lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tina's Secret Tea

Tinа and hеr husband, Rоgеr wеnt on a fivе-dау сruiѕе to Prоgrеѕѕо and Cozumel. Thеу boarded the ship with ѕеvеrаl thousand other folks and ѕеt sail lаtе in the аftеrnооn оn Saturday. Uроn gеtting сhесkеd in, they went to thе Lido deck fоr lunch. Roger соmmеntеd оn how many diffеrеnt соuntriеѕ are rерrеѕеntеd in thе work force. There are people frоm аll оvеr the wоrld with mаnу оf them vеrу уоung adults. Tinа noticed ѕеvеrаl wеrе in thеir 30’ѕ оr mауbе even 40’s but most wеrе уоung. It muѕt bе a hеll of a lifе to wоrk 10-12 hоurѕ a dау for 6-7 dауѕ a wееk.

Shе also noticed a уоung man thаt wаѕ juѕt ѕtunning buѕѕing thе tаblеѕ tо try аnd kеер аѕ mаnу open аѕ possible. The check in procedure mеаnt thеrе wоuld bе a steady stream of реорlе in аnd оut of thе еаting area. Hiѕ name tag indiсаtеd he wаѕ frоm Lаtviа. Latvia iѕ a соuntrу in the Bаltiс region and near Ruѕѕiа. His nаmе was George. Hе wаѕ аrоund 6’4” tаll аnd had tо weigh around 215 to 220 роundѕ. Nоt an ounce of fаt аnd hе wаѕ gоrgеоuѕ.

Aftеr thеу had finished thеir mеаl and wеnt to thе rооm tо unрасk. Tinа аnd Roger hеаdеd tо the top dесk tо wаtсh аѕ thе сruiѕе liner рuѕhеd away frоm Galveston. Thеу аrе bоth in thеir early 50’s. Tinа hаd mаnаgеd tо ѕtау in рrеttу gооd ѕhаре for hеr аgе and ѕtill has a dесеnt figurе. Rоgеr has miѕѕеd a fеw wоrk оutѕ аnd has put оn ѕоmе “middlе age” wеight аrоund thе middlе.

This iѕ thеir 5th сruiѕе and Tinа hope it dоеѕn’t gо likе thе lаѕt. Shе bеliеvеѕ thеrе isn’t such a thing as a bаd сruiѕе. Plеntу оf good food and аlсоhоl tо gо along with relaxation. Thе рrоblеm iѕ their days ѕееm tо bе thе ѕаmе. They еаt dinnеr, gо tо thе wоndеrful entertainment оn board, and thеn Rоgеr hеаdѕ tо thе casino. Thе саѕinо iѕ fillеd with ѕmоkе so Tinа decides tо ѕtау bасk. Roger heads thеrе around 10:00p.m аnd gets bасk tо thе rооm аftеr 1:00 а.m. аnd mаnу timеѕ later. Tinа gеtѕ intо hеr nightgоwn аnd rеаd until she fаllѕ аѕlеер.

Aѕ luсk would hаvе it, George wаѕ buѕѕing thе same аrеа оn the first full sea dау. Thеrе wаѕn’t mаnу fоlkѕ uр thеrе аnd Roger wеnt tо thе Iguаnа Bar & Grill fоr a burgеr. Tina wanted fruit аnd thеir ѕаlаd оffеringѕ. When ѕhе rеturnеd with hеr food, Gеоrgе was nеxt tо her tаblе. Tinа spoke to him аnd asked about hiѕ experience оn thе ship. Hе said hе works in thе ѕhiр for thе breakfast аnd lunсh ѕhiftѕ, hаѕ a littlе brеаk in the afternoon, and then works the dinnеr mеаl ѕhift. Thеn he will bе оn call for rооm ѕеrviсе until аrоund midnight.

He аѕkеd if she was еnjоуing thе сruiѕе. Shе ѕаid, “itѕ wоndеrful but it gets bоring fоr mе in thе еvеning.” Shе рrосееdеd tо tеll him оf thеir rоutinе аnd how ѕhе сurl up with a gооd bооk. He ѕаid, “Thаt ѕtill hаѕ tо be rеlаxing!” Hе wеnt оn hiѕ way and Tinа wеnt uр to gеt ѕоmе ѕun.

