lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Penis that is too big?

Penis that is too large. I have no idea what size should a penis be but a size that can make the women happy and won't suffer should be the main point right? Actually I do wonder whether is there a penis that is too large that will make a man run or even walk more difficult than other? These are very interesting topic for discussion, I asked this because I do not have such a big dick in my pants.

Big penis is not always an advantage, do you have any idea why? I do not understand until I read a post that a girl wrote, it's actually kinda funny. The girl mention that she is trying to give blow job to a guy and the first time she have problem putting the penis into her mouth. The penis is just too large. The girl call this penis an anaconda. The penis is very big that it make her vagina bleed, this is not because they have a rough sex but because of the size. This make her worry so much, ultimately she call her doctor and ask for his advise. Doctor suggest her to stop having sex for 2 weeks, but guess what's her reply? This is not an option. Haha, good answer. So she continue to have sex and the bleeding continue.

This is not the worst part of the big penis story. The guy ask for anal sex. lol. She is open for anal sex, but for anaconda that big? She is in deep pain and ask the guy to stop. Seems like large penis is not good for anal sex, this is the first time I felt relieve that my penis is in average size. I didn't have experience in anal sex but hope to experience it some day, I just think I'm not prepare for it. Come back to our story right here, the girl have some problem as well when they try oral sex. And she mentioned that her experience with big penis isn't the worst, her girlfriend have experience that a penis that is too large that she is in pain when only half of the penis is inside her. It's like going to buffet and not able to eat.

How to have sex with big penis comfortably? Lubes, lot of lubricants. No Anal sex and doggy style. That means you may use doggy style if you have a relatively small penis as this style will penetrate deeper. A classic missionary or sideway is good if you have a big penis or when you encounter one. Girl on top is also one of the best choice.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Men raped by women?

Read an article regarding 3 women in their 20s are charged with raping 17 men in Zimbabwe. The author wonder if the guy ejaculate, does that consider rape? This is a very good question, I can't answer that myself as well even I'm a guy. I certainly won't reject to have sex with most of the women, never think of any woman so desperate to have sex with me until want to rape me. And even when I have sex unwillingly with a woman, I think I will close my eyes and enjoy the process.

This news remind me that a Russian hair stylist raped a particular guy for 3 days, how it happened? The guy is a robber that rob her in the shop, and the guy didn't notice that he was robbing a karate girl. She knock him down throw him inside a store room, she fed the guy with Viagra and 'rape' him. She did this for 3 days. I'm not sure what happen but she have to buy the guy a pair of jeans and let him go. The robber came in naked? The news show the face of the hairdresser, the look is ok. There are some very funny facts right here. I'm sure I won't report to the police if a woman like this rape me, I think I enjoy the sex a lot. This robber here don't seems to enjoy the sex and report to the police that he was being raped and ultimately he himself was charged for robbing? This don't make sense to me but the lady may make him do something so piss him off that he wanted to report this having to know the risk that he maybe jail too. And the hairdresser, what made her so desperate to have sex until she want to make love to a robber and being charged for raping? I myself will sign up if she is looking for someone to make love. And I can assure her that I don't need a Viagra to do so.

Funny story huh?