lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Motivation to keep sexy

Keep sexy is important for you if you want to flirt, it's a very good for your confidence and very good for others visual enjoyment. If you meet someone new, your sexy look may give them a good impression even way before you start to make your move. I consider this the very first step of pick up a lady out there. Imagine that you saw a pretty attractive lady out there, you are all turn on and ready to take her to your bed, by the time she is naked, you are so crazy about her body. This can be the same when the girl sees you.

Share something when I went for a run this afternoon, out of a blue I went to a park nearby for jogging, normally I like to workout in the gym. Never realised that there are so many cute girls jog here, and the best thing is the cute little outfit they wore for exercise. Damn, some of them are so hot and sexy. This give me the motivation to run non stop, I have run more than what I usually do. I think those sexy outfit they wear must be distracting me from my pain in running. I can already visualise myself picking them up, guess I just give myself more excuse to workout and stay sexy.

Motivate yourself in exercise is not easy for some of you out there, and there are so many food seducing you. Give yourself targets and set the plan, stick to it then things will go better. Find some exercise that you like, when you do something that you like it tends to be easy for you to do it in long term. For me, I like to run, I don't run fast, I just follow my own pace, I enjoy running. Running makes me feel free, confident, I know I can run and that makes me feel good.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prostitute in Starbucks

Just read the news stating that Prostitute is now hunting for men in Starbucks, their owner sure haven't think about that Starbucks a coffee place can be places for prostitute to find business. This is not an individual case as the one that locate in Starbucks is a pimp, not a prostitute. The pimp even examine the girls body in the toilet, imagine a place like Starbucks being evade by them, sure a lot of those unwanted customer stay around the area and there are no more environment there. I'm sure myself won't be interested to drink there even I do like to look at those girls. But I prefer those normal customers, they may not be as sexy as those prostitute but they are girls with taste. Sometimes it's an enjoyment to take a sip of coffee in Starbucks and look at girls that pass by, you can see these pretty ladies modeling the latest fashion.
For these prostitute, if I want to look for one, I do know where to look for them and sure Starbucks is not the place I prefer, am I too conservative? Isn't that a good thing to chit chat with these pretty ladies that you know you can make love with them with just some money and with some beer at a poor lighting place, you won't get to see their actual look and keep some good imagination in mind, right? Oh ya, this incident that prostitute invade Starbucks is in Taiwan.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Boring sex

I'm not sure why, but when you are in a relationship for quite some time, you will feel that it's boring. No matter how pretty she is, you will feel that the sex is boring, no matter how good her skill for sex is you will feel boring at last. So, it's not surprise to see those celebrities that you fancy to have sex with them or become their boyfriend, girlfriend, how you hope you have the chance to be with them, they are being cheated by their partner.

I have a very good girl friend, she is pretty and she is very good in sex as well. She is willing to do whatever it please me, even for those things that you can watch in porn, she have no problem doing that. Then everything should work out fine right? For me it isn't, I didn't ask if she have the same feeling. But I have that kind of feeling that she just lazy to think and work something out for us, she don't want to break up with me, she just lazy to put some effort. I'm so close to have an affair out there, but I asked myself do I really want to do so? Is there anything that I can do about it?

You see, we can't blame this on our partner even you feel that it's a boring sex, have you try something new, have you ever even try to communicate this with her or him? You want to spice up your sex life or even relationship, you have to do something about it. Well, it's common that we will take for granted after a long relationship. We become lazy, so lazy that even a phone call to make them feel better, we assume everything will turn out to be right but no, relationship doesn't work like this.