lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Online dating to get laid

There are a lot of online dating site like, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Let’s Date for you to get laid. It's a very good way for us to know more people out there without spending too much resources. I still remember that we used to use IRC and ICQ to 'meet' strangers out there. It's a very interesting experience, the conversation normally starts with a,s,l, it's age sex and location. Imagine that you chat for a very long time without knowing how the other looks like and you may fall in love with them without meeting them in the first place. It's a bit like pen pal, contacting each other in snail mail. After talking to each other for a very long time, then only sending each other your picture. Then you may be shock how the other look like after talking for a very long time.

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Now, there are so many apps that you are able to know so much strangers even before meet them. You are still able to find your Mr or Ms Right online, like one of the apps name, plenty of fish, you will just need to take some time and luck to find him or her. It's like the real world, there are so many liars, haters, scamers in this virtual world. You will have to be smart and be careful while looking for the right one. There are so many of them looking for one night stand, friends with benefit, sex partner and so on online. Not all of them out there are looking for sex only.

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If you are still wondering whether it works or not, just registered online and try it out. Watch out for yourself when you go out to meet them in real life, and also be careful that others will take advantage of having cyber sex with them. Eventually you will meet your love one, just be patient. Read these articles here to get some idea how people use it to find their love one.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11 Differenced between dating a boy and a man

I saw this article in facebook twice both from different network, I guess this blog is quite popular. When I first look at the picture, I can't stop myself thinking about the popular drama lately, Suits. The men and women in the drama look fabulous and interesting, the story, it's very nice for me, not sure what you feel about it. I checked IMDB just now this drama rating is 8.8, this is very high, if you compare 2 other very popular drama Desperate housewives (rating 7.2) 24 (rating 8.4). You guys know that I'm not gay but Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter in the drama) the main actor is god damn handsome and look so man. Another guy who comes into my mind immediately is David Beckham. I think this is a big win for the team of Suits, they successfully create the character and make it so alive. I'm not a suit guy but this drama makes me feel wanna suit up

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Come back to our topic here about dating a boy and a man. After I read through the blog, well this is the perspective from a woman and I appreciate it. If you are a guy who is still wondering what they think about us then this is a blog that you should go through. If you think this is another article from a bitch that don't appreciate guys' effort and criticize us only, then you should read through another article of her of difference between girl and woman. I think I'm a bit of sad and happy that I still posses some of my character as a boy. Some of us still refuse to grow up and maintain our lifestyle as a youngster, well this is our choice of life, no one can complain us about it as this is our life but given that it doesn't affect your family.

I agreed that when we grow up, we learn to love our self more, we want to improve ourselves in different aspect of life. And mature is nothing to do with age, it's maturity, life vision and stage of life. Is there any graceful lady out there for me? I like all the pros in a lady who have values, moral, confident and independent. At the same time I still like girls who are hot, is there combination of both?

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Better Look Better Sex Better Life

I have been losing some weight lately by monitor my food and going to the gym more often. Eat Clean Train Mean. It's important to eat clean as it is 70% effect on your weight, going to the gym may help you to have a better body shape. Eating clean can lose weight healthily, if you are able to monitor your food in take you are half way there. Having a better body shape really helps me lately to get the girls attention, at least I'm getting better feedback online by having a better look profile picture. If you feel that it's hard, yes, it isn't easy. For me, the eating clean part is very hard especially there are so many ocassions lately to attend, it's quite hard to eat clean.

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But everything is worth it as lately I'm able to get attention from the girls more easily, if they like the way you look you are having higher change to pick them up in the bar. It works for me in the pub, in the gym, and online apps like badoo and wechat. I'm not asking you to flirt around but you may have higher chance to tackle your target girl. You may take some time to know your body and know how can you loss weight healthy and fast. Fast is like 6 months for me for healthy weight loss, read more article online to learn about it. You may plan the weight loss according to your lifestyle, it will take you some time for trial and error as well.

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The more you keep track on your weight loss plan the more easy you learn about your body, after some time then you will find that weight loss is easy for you and you will go into the next stage of keep your body shape and have a healthy lifestyle. If I can have more girls paying attention with me, why not you? It will give you more confidence and you are able to pick up your dream girl. A healthier body does give you better sex, right? Exercise give you better stamina for sex, time to get up from your couch.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Pretty Emily Shaw Topless Lingerie Photoshhot

Do you know Emily Shaw? Well, I have no idea who is this until I saw her topless picture then only find out she have a lot of topless pictures. Many years ago I told my friends I don't even bother to 'read' Playboy or Penthouse, there are so many porns online, who the hell need all these magazine? It's true that the photo does look much sexier and beautiful than porn, but the porn video is the thing that is more 'needed'. Some of you may like Emily Shaw in photo only as it look much classier than porn, but I think a lot of us like her to be in porn. Gosh, you see how pretty that pair of boobs are? Search online for it, it's from Frank White.

