lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Family Affair

That evening as Barbara’s husband stepped out of the house, she knew she was going to fuck his brother. James would be playing golf with his co-workers throughout the evening, and she knew it is enough time for her to seduce Martin and get him to fuck her. She kissed her husband goodbye and waited for his car to pull out of the drive way.

She had been unable to shake off her lust for her brother in law even though she knew he had a girlfriend. Martin had been staying with Barbara and his brother since he got job in one of the biggest law firms in New York. He is a man who likes to have fun and take risks, so Barbara knew it won’t be hard to seduce him. Though she knew that even for people who are amorous, there’s a line, and fucking your brother’s wife may be a huge line for him to cross, she was sure she had what it takes to make him cross that line.

Barbara started to have sexual desire Martin’s cock two weeks earlier when she walked on him in the bathroom, he was naked, with his huge dick dangling between his legs. She could not believe how huge his dick was, she couldn’t take her eyes of it.

“I’m so sorry.” She said, still looking at his dick. She knew she wasn’t sorry, and Martin could hardly believe her apology either. What kind of woman walks in on a naked man, apologizes for her intrusion, yet refuses to take her eyes of his dick? Martin thought as Barbara found her way out. She wished she had had the courage to walk up to him and take his rock hard erection dick into her mouth and make him fuck her, as the thought of his dick dominated her for the next few days. James is a nice man, but his dick is small and he cums too quickly. Seeing Martin’s dick made her realize she had been missing out on a lot of sexual pleasure. Like the intense orgasm that porn star pretend to had. 

She walked into Martin’s room to invite him to help her fix something in the bathroom, she wanted him to fuck her in the bathtub. She had changed from her cloths, wrapping only a towel around her chest. Immediately she stepped into the tub, trying to show him a nonexistent leakage, she dropped her towel. Turning her back to Martin, she bent over to pick it, allowing him to have a wonderful view of her pussy. Before she could stand up, she felt a finger in her pussy, and before she could pretend to be surprised, Martin rammed his dick into her bent pussy, pummeling her just the way she had wanted.

Martin didn’t know what got over him, he rammed his dick into his brother’s wife without even any foreplay. He had always wanted her too, she had always wanted to feel how it would feel to grab her big ass. For that reason, he led her back to his room, where he made her lie on the bed, her ass in plain view before him. He rammed into her again, this time with a greater force. He squeezed her ass as she started to moan his name.

“My brother must never know about this.” He said.

“He won’t, as long as you keep fucking me like this.” Replied Barbara as she kissed his nipple.