lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi Sex Scandal

Does this name sound familiar to you? This will be your idol for the year! Silvio Berlusconi is the president of Italy and also a billionaire himself, that's all? What's so interesting? Silvio Berlusconi is a the girl magnet too. So now you are interested, who don't? Girls, sex, scandal, any of this can be hot topic itself and now it's with the president! The president have lots of news that related him to girls, this is an open secret that The president Silvio Berlusconi is a horny guy and have all kind of girls be with him all the time. The scandal lately related him to a young whore who is just 18, Noemi Letizia. According to the news that this sexy little slut is just 16 when the president was hanging out with her. Apparently it's having sex. I think the news should ask a very important question, how can an old man like him still can make his penis so active, have a hard rock penis all the time? Most of the old men like him suffer erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, but the president can have sex not only once but making love all night long. This is a very good topic as well, I bet the italian are proud with the president. Italian once again prove that they are a romantic country, the girls there still believe in love and don't care about the age, isn't that the good news for all of you there?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Woman Orgasms 300 Times a Day

Woman that have 300 orgasms per day? God damn it. I saw this in youtube, oh, now you have sex education channel in youtube? Nope, it's just a news. Imagine if you are able to give your wife 300 orgasms per year, and she will love like... Crazy! I don't think any girl will leave you for what ever reason, unless they think that the LV bag is better than sex itself and you can't afford 1. It is always a great topic itself for orgasm, and it's like a mystery to most of the guys. Orgasm is a thing that the guy will be so happy and proud to give it away. Guys have to take it seriously as most of the woman out there doesn't have even an orgasm for the whole year while maybe you are making love for 100 times per year. Imagine that!
For this woman here, I think it's not that good for her as well. She have orgasms too much in a day, if deduct 8 hours sleeping time, she is having 18 orgasms every hour. Imagine she moans in front of you while chatting, you are going to steam! Go and take a look at this link here, don't said I didn't warn you, she doesn't look delicious,

Pretty baby with natural big boobs

Have you seen any pretty lady with natural big boobs out there? I guess this is not hard to find as there are lots of them, but what about natural big breast with perfect body that makes you horny and erect immediately? And the hardest part of it, Big boobs, perfect body including the cun and ass, the pretty face. This is what we call angel face with devil body. Girl like Keira Knightley, with pretty faces but not the devil body, Jennifer Aniston is another girl that have a pretty face but not the devil's body. Brad Pitt's current girl friend Angelina Jolie does have the evil body and pretty face, and that is the girl that can make you horny and give you the impulse to make love with her. You can stare at her body all day long and not getting bored with it. You can even make love with them, stay in a god damn room for few days and not wanting to go out from it.
Look for this sexy gal nude, Alice Goodwin. God had done a very good job with her natural boob job. Her fine curve, nice boob, pretty face, that going to kill you right away. You won't get tired of making love with her again and again until, maybe when she is old, but now, it is still fresh and Wet! What you guy think? Will you enjoy sex with girl like this if she doesn't have good love making or sex skill?