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Do you fancy pretty girls like Emily Shaw to be your girl friend? There are a lot of troubles you may have as she is a bombshell, imagine you are going out with her and so many pair of eyes are looking at her. Many of the guys don't even have the time to look at the one beside her. You won't feel secure to have girl friend like this, unless you can get a girl friend like this anytime when she's gone. Well, I don't mean that you shouldn't have a hot girl as your girl friend, but you need to know her very well and make sure she is not those kind of troublemaker. You need to know that pretty girls are normally hard to get along as most of the people around her will tend to follow her move. You need to have a very strong heart, time or patient to handle this kind of girls.

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Guys need to man up, it's a strange world now, look for those faithful girls unless you are just flirting around. Love is something precious and don't expect it from cheap people. Why suddenly I change my topic to this unrelated thing? Just read some amazing article from Askmen, go and check it out, there are some articles that may help you to learn more about sex life, better sex. You know there is a clitoris awareness week? You may find it out here.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sex Addict

Read a sad story regarding a sex addict in Sexual Health. Before I read it, I thought it will be a wild and saucy sex story. After I read this, it appears to me that this is sad. Who thought that a story about sex addict is so bad, it should be like the lifestyle of a playboy, and I like happy endings. It should be a story about a guy who are unable to settle down and have a lot of girlfriends or sex partners, attending all kinds of sex parties, clubbing every night. It appears that the story here is different. The couple married and the wife started to cheat on the husband after 2 weeks by having a boyfriend. The affair lasted for 2 years and finally found out by the husband.

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According to the wife, this is a story told by the wife, a 36 year old women from Miami said that the husband is a good looking, funny and wonderful husband. The wife had an affair because she felt that the life of marriage, a husband that is so loyal made her feel lack of sexual interest. And she lost her sex drive towards her husband after married. And the best of it, she manage to keep both of them in the dark without knowing the existent of each other. She relates her sex addict to her childhood, it's like men's sexual fantasy of girls in school uniform. I don't really agree with this as our preference of school uniform doesn't hurt our partner unless we are doing it with others. And she enjoys having sex with her boyfriend while her husband is nearby, she feels that it's exciting.

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The wife knew that she have this sex addict and married her husband, and in her mind she did hope that things really work out. I think she should do the treatment before marriage not after. What I found surprise is that the husband still manage to be with her for another 2 and a half years after found out she was cheating on him. This husband is really not bad but met a wife with sex addict, this is not something that we can expect. You may check the story in Sexual

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Neighbour Sex fantasy

Ever have a sexual fantasy with your neighbor? What kind of girls do you like, MILF, youngster, girls in uniform, anything you can think of? Search online for some porn regarding neighbour, I bet I can find some onilne. Yeah, I saw 1 of my neighbour, a young girl last time and she is all grown up. Well I don't have the sexual fantasy with this pretty young lady but she does manage to let me feel that there are so many opportunities in my own condo. Why I sound like so pathetic and desparate? I can make a tv series name The desperate neighbours.

Everytime I go to take the elevator I'm always standing there with very positive mindset that there will be a pretty girl coming out from the elevator. Yes, I'm disappointed almost every time, but it will flash my eye out of a blue. One thing for sure that I am preparing myself for the best outcome, there maybe a pretty doll coming out from it. I have stay here for 3 years and I haven't meet all of them yet, look at the positive side, there maybe a pretty girl that I never meet before will appear in front of me. That makes the waiting less boring.

So far, I didn't do anything yet, as I always think that if look for some one night stand or casual sex partner, the same condo is never a good idea. What response do I need to give them if I see them again in the condo? I'm sure some of you did that before, suddenly I rememeber The desperate housewives, if I have a neighbour like Eva Longoria, I won't mind to move to another condo just to have an affair with her. Does she consider as MILF? She is one hell of a hot MILF. She will have no problem for being my natural sex enhancer, I can erect in no time for being her standing in front of me.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Does muscular girl look sexy for you?