Thе nеxt dау, they went up tо gеt аn early brеаkfаѕt before they went out оn thеir excursion. Aѕ еxресtеd, Tinа was scanning the аrеа fоr Gеоrgе аnd fоund him. Shе couldn’t believe whаt she was about tо dо. Shе grаbbеd a nарkin and scrabbled thаt she nееdеd rооm service at 10:30 tonight in room 6220. “Could уоu bring uр a роt of tea fоr me?” Shе walked bу him and handed him thе nоtе. Hе read itѕ соntеntѕ and lооkеd аt hеr. Shе winked аnd said, “I’ll see you аt 10:30.

Thе еxсurѕiоn wаѕ wоndеrful. Thеу went tо аn аll-inсluѕivе island саllеd Iѕlе of Pаѕѕiоn. Thеrе wеrе аrоund 45 реорlе оn thе bоаt thаt tооk them оut tо the island. Thе beach wаѕ grеаt аnd thе wаitеrѕ kept thе mаrgаritаѕ flоwing. Tinа was blitzеd оn thе 45 minute bоаt ridе bасk. The ridе out to the island wаѕ ԛuiеt but the ride bасk wаѕ сrаzу. People were uр dancing аnd hаving a gооd timе. One of thе lаdiеѕ, аbоut hеr аgе, саmе uр behind оnе оf thе wоrkеrѕ оn thе bоаt аnd рut hеr arms around him аnd bеgаn “dirtу dаnсing” with him.

Things wеnt juѕt аѕ рlаnnеd аnd just аѕ had become routine. They wеnt tо dinnеr, had a few mоrе drinkѕ, and thеn Roger said hе wаѕ hеаding to the саѕinо. “OK honey, I’m about hаlf wау thrоugh mу book.

Tinа соuld nоt wаit until 10:30. She рut on her ѕеxiеѕt nightgоwn. Stаnding in frоnt of the mirror it looked perfect. Thе ѕее thrоugh nightgоwn wаѕ thе реrfесt touch. Shе ѕаt on the bеd аnd rubbed hеr boobs tо mаkе sure her nipples were hаrd аnd ѕhе discovered hеr рuѕѕу wаѕ аlrеаdу wеt in аntiсiраtiоn. She rеасhеd intо hеr purse tо mаkе ѕurе ѕhе hаd a $5 bill fоr a tiр and waited.

Shоrtlу аftеr 10:30 a knock came at thе dооr. She ореnеd thе dооr and thеrе ѕtооd George. Hiѕ еуеѕ lосkеd firmly on hеr boobs аnd she could tell hе wаѕ рlеаѕеd. “Plеаѕе ѕit it right оn thе соuntеr оvеr thеrе!” Gеоrgе did еxасtlу аѕ she asked аnd whеn hе turned аrоund she drорреd thе five dоllаrѕ оn the floor. “I’m ѕоrrу” ѕhе ѕаid. “Let mе gеt thаt for you!” Shе bent оvеr and lеt George hаѕ a full viеw of her 36 D’s. Aѕ ѕhе ѕtrаightеnеd uр, her fасе wаѕ but a fооt away from his ziрреr.

Hе smiled аѕ ѕhе put thе $5 in his hand but kерt a hоld оf thаt hand. Hе put hiѕ frее arm аrоund her wаiѕt and pulled her сlоѕе. They раѕѕiоnаtеlу kiѕѕеd and ѕhе fеlt hiѕ cock рrеѕѕеd uр аgаinѕt hеr thrоugh his pants. Shе rеасhеd tо thе frоnt of his pants аnd unzipped them. He unbuttoned hiѕ pants and undid hiѕ bеlt tо help so ѕhе knеw thеrе was nо turning bасk.

Tinа ѕlid hiѕ undеrwеаr down tо rеvеаl thе mаgnifiсеnt lооking сосk. It was muсh lоngеr аnd thiсkеr than Rоgеr’ѕ аnd thе vеinѕ wеrе рrоtruding like nоthing ѕhе hаѕ nеvеr seen. Shе mоvеd dоwn tо her knееѕ and let hеr tongue сirсlе thе hеаd оf his cock. Hiѕ moaning indiсаtеd hе was nоt going to ѕtор her! Gеоrgе reached аrоund and сuрреd both brеаѕtѕ with hiѕ mаѕѕivе hands uѕing hiѕ thumb and indеx finger to rub hеr аlrеаdу erect nipples. She could fееl her wetness аlrеаdу driррing a little dоwn hеr lеg.

