lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bad sex

Read this from Askmen, there are some useful tips that if your partner is not so good in sex. The first tip they suggest is to fake an illness so that you can avoid having sex and not to piss her off. This is kinda fun is it, and it is better than telling her directly she is not good in sex. People don't like to be told that they are not good, so if you want her or him to do something, you may start to give compliment of something they are good at. Say for instance, if she is good in giving oral sex, give her the compliment and tell her that it will feel better if she can do another thing that you like.

Another way of doing it, which is suggest in the article is asking what she likes on bed. This will make her feel special when you discuss this with her, and give you an excuse or chance to tell her what you like. This makes her more willingly to do exactly what you want, isn't that nice? You will like this guy, watch porn in front of her. Why? So you can let her know that the girl in porn do something that makes you hard, she may learn the same thing to make your penis hard as well. Now you just create the chance to make her watch porn with you and learn from it.

Do you like pole dance? Personally I have no special interest but I am interest to watch pretty girls wearing so sexy to dance on the pole. And the best thing when she is doing this pole dance, she can burn the calories and stay fit. I think pole dance is cheaper and more effective that those slimming treatment in those beauty centre, right? It will be a good investment when you see her dancing in front of you. There is another way of telling her that she is fat, purposely buy shirt that she can't fit then she will feel that she's fat. If she receive your message, she will take care her body and you won't piss her off.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Too much sex?

Read an article online that a man just have a new girl friend, and they have sex pretty soon after that. After some time he is feeling kinda depress that his girlfriend is unable to orgasm, so he keep on trying to make her orgasm after that. He had tried this for few weeks and can't make it. The good thing in this relationship is they both love sex and he don't even need to ask for it, the bad thing she is unable to come.

He feel frustrated no matter how he try she still unable to come, so he ask therapist for help. He felt like he is not good in sex and the girl friend felt she is not attractive enough to make him give more effort about it. The last time they had sex, again, he come and his girl friend was unable to come. His girl friend scold him and he leave without saying a word, he also won't believe that he himself think he don't want to have sex in these few weeks that too much sex with his girl friend and this makes him feel tired. They broke up at last.

I believe most of the men won't believe that there is such a thing as too much of sex. Yes, this does happen, in this case this guy here have too much of frustration in sex and relationship. After some time, he may have a chance to meet some other girl that can have a better sexual relationship. Sometimes, work or some other thing may affect you mentally or physically that you are feeling not willing to have sex. It's normal, right?