I always like girl in good shape, well, most of the human beings do, not only men, women do look at pretty girls as well. That's why those magazine like Sports illustrated, playboy, penthouse take all those sexy photos. Have you watch Justin Timberlake new mtv, you gotta love it, there are a lot of boobs for you, I never expect it will appear in Justin Timberlake MTV. I always like those sexy and seducing MTV and this Tunnel Vision will be one of my favourite, sexy seducing and not as boring like porn. We can watch these nude bodies even in Youtube, why youtube doesn't exist when I was young. By the time I watch this MTV, I'm like thinking how did he do the MTV by staring at those naked bodies? Those girls are gonna make me high and erect. We may call this professionalism, right?

The topic here is about muscular girl, I have an Instagram account and I follow a lot of those fitness and body building account. They often show people with very fit body, before and after photo to show how they transform, it's very motivating and inspire. These are amazing picture, if you have Instagram and you are interested with fitness and healthy life style, I suggest you to search this tag like fitness, healthy food, healthy recipe, body building, transform, sexy body shape and so on. Some of the accounts show those girls that are very fit with very muscular look, for me, I do like girls in good shape, fit but not too muscular. It's good that they are able to do those cross fit or even triathlon, I have no offend with those body, for me, I just like girls with body shape like what you can see in Justin Timberlake new MTV Vision Tunnel. Those are the body that I like and hope to spend my life with, I think I won't get bored with those bodies and pretty faces.

So go on and check out Instagram, oh ya, there are of course a lot of pretty girls picture that you can get, if you like photos, don't miss this apps. It's a very apps to spend your time.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Knowledge in sex

I always think at I have know a lot about sex, and my sex knowledge is enough to cover most of the situation. Although I knew that those porn is just for entertainment, it's not the real case that will happen in our life. My experience in sex life is more than 10 years, but I still have not enough experience to in sex. I read a statistic mention that ladies have more sex partners than men now, it's a different world now, it's not men that flirt around, but women. It's very easy for woman to tackle a man but not easy for man to tackle woman unless he is very attractive or good at tackle girls.

I met a lady last week and I was so surprise to found that she have so many orgasm during our sexual intercourse. It's not me that have a better sex skill or any improvement in sex but it's how sensitive she is. I read news mention a woman have orgasm easily as she is very sensitive, she can orgasm even when smourn he is on the bus. Come back to my case having sex with a very sensitive girl, she really make me confident in sex, much confident. Her breast is so sensitive that she can get all wet even when I touch her breast. Have you watch those japanese porn that the girls are so sensitive that they mourn and scream like hell? I hate that so much when I watched those porn as it's so fake, but after all these years now only I know that it does exist. There are girls so sensitive that you just caress their breast and they are all wet, you can even make them orgasm only with your hands and finger easily. Sex knowledge is like other knowledge, you should learn it with your whole life and it's sex life is part of our life, it can improve your life quality so much. Improve your knowledge in sex can improve your life as well.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sex with a dog???

Just when I thought I'm a horny human being and now finally I found that I'm nothing compare to them. I'm talking about the guy who fuck a dog, it's a pitbull, why a pitbull? There is another case that the a woman, a very sick woman having sex with a dog. And it's pitbull again. Why a pitbull? This kind of dog is better in sex? All these are so sick. I still can imagine how can someone fuck a dog, but how can the woman make the dog fuck her? This is sick but still how can she manage to do that?

The man that caught having sex with a dog, or should it consider raping a dog, gets 15 years in jail. The guy found out by his housemate for fucking a dog twice. Is she lucky or unlucky to see such a gross incident? You know it's not something that happen to us often in our life, you may saw your friend or housemate sneaking with someone but with a dog? The first time he got away by persuade his housemate that he is just hugging the dog and the housemate may want to think that he is just a normal housemate that is very close to the dog. And he is naked while 'hugging' the dog. Didn't the housemate knock on the door before going into his room? And the second time, on the floor of living room, he just get bold and don't feel satisfy on the bed anymore. Not sure how she saw him on the living room without being notice, at the end she just called the police and the guy was being arrested and jail for 15 years. People just wonder how can a human have sex with animal and some of the comment online just wonder how raping a dog jail for 15 years but what about those raping girls, they don't even get half of that.

