lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Online dating to get laid

There are a lot of online dating site like, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Let’s Date for you to get laid. It's a very good way for us to know more people out there without spending too much resources. I still remember that we used to use IRC and ICQ to 'meet' strangers out there. It's a very interesting experience, the conversation normally starts with a,s,l, it's age sex and location. Imagine that you chat for a very long time without knowing how the other looks like and you may fall in love with them without meeting them in the first place. It's a bit like pen pal, contacting each other in snail mail. After talking to each other for a very long time, then only sending each other your picture. Then you may be shock how the other look like after talking for a very long time.

Better Sex Life

Now, there are so many apps that you are able to know so much strangers even before meet them. You are still able to find your Mr or Ms Right online, like one of the apps name, plenty of fish, you will just need to take some time and luck to find him or her. It's like the real world, there are so many liars, haters, scamers in this virtual world. You will have to be smart and be careful while looking for the right one. There are so many of them looking for one night stand, friends with benefit, sex partner and so on online. Not all of them out there are looking for sex only.

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If you are still wondering whether it works or not, just registered online and try it out. Watch out for yourself when you go out to meet them in real life, and also be careful that others will take advantage of having cyber sex with them. Eventually you will meet your love one, just be patient. Read these articles here to get some idea how people use it to find their love one.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11 Differenced between dating a boy and a man

I saw this article in facebook twice both from different network, I guess this blog is quite popular. When I first look at the picture, I can't stop myself thinking about the popular drama lately, Suits. The men and women in the drama look fabulous and interesting, the story, it's very nice for me, not sure what you feel about it. I checked IMDB just now this drama rating is 8.8, this is very high, if you compare 2 other very popular drama Desperate housewives (rating 7.2) 24 (rating 8.4). You guys know that I'm not gay but Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter in the drama) the main actor is god damn handsome and look so man. Another guy who comes into my mind immediately is David Beckham. I think this is a big win for the team of Suits, they successfully create the character and make it so alive. I'm not a suit guy but this drama makes me feel wanna suit up

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Come back to our topic here about dating a boy and a man. After I read through the blog, well this is the perspective from a woman and I appreciate it. If you are a guy who is still wondering what they think about us then this is a blog that you should go through. If you think this is another article from a bitch that don't appreciate guys' effort and criticize us only, then you should read through another article of her of difference between girl and woman. I think I'm a bit of sad and happy that I still posses some of my character as a boy. Some of us still refuse to grow up and maintain our lifestyle as a youngster, well this is our choice of life, no one can complain us about it as this is our life but given that it doesn't affect your family.

I agreed that when we grow up, we learn to love our self more, we want to improve ourselves in different aspect of life. And mature is nothing to do with age, it's maturity, life vision and stage of life. Is there any graceful lady out there for me? I like all the pros in a lady who have values, moral, confident and independent. At the same time I still like girls who are hot, is there combination of both?

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Better Look Better Sex Better Life

I have been losing some weight lately by monitor my food and going to the gym more often. Eat Clean Train Mean. It's important to eat clean as it is 70% effect on your weight, going to the gym may help you to have a better body shape. Eating clean can lose weight healthily, if you are able to monitor your food in take you are half way there. Having a better body shape really helps me lately to get the girls attention, at least I'm getting better feedback online by having a better look profile picture. If you feel that it's hard, yes, it isn't easy. For me, the eating clean part is very hard especially there are so many ocassions lately to attend, it's quite hard to eat clean.

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But everything is worth it as lately I'm able to get attention from the girls more easily, if they like the way you look you are having higher change to pick them up in the bar. It works for me in the pub, in the gym, and online apps like badoo and wechat. I'm not asking you to flirt around but you may have higher chance to tackle your target girl. You may take some time to know your body and know how can you loss weight healthy and fast. Fast is like 6 months for me for healthy weight loss, read more article online to learn about it. You may plan the weight loss according to your lifestyle, it will take you some time for trial and error as well.

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The more you keep track on your weight loss plan the more easy you learn about your body, after some time then you will find that weight loss is easy for you and you will go into the next stage of keep your body shape and have a healthy lifestyle. If I can have more girls paying attention with me, why not you? It will give you more confidence and you are able to pick up your dream girl. A healthier body does give you better sex, right? Exercise give you better stamina for sex, time to get up from your couch.

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