lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to make her her orgasm

Read a post on internet, this guy felt so lucky to have a pretty girl friend but he was unable to make her come. Her girl friend have difficulties to orgasm, and so he send an email to ask a sex shrink about it. The question from the sex shrink, which part of her body you should stimulate to make her climax? Neck? Breast? Nipple? Clitoris? The answer that the shrink suggest is her mind. She may enjoy the sex with you, and she likes it a lot, but the thing is she may not be comfortable with it especially she is shy of her body.

What can you do make her feel comfortable? Make her relax, safe, softly and slowly. She suggest him to lie down beside her and do the foreplay to relax her. While she is asking for more then only go down to her and rub her clitoris. After this then only penetrate, the penetration will take her to climax if everything is going well. When she is near to climax, she may need a catalyst to take her to climax. The sex shrink suggest that you may for instance try to grab her ass as there are a lot of nerves that may make her climax.

I have sex a lot, and often but I only know it's so complicated right until now. Or maybe I should say there are so many procedures for sex. And this may not be my girl friend's preference, so much to learn, luckily we have internet online to learn all these stuff.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The foreplay

Many guys tend to make the whole sex process longer by making the penetration time longer but forget the fact that girls may not enjoy the process or maybe don't feel comfortable at all. If your partner doesn't enjoy the sex, then what's the point of prolong the time?

As I have mention in my previous post, some of the girls like oral sex or hand job more than the penetration itself. If they like it, why don't you spend some time doing it before the penetration, that is foreplay.

Do you know that foreplay is crucial for women if you want to turn them on? They may make love with you but they may not enjoy it much, they may even fake the orgasm. Men and women are very different in sex, women will need a longer time to prepare before go into business. And since men like to make the sex time longer, why don't you spend some time doing the foreplay for them. And it's a very good way to satisfy the women if their partner have premature ejaculations.

Most of the men can't last longer than 5 minutes in penetration, studies shown, not my own statistic. If you spend some time kissing, from head to toe, pick the sensitive area, play around, spend more time to explore her body, find her g spot other than her vagina. Clitoris is a very organ for you to give her the oral sex, clitoris is a very sensitive area that have a lot of nerve like your penis. You may give her the orgasm by just licking it without penetrate, it's more like the way she give you the blow job. We can talk about the way to stimulating her clitoris in the future post.

When you have give her sufficient stimulation to turn her on, your penetration will make her come very fast. You may be able to make her come before you do, then she will have her orgasm as well. Hope this is a solution for you to have better sex.

Lucky me

I have always been saying that I'm lucky to have a girlfriend whom know how to make sex interesting. She knows clearly what she wants and guide me to it. I think most of the ladies now is not shy to ask for more in sex, it's a good thing that a couple is able to sit down and talk about it. I always think that communication is very important in a sexual relationship, and it will affect your relationship in a way. I read articles that mention that a couple that have a satisfied sexual relationship can last longer and tend to be more strong in relationship.

If you do not know about what your girl friend or boy friend want, you may ask them about it. Not only that you should know about your partner's need but yourself as well. Are you kidding me that I do not know about my sexual needs? Yes, it's true and nothing funny about it, because some of the people out there really don't know how to pleasure themselves, especially girls, they don't even know the feeling of orgasm. Studies shows that only one third of the women out there haven't have their orgasm before even they have a bunch of children. So girls, don't be shy, it's not something bad that you want to be satisfied in sex.

When you are alone with yourself, try to pleasure yourself with your own hands or dildo, play with yourself and find out how can you orgasm. Yes, I'm asking you to try to masturbate, it's not a bad thing if you can find out how to be satisfied in sex. If you don't even know about it, how can you tell your partner what you want. Not every men a sex machine that is able to satisfy you. Studies also shows that women tend to orgasm more by using hand and mouth, they enjoy it more than the penetration itself. So it's not a bad thing to play with yourself and help your partner to learn more about you as well.