look for sex buddies. I don't mind to satisfy other people's wives if they really need me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tired in sex

My girl friend is asking me for sex in 2am. This is really a bad timing. Actually I read this in an article as well. For me, I'm kinda exhausted and sleepy during midnight, why can't she do this in the morning. I may get it hard with RX like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. But I won't be able to perform well and enjoy the sex at the same time. Timing is really important, not only in sex but everything. And in sex, timing is crucial. I hope to make love to her as well, but why she have to ask for sex at this time?

The article I mention just now, sexual intelligence. It states that many people have sex when they are tired. Normally people will do something that is important during prime time, like spending time with their kids, movies, hang out, work, exercise and so on. They leave sex for last, save the best for last doesn't work well for sex. When you are having sex after all your 'important things', you are normally exhausted. There are no more extra energy to make sex more exciting and satisfying.

This will lead sex life to a boring and routine status. When you are tired, you will have no time and energy to make sex fun, of course you won't be able to have fun as you are too tired. The next time when you hope to have sex and you won't expect much, your experience will tell you that it is just another sex that is so boring. Make a difference by just have this much earlier even in the morning, then the sex will be more satisfying and exciting. There are a lot more in the article other than morning sex, share it the next time.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dating an older woman

Have you date an older woman before? What is the feeling of it? I have a relationship with an older woman, but it's just one year difference. This is not something special, it's a normal case. I had a gathering with my friend yesterday, one of them is dating a lady who is 6 years older. This is started to get interesting. Well the best model we can get now is Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, it's 17 years different!

For me, if I'm the guy, I would be certainly glad to flirt with them or just some sex. For a lady like Demi Moore, she is pretty and sexy even at this age. I really don't mind to have fun and experience the sex with older lady. They should be more sophisticated and the sex is more fun, they know more about sex compare to those younger lady. I always fantasize to have sex with those hot and mature woman. I don't have this luck yet.

what do you expect the guy will do? Ashton is handsome and he may be strong in his career and financial, sure a lot of girls are willing to have sex with him even it's for free. I don't understand why Demi Moore is sad about it, she should expect something like this to happen when she started this relationship. If Demi just want a short relationship with this Ashton and enjoying some exciting sex, then it make sense. I just don't get it.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The power sex pill

Have you ever experience that you are too tired to have sex and no matter how hard you try or your partner stimulate you, but your penis is just not able to get hard? I have that kind of experience just last week. My girl friend was very hungry for sex and she try to seduce me and give me hand job and blow job as well, but I'm just too tired for it. I hope to get some sleep by the time she ask me for sex.

She kinda figure out that I'm not able to have sex with her and ask me to take this pill Activ-Homme. She told me it's from her friend that is for sexual enhance, a product that her friend is using and give her few to try it out. I just give it a try since I do not want to disappointed her. She took one herself as well, her girl friend is using this for sexual enhancement. We watch some drama together for about an hour then she starts to get horny again. We did some foreplay and get into business right away. Something surprise me is that this really enhance my penis, it may not be some super power pill but it does made my penis hard. I can get this hard when I'm in very good shape, but I'm in a very tired situation that night. The sex pill give me a very hard penis and to my surprise, my girl friend vagina is very tight that night. She is tight most of the time, but that day she was tighter and more responsive.

We enjoy our sex that night, and I think you guys may have this with you for 'emergency' use. Of course it's even better if you guys can take a rest and make love in the morning, a quickie. But you may encounter a case like mine, that our girl friend or wife is longing for a nice sex.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The sexy night at Bangkok

Cash is king. We heard this all the time. You don't need to be a millionaire to live like a king. Where can you be a king? Bangkok, Thailand. Why? Saw a video in youtube, wow. You can see about 30-50 sexy girls dancing in the club, the best thing, there is a pool in the club. The girls are dancing in the pool for you or even with you inside the pool. Check out the link in youtube here,

This is a famous club in Thailand, they can arrange a sexy show just for you. It's more like an event company than a club as they can arrange so many sexy pretty girls in your club. Wait no more and you can become a king now. What is more excited than a full room of girls that you can fuck anytime? These fantasy makes me horny and excited, so feel like want to arrange a trip with my gang for this crazy life.

I'm not in college now, no way I can arrange a crazy party like those in college. Those party is crazy, I think it won't be over to say that those party is for sex. These parties are so much better than having sex directly as it's full of seduction. God, I wish I'm there now. Not sure how much I will need to spend for a crazy party night like this.