lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sex with a dog???

Just when I thought I'm a horny human being and now finally I found that I'm nothing compare to them. I'm talking about the guy who fuck a dog, it's a pitbull, why a pitbull? There is another case that the a woman, a very sick woman having sex with a dog. And it's pitbull again. Why a pitbull? This kind of dog is better in sex? All these are so sick. I still can imagine how can someone fuck a dog, but how can the woman make the dog fuck her? This is sick but still how can she manage to do that?

The man that caught having sex with a dog, or should it consider raping a dog, gets 15 years in jail. The guy found out by his housemate for fucking a dog twice. Is she lucky or unlucky to see such a gross incident? You know it's not something that happen to us often in our life, you may saw your friend or housemate sneaking with someone but with a dog? The first time he got away by persuade his housemate that he is just hugging the dog and the housemate may want to think that he is just a normal housemate that is very close to the dog. And he is naked while 'hugging' the dog. Didn't the housemate knock on the door before going into his room? And the second time, on the floor of living room, he just get bold and don't feel satisfy on the bed anymore. Not sure how she saw him on the living room without being notice, at the end she just called the police and the guy was being arrested and jail for 15 years. People just wonder how can a human have sex with animal and some of the comment online just wonder how raping a dog jail for 15 years but what about those raping girls, they don't even get half of that.

Another case happened before this is a woman being caught having sex with a dog in her backyard. You may wonder why she do it on the open area, she is high with drugs. I'm just being curious that how she make the dog aroused to fuck her. Neighbour saw it and called the police, she still manage to greet the police hi and 'touch the dog in a sexual way'. No idea how it actually looks like but I don't even want to know.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

C'mon Let Me Ride

You heard this song before by Skylar Grey? It's a very sexy and juicy song, it's so damn hot when you listen to this song. Imagine when you heard this song during your work, your mood is ready for sex anytime. I think you can share this song with your partner and tell her some of the lyrics. For example, let me ride your bicycle is like having sex in the position she is on top. Tell her what you have in mind and how you imagine it, so when she heard this song, the picture will appear in her mind and it may turn her on. By the time she meet you at home, she is ready for sex anytime. Skylar Grey said this song is more on sarcastic, the entertainment industry's mtv is full of jewelry, car, money and some of the singer actually expose more of their body to get attention and more sales of their songs.

I have no idea about it but one thing for sure when she sings about sucking all the poison all I can imagine sucking penis. There is another song make you think of blow job as well, flo-rida's Whistle. Can you blow my whistle baby, I'm gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow. I think Skylar wanna talk about Flo-rida as well as he drove a Bentley in the mtv, right? Sometimes nice car, sexy lady in the video really help to get some attention, and I like pretty stuffs, of course pretty ladies as well, who don't? Am I too horny? I'm a horny guy, this I admit. How many of you guys admit that?

Just found out a very exciting article from Men Fitness, there are so many exciting suggestion, I wonder how many of us can do that even once in our life time. Like one of the suggestion, get a cougar to make love. I think most of the guy don't mind to have a sexual relationship with an experience lady, when I was in my 20s,  I always have fantasies with mature ladies. Ok, I admit, I have these fantasies even now. Share with you in my next post.