lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to flirt and tackle girls through internet

Remember that I have share with you using website to get to know girls out there, this is a very good place for you to meet girls out there if you are a shy guy. Even though that website like this give you chances to get to know the girls, you still need to have a good profile and photo to attract them to know you. After you get to know the girls, so what's next? If things didn't go smooth as it should be and your skill to tackle girls is not good enough to date her out, there are some games out there that can help you to work it out and make things better.

It's easy to meet a girl online and starting a conversation with them is just a start as well, if you are good at it then a game may help you to do better with the relationship. When she enjoy the game with you, it will make her mindset more relax, and when she thinks of you she thinks about fun, happy and exciting. This will increase your chance to take the relationship to next step. Then what is it?

Have you heard of a apps lately that is so famous around the world and the company have designed 30 plus of apps before this and finally they have a big shot. Draw something. It's a very good apps that can help you to get to know the girls better. This game can help you to tackle girls? Yes, it can help you to build a stronger relationship with the girls with this game. I think there are other games that help also, but this game does have something different that can make your life fun. The drawing and the guessing is damn good to create something that is common between the two of you and this is a very good topic for you guys to talk about, it makes you closer with each other. Try it out and you know what I'm talking about. Remember, this may lead to a casual sex and get laid tonight.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Flirting with pub girls

Had a wonderful and lusty night at a pub nearby, the pub is amazing, it's not cheap at all. The spending a night is enough for one hour sex with a prostitute, but the girls here are not prostitute, they don't actually have sex with you unless they like you and they don't mind to spend a night with you. Have you ever wonder why people are willing to spend so much money with the girls but not for sex, and the girls here doesn't strip as well. They may only approach you, chit chat and dance with you, you buy them a drink that they have a commission. The pub also have all sort of way to lure you to spend every single cent in your pocket. Those girls dance on the stage, it's like Miss Universe performance, I did forget to tell you that there are a lot of them with this model look and body, damn hot. You can buy a crown, flower as a gift for them, and the girls have a commission as well. 

Why guys are willing to spend so much money here just to dance with them? These are the girls that we may not have a chance to have a relationship with in real life, so we just save some money and spend it on them to have an experience of girl friend feel with them. The girls won't mind whether you are tall, fat, poor, look and so on as long as you are willing to spend on them. These are the feeling deep inside that need to be satisfy, a need of flirting, lusty, excitement. A night of money burning are able to kick the loneliness inside you and refresh your life, it's not in a good way. You will feel alone again after you leave the place, but still it satisfy your need.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

How to find the girls?

We have talk about finding dates online, yes, it's one of the way that may help you to find the right girl. There are a lot of way that you may use to find a date. Don't look other place, it's just beside you. These small little changes can help you to know more new friends and may meet up the girl you want. Change your routine. You are going to work on the same route everyday, why not you change it to another route tomorrow? You may bump into her tomorrow, you won't loss anything in case you didn't found the girl. There may be other interesting thing that you may found. You are going to the same cafe and restaurant every week, so just try another cafe a block away. Who knows? You see, most of us are doing the same thing every single day and how long you have been doing the same thing? Your life won't change unless you started to change. 

If this doesn't work for you, there are other things that you may try. Interest group, find those who are having the same interest as you then you may meet some of these girls in those event. Girls are looking for a guy as well. Even a small gathering with your friends may give you the chance to meet your dream girl. Throw a party and ask them to bring their friends to make the party more happening; try out some new restaurant in the town with your friend and ask them to invite some other friend so that you guys may order more dishes to try out. It's easier to date them again once they met you before, there are so many things that you may get to know about them during the meal. Don't just think about sex, get to know them first.