Another case happened before this is a woman being caught having sex with a dog in her backyard. You may wonder why she do it on the open area, she is high with drugs. I'm just being curious that how she make the dog aroused to fuck her. Neighbour saw it and called the police, she still manage to greet the police hi and 'touch the dog in a sexual way'. No idea how it actually looks like but I don't even want to know.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

C'mon Let Me Ride

You heard this song before by Skylar Grey? It's a very sexy and juicy song, it's so damn hot when you listen to this song. Imagine when you heard this song during your work, your mood is ready for sex anytime. I think you can share this song with your partner and tell her some of the lyrics. For example, let me ride your bicycle is like having sex in the position she is on top. Tell her what you have in mind and how you imagine it, so when she heard this song, the picture will appear in her mind and it may turn her on. By the time she meet you at home, she is ready for sex anytime. Skylar Grey said this song is more on sarcastic, the entertainment industry's mtv is full of jewelry, car, money and some of the singer actually expose more of their body to get attention and more sales of their songs.

I have no idea about it but one thing for sure when she sings about sucking all the poison all I can imagine sucking penis. There is another song make you think of blow job as well, flo-rida's Whistle. Can you blow my whistle baby, I'm gonna show you how to do it and we start real slow. I think Skylar wanna talk about Flo-rida as well as he drove a Bentley in the mtv, right? Sometimes nice car, sexy lady in the video really help to get some attention, and I like pretty stuffs, of course pretty ladies as well, who don't? Am I too horny? I'm a horny guy, this I admit. How many of you guys admit that?

Just found out a very exciting article from Men Fitness, there are so many exciting suggestion, I wonder how many of us can do that even once in our life time. Like one of the suggestion, get a cougar to make love. I think most of the guy don't mind to have a sexual relationship with an experience lady, when I was in my 20s,  I always have fantasies with mature ladies. Ok, I admit, I have these fantasies even now. Share with you in my next post.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sex tips

Just browse through a website, a girl name Marni. I think I shared her things before. A wing girl who help you to pick up girls. Well, guys what is better than a woman telling you what a girl wants and what you need to do to pick her up. She even tell you how to get your partner to have a threesome, isn't it awesome? Threesome is always a sex fantasy for guys, not many of us can achieve it. One of the video in youtube mention that this started with a book The game, they always tell you that they are not pick up artist, they are just here to shows you how to communicate with girls and how to make them interested with you.

Having sex is a great thing, but is the sex itself great? There are some sex tips here telling you how to have better sex and interesting instead of treating sex as a routine job. Quickie, why wait? A sudden turn on and impulse you and your partner have may be the right time for you to make love. You see, shopping mostly means boring for guys, why don't you make it hot and steamy for you? If you are a girl, here is an idea for you to make them more willing to go shopping with you. You can go to any shop that have a changing room, any dress, lingerie, undergarments and so on. If can always join them in the changing room and save yourself a trip to the hotel. A fancy hotel nearby of course is a great place for you to date, you may do that once in a while to make your sex life better, but it depends a lot with your budget.

Your office. Yes, it's another super boring place for you, a place that you hate so much and you wish to run out from it after working hours. Do you have any idea this super boring place can be a super saucy place to have steamy sex? Why don't you invite her to join you if you are having a late night at work, and this can stop her to complain you that you focus with your work so much. It's the best time for you to play the boss and secretary in the office itself. Who said you can't take care your career and relationship at the same time. A quickie like this can make your sex life so much better and memorable.

I always think that sex life is part of a healthy relationship, and you shouldn't ignore how to improve your sex life.

Monday, February 25, 2013

In a relationship

I once read that getting into a relationship can be very easy, because of sex. Well sex does make things easier sometime. This don't happen with me much, I prefer no attach sex. I need it from time to time but sometimes the sex is good with the girl doesn't mean she is good for a girlfriend. I rather choose to have a girlfriend that is loyal and able to have a steady and solid relationship. If you are in a serious relationship, the girlfriend can make very big differences with your life. If you have a pretty, sexy, good in sex but crazy girlfriend, then you can expect a better sex life but a crazy life as well. That means you won't be able to focus with your career and the crazy girlfriend may give you a big mess in your life, why so much headache? If the girl is crazy but good in sex, then make her your friend with benefit, what we call a casual relationship. Life with a bit of crazy is enough, too much crazy then I'm sure you will be crazy someday.

Better sex life sure is a big benefit in life, it can make life so much better. Actually what we want in life is very simple, and things are getting so much complicated lately and it's going to be more complicated in the future. Make things simple and get yourself a less demanding partner and you will have less headache, unless you have the luck to get a wife that is considerate, understanding and love you a lot. The seduction out there is pretty big, love is not so easy to maintain, the challenge is very big. Are you able to loyal your partner and make sure there are nothing wrong with it? You have to try your best.