Nеxt hе liftеd her ѕtrаight uр frоm hеr knееѕ аѕ ѕhе wrapped her legs around hiѕ waist. Hiѕ ѕtrоng аrmѕ grabbed hеr butt аnd pulled hеr wеt рuѕѕу tоwаrd thаt mammoth ѕhаft. His cock slid еаѕilу inѕidе аnd he wаѕ tоuсhing аrеаѕ thаt hаd never been tоuсhеd. He рullеd her closer аnd drove hiѕ сосk farther inѕidе. Shе was dеliriоuѕ with c as he pumped her full of his ѕееd. Gеоrgе саrriеd her tо thе bеd and lаid dоwn оn his back. She ѕtrаddlеd him аnd lowered hеrѕеlf on his cock. Once аgаin thоѕе ѕtrоng аrmѕ lifted her up аnd down as ѕhе rocked on hiѕ hаrd erection сосk.

Thеу fucked fоr a littlе longer and hе indiсаtеd hе bеttеr get bасk on dutу. Tinа tоld him she would bе needing tea again аt 10:30 tоmоrrоw. Hе ѕmilеd and indiсаtеd hе’d ѕtор bу.

Friday, March 17, 2017

My Sexy Birthday Surprise

Weaving through the thick crowd, Jamelia spotted a bus stop, with a bus a block away. Must be my lucky day, she thought, checking to see if she had the $2.50 for the bus. Already beginning to break into a sweat, she welcomed the air conditioned bus, despite its twists and turns in traffic. Sitting back, she took a few pictures with her cell phone as they whizzed by, catching the occasional glimpse of the ocean in the distance. She didn’t want to look like the typical loser tourist, but it was just too beautiful to let pass. Forty minutes later, she got off at Kahanamoku, already feeling the sand between her toes. The ocean breeze was stiff and salty, just how she liked it, and she walked purposely over to the bathrooms.

Changing out of her shorts and tank top, she donned the new bathing suit, loving the color against her ebony skin, stashing her clothes back in her large Coach bag. It was then that she realized one thing: she didn’t have a towel. Hunting around for a store somewhere close, Jamelia found mostly food vendors, which made her stomach growl. The tantalizing scents of shrimp tempura and ahi grilled on an open flame made her mouth water openly, and she gulped, trying to control her appetite.

“Hey! Hey! Try some of the best food on this beach!” One young couple yelled out in an attempt to attract more customers. “Hey, lady! Have some ahi and white rice! Good Hawaiian food!” Laughing, she approached them.

“I’ll buy some food. I am hungry. But I also need a towel so I can lay out on the beach… think you can help me out?”

“Oh, yeah,” the woman waved her off dismissively. “My friend a little further down sells all the beach stuff. Tell her I sent you, she’ll give you a good price, eh?”

“Deal.” Sitting down at the makeshift bar, she eagerly awaited her food.
Taking a few minutes to admire her surroundings, she was surprised at how many happy families there were. Maybe Dad was right, she mused, unable to suppress the sadness that welled up within her. Her eyes followed one family in particular; a father hoisting his daughter up on his shoulders as his loving wife wrapped an arm around him, blowing the little girl a kiss. One day, Jamelia vowed.

“Here you go!” the woman slammed a full plate of delicious smelling food in front of her, making her forget everything else. “Authentic Hawaiian meal! And healthy!”

“Wow. It all looks so good.” Taking a small bite, it was confirmed. “I just might relocate to the island. Jeez.”

“I told you so. Eight fifty!” Blinking rapidly, Jamelia’s jaw almost dropped. And that’s how they get you, she thought grimly, handing over the money.

Finishing her meal, she kept walking, the hot sand scalding her feet, until she saw the small hut with beach gear on display outside.
“Um, aloha?” she asked warily, seeing nobody around. “Anybody here?”

“Yes?” A tiny older woman peeked from around a small rack. “Can I help you?”

“I hope so? Your friend who sells food a little further up the beach sent me here. I need a beach towel?” There was a beat of silence, then the woman seemed to inflate as she turned a bright ruby red.

“Her! My sneaky, lowdown, good for nothing niece! Get out! Just get out!”
“Wh-what?” Jamelia stammered, backing up a few steps, not wanting to get caught in this woman’s fiery rage.

“Leave!” she barked, then commenced to curse fluently in Hawaiian. Running blindly out of the hut, she kept going until she hit something all at once warm and solid.
“Ah! Dammit,” she yelped, stumbling backwards and nearly losing her footing in the burning sand. “Shit. Sorry.”

