lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sex tips

Just browse through a website, a girl name Marni. I think I shared her things before. A wing girl who help you to pick up girls. Well, guys what is better than a woman telling you what a girl wants and what you need to do to pick her up. She even tell you how to get your partner to have a threesome, isn't it awesome? Threesome is always a sex fantasy for guys, not many of us can achieve it. One of the video in youtube mention that this started with a book The game, they always tell you that they are not pick up artist, they are just here to shows you how to communicate with girls and how to make them interested with you.

Having sex is a great thing, but is the sex itself great? There are some sex tips here telling you how to have better sex and interesting instead of treating sex as a routine job. Quickie, why wait? A sudden turn on and impulse you and your partner have may be the right time for you to make love. You see, shopping mostly means boring for guys, why don't you make it hot and steamy for you? If you are a girl, here is an idea for you to make them more willing to go shopping with you. You can go to any shop that have a changing room, any dress, lingerie, undergarments and so on. If can always join them in the changing room and save yourself a trip to the hotel. A fancy hotel nearby of course is a great place for you to date, you may do that once in a while to make your sex life better, but it depends a lot with your budget.

Your office. Yes, it's another super boring place for you, a place that you hate so much and you wish to run out from it after working hours. Do you have any idea this super boring place can be a super saucy place to have steamy sex? Why don't you invite her to join you if you are having a late night at work, and this can stop her to complain you that you focus with your work so much. It's the best time for you to play the boss and secretary in the office itself. Who said you can't take care your career and relationship at the same time. A quickie like this can make your sex life so much better and memorable.

I always think that sex life is part of a healthy relationship, and you shouldn't ignore how to improve your sex life.