Find a good partner and if his or her sex skill is not good enough for you just communicate more and learn with them, the most important thing is a suitable person that can be with you to make your life better not worst.

There are no wonder why so many of them prefer to be single rather than in a bad relationship, really have no idea how many of them are still confident and believe in marriage in the future. Like Pink's song you gotta get up and try and try.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weight loss is related to sexual performance

There is one more reason here for you to loss weight. Other than looking more sexy and attractive, researchers found that the testosterone is more when compare with overweight people. Well, a lot of other research tells that the most sexy muscle is your abs, the six pack. Well, for me it's kind of a no brainer research that is for the sake of fill up their free time. I don't need a research to tell me that a guy with six pack is more sexy, who don't like a guy or girl with good figure?

Apart from what the stupid research which I kinda think it is, but I still share it with you. I will post the whole article here from Men Fitness. For me, a men who works out a lot sure having better stamina and they can perform better in sex compare to those who seldom work out. Make love use some of your body muscle, so if you have better muscles there are a lot of position that you can try. For me even if it's not about sexual performance, I will make myself look good all the time because I enjoy a better looking me than an awful me. Weight loss is more on diet than exercise, the roughly ration is 60% diet and 40% workout. And again even if you look slim it doesn't make you look good, I like a bit of muscle that can carry the shirt that I wear. Get yourself out from the chair and start to do some workout, it's not a short period thing, you have to make workout and diet your habit. Looking smart and fit always give you chances to get laid.

Ultimately sexual satisfaction still depend on what and how you do it with your partner, these weight loss that related to sexual performance in some way but it's not sex itself.

If you want to keep things moving in the bedroom, you should start by moving more at the gym or on the trail. Exercise, combined with healthier eating, may help overweight men avoid low testosterone through weight loss.

In a preliminary study presented by a meeting of endocrine professionals in Texas, researchers measured the effects of healthy lifestyle changes on the testosterone level of overweight, middle-aged men with prediabetes. In some men, low testosterone can result in reduced sex drive and poor erections, leading many to seek hormone replacement therapy to maintain their mojo.

Previous studies, however, have found that men with obesity or diabetes have a greater risk of low testosterone. This led researchers from Ireland to examine whether losing weight could reverse this decline in testosterone.

Researchers asked one group of men to make simple lifestyle changes. This included exercising 150 minutes a week, and eating less fat and fewer calories. Over the course of a year, these men lost an average of 17 pounds. Their shrinking weight and waist sizes were both linked to a 15 percent increase in their testosterone level. By the end of the study, only 11 percent of the men had low testosterone, down from 20 percent at the start.

The other men in the study, who received either a drug for type 2 diabetes or a placebo pill, didn’t see much improvement in their testosterone level after a year.

The study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, but losing weight has other well-documented benefits. The bottom line is that if you want to perform well in the bedroom and on the court, you need to eat healthy and exercise more.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Different kind of sluts

Suddenly feel so horny during office hour while I'm still working. I can only blame those girls who like to show people their boobs. My penis is all hard and ready for a fuck anytime. There are so many social media and we can peep into other's life especially when they are very generous to share about their personal life. So many girls like to take sexy picture half naked in the bathroom, I really like these and this can turn me on in no time. The bad things about these peeping, you can see but you can't touch. And in those horror movies this means that you will become a loner and so obsess that you will lock them up and kill them at last.

I remember read an article before and mention that guys like all kind of  boobs, small boobs, big boobs, show boobs, covered boobs, naked boobs and so on. I like natural big boobs, but petite is good for me as well. I think I like the body as a whole, we all like beautiful things. A beautiful body is a good start for sex, if the skill in sex is good then it is the best. Imagine a pretty girl that you have sex with is not good with everything and not interested with sex so much, what kind of joy you can get from making love? A girl who love sex as much as you do is the best pal of men, they will make sex wonderful and the orgasm is the best.

Girls who enjoy sex but without love they will just find different sex partner like men do and if you can't understand them you may think that they are in love with you. Girls are really open and the article have separate them into different kind of slut. Yes, they use the word slut. The slut that genuinely love sex, she loves sex because of her own pleasure, normal person may feel that they are irresponsible or crazy towards sex. It may cause some problem but it's their own life, no one have right over it. Some of them sleep around just to feel that they are still sexy and desirable, they want their self-esteem. Some of them have random sex just because of their career, they sleep with their boss. They don't enjoy the sex itself, they don't appreciate good sex. So which kind of slut you feel is the worst kind?