lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Basic Guide to Oral Sex

Oral sex was once considered to be a taboo but today this type of sex is practiced among people around the globe. Our attitude toward oral sex can tell a lot about our attitude on sex in general. A person that likes to get and give oral sex is usually caring, sensual and spontaneous in the bed. On the other hand, a person who feels tension and discomfort even when someone mentions oral sex is reserved when it comes to sex in general.

What should women know about oral sex?
There are many women who find oral sex unpleasant and complicated but the truth is that oral sex is really easy to perform. There are many tips and advice that can help women provide oral sex that will make their partners satisfied and make this experience less unpleasant for them.

The first rule is to maintain good lubrication. The more saliva the more your partner will enjoy. Try to hold some saliva in your mouth before you place the penis in your mouth. Finding a good position is another important moment. You have probably noticed that you can experience more pleasure in certain sex positions when your partner is providing sexual pleasure well the same goes when you are doing that to him. You can lie down on the bed or kneel over him but feel free to explore some new positions too. The key to perfect oral sex is to have both hands available because in this way you can control the depth of penetration. You can also try the well known position – kneeling in front of him. Some women find this position degrading but there is nothing wrong with providing pleasure to your partner.

In order to have a good start with the act you should begin with the top of the penis because this is the part that is most sensitive. Don’t forget to use the hands because they can maximize the effects.
What should men know about oral sex?

Many men believe that there is no need to learn something about oral sex because it looks easy. This is simply not true. Female physiology is much different from male physiology and you should know few things before you start with this act. Many men for example, rush in the genital area but what women actually need is a short foreplay in a form of kissing and touching the area around the vagina in order to increase the excitement. Although there is usually one position to perform oral sex you can always try something new because many women find oral sex more exciting when they are on their stomach. If you are not sure if you are doing this in the right way you can always ask your partner. Of course, the best time to do that is after the sex act.

There is no doubt that oral sex can improve your sex life because this type of sex usually continues with what we call “classic” sexual intercourse.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Soft erection problem

It was a wonderful afternoon, having my coffee at my favourite cafe as usual. I seldom take alcohol lately, I like to dance, I like the pretty sexy girls in the dance pool, I enjoy looking at those sexy bodies moving but felt like I'm too old for that. I shared this thought with you at my last post. I change favourite drink from coffee to beer, and sexy girls in the dance pool to classic ladies in the cafe. I'm so attracted to classic ladies now.

My lifestyle changed, my favourite drink changed, my taste of girls changed, and so as my body condition changed. I can still enjoy my sex life but I can't have a long lasting erection and maintain hard erection during sex like I used to be. I shared this thought with my friend and they had the same problem too. Few of my friends have their foot ligament operated as they tore it during basketball game. We did enjoy mocking each other about how old we became and we have to change ourselves to adapt with it.

Lately I found that I can't have hard erection during the whole process of having sex with my girlfriend, maybe sex doesn't stimulate so much as I was so used to it or my body is getting a bit old. As I mentioned previously I need to workout so hard to keep my body in shape, our body metabolism tends to go slow when we are aging; we need to build more muscles to keep the metabolism. I share my experience with my friend and he had the same problem, he took some sexual enhancement pill, Activ Homme. It's something like Viagra but main function is to help maintain hard erection. It's a weird experience as I took it a bit late and have sex after half an hour, the effect is not so strong yet. I had a very hard erection after I ejaculate. Too bad my girl friend went home else I will come with another one.

Never expect myself to do this, I mean taking pills for better sex. I don't need to take it every time I have sex but it can help me when I am too tired or stress out after work. I rather have it with me as a backup just to avoid some embarrass moment which I had it before with my current girl friend. I can't have a hard erection during sex, and it was during tax period, I was stress out with work. She was at her mid 20s and I can't disappoint her all the time.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Not so happening Friday

Tonight, no clubbing, no beer, no pub. All I have is just coffee and some classic songs from the radio. I have to agree that I'm old and not able to enjoy my life so much like I used to. It's a sad thing that I have to admit this change of lifestyle, my mood is so damn bad, blue is what I think of right now. After all these years I'm still all alone sitting here at my couch, though I'm enjoying my coffee, but I'm alone. Perhaps I should feel lucky that I'm still alive, a lot better than those in the missing plane MH 370. It's a mystery, how come a plane can just disappear in the thin air just like this? Is it abducted by alien? This can be a very good story for X-file, can be a good movie story line. I'm sure Castle will like this a lot.

Yes, I'm a big drama fans as well. I just sit at home enjoying the drama at night. No popcorn, It's different with youngster, I have to work hard to keep myself fit, junk food is not what I can afford right now. I look a lot better than I used to be but how come I'm alone here, should I just go to clubbing like what I used to do? I'm tired of that kind of life and beer is just not my favourite drink at the moment, I prefer latte over it. What's wrong with my life, I'm thinking. This is not a good sign, I'm feeling depress that lately I met so many girls but I'm not able to tackle anyone of them.

If this happen so often then I don't think I'm able to be confidence to tackle girls again, I'm not so bold compare to my younger age. So should I keep this kind of spirit? I don't really know how to tackle girls to be in a relationship. I have no interesting thing to do or share with you today. I just sit here on my couch, enjoying my coffee and songs. Have a nice weekend yourself.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The next generation condom

Haven't share anything here for a very long time, and this is a very special article that really motivates me to share here. It mention that this may be the next generation condom, visit the link below then you will know what I'm talking about. An electric condom, well are you brave enough to test it yourself? For me, ok, guess I will have to pass this. I will never put this into my penis until it had been in the market for few years. After all these people test it and without any side effect or even accident.

I really don't mind to try something new but putting an electric wire on my penis is not the one that I want to try. It's in testing stage now, it may be in the market by next few year and if you are brave enough to try it. There is a video in the link, there is a youtube video where you can see how they test it, they use their tongue and penis to try the condom, I guess it is quite safe. I'm really impress with these people, they are so creative in every way just to make our life better, I never thought that electric can help me in sex life.

My first response is like wtf, who is willing to risk their penis just for a little pleasure. But I think there are a lot of people willing to risk it just to have the orgasm. SM already prove you that. Yet, it's still in r&d session, so be patient. Actually I'm interested to get a batch to sell it, let the customer try it and let them enjoy the electric condom then only I see whether it's safe for own use.