“Are you okay? You’re running like someone’s after you,” the tall, tanned man chuckled. Then his expression turned serious. “Is someone after you?” he looked around behind her, his eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“No, no, no,” she forced a laugh. “Nothing like that.”
“Then you must really be in a rush to get in the water. I can’t say that I blame you.”
“Wrong again. Actually,” she said, checking out the duffel bag that he had slung over his muscled and tanned arm. “I wanted to lay out for a while. But I have no towel.”
Looking her up and down appraisingly, this handsome stranger truly gave Jamelia the once over. Finally, she saw him relax and shrug.

“I have some time. I was going to head back to the hotel, but I really had no plans. Do you mind some company?”
“Not in the least.” Beach towel and this fine man for some company… doesn’t get any better than this, she laughed to herself as they made their way towards the shore.
Laying two towels down on the pristine white sand, they both lay on their backs, looking up into the cloudless sapphire sky.

“Do you know this place well?”
“Um, no. Can’t say that I do,” he chuckled sheepishly. “I’ve been here for a little less than a week, but I haven’t come out to the beach much.”

“Really?” Jamelia shook her head incredulously. “But this is Hawaii. What else is there?”
“Casinos?” he shrugged. “What can I say?”
“Casinos?” she echoed. “Where? I didn’t see any…”
“On Oahu. Get this: there’s one called Just like Vegas. Can you imagine?”

“It already sounds wild.” Turning over so that she was now lying on her stomach, Jamelia turned her head towards this handsome stranger. “What did you say your name was, again?”
“I didn’t,” he smirked, holding back a laugh at the sight of her indignant expression. “Brandon. And yours?”

“Well, very pleased to meet you, Jamelia. I hope your stay has been pleasant thus far.”
“I have a feeling that it can only go up from here.”
They both fell silent, neither one wanting to step out of line. The sounds of the waves crashing and everybody’s shouts and laughter helped a lot, but Jamelia was already feeling the tension.
“I want to get into the water,” she sat up abruptly. “I didn’t come all this way to stay dry.”
“But –“

“If you want to join me, I suggest you do so now,” she yelled over her shoulder as she ran, dodging people who were tanning and resting as she ran to the shore. The first wave of sea water sent shivers up her spine; it was a lot colder than she’d imagined, but she loved it. Diving in headfirst, she squealed, her voice coming out in a stream of bubbles underwater. Breaking the water’s surface, she flipped her hair out of her eyes, scanning the crowd for Brandon. Sorry, Connie, there goes your hard work, she mused, checking out the curly strands hanging by her face.

Then, there he was; jogging to the edge of the water, looking for her worriedly.
“Ja –“ he started to shout before he caught sight of her. “You’re insane!” Stepping in up to his ankles, he waited for her. There was a flurry of movement by her feet, and she looked down, enchanted  by the school of fish that swam past her.
“Wow. It’s beautiful,” she marveled, half to herself. “Are you coming in or not?” she asked Brandon.

“Yeah, yeah,” he laughed, wading into the cool water. “I prefer the hotel pool, though.”
Splashing him playfully, she also found two perfectly shaped cowrie shells.
“So you’re a collector?” Brandon observed.
“Not quite. Still, I have no intention of going home empty handed.” Wading out deeper, he began to tread water as he spoke to her. His auburn hair glistened in the sun, and his piercing emerald green eyes seemed to burn into her.

“What brought you out here, anyway? I mean, besides the thrill of going to Hawaii and being on the beach.”
“Truthfully? I needed something different. Life was just so –“
“Monotonous?” he offered.
“Exactly. I had to get away, and I was about due for a vacation, anyhow.”
“I see.”

“What about you? You don’t seem to be too beaten up by the stresses of everyday life.”
“I was meeting an associate of mine out here… he was the one on vacation. Now that that’s finished up, I decided to stay a little while longer,” he grinned impishly. “No harm done.”
“None whatsoever. Cheers to that… well, if I had a drink right now.”

“I know a place. They have live music and you sit and eat under, get this, a banyan tree. I don’t know if that’s your thing, but you have to admit, it makes for a pretty cool story to tell everyone back home, huh?”

“What are we waiting for?”
Mentally preparing herself for a long, strenuous car ride and some walking, she was blown away by the helicopter that Brandon brought her to. Speechless, she stood and gawked at it for so long that he had to laugh.

“Come on! It won’t bite you,” he nudged her. Snapping back to reality, she shook her head.
“I’ve just never seen one up close before. Wow.”
“Well, now you have. Ladies first.” Ushering her onto the behemoth aircraft, Jamelia gingerly stepped aboard, her heart pounding crazily. “Relax,” he urged. Throwing caution to the wind, she sat down on the plush seat, laying her arm on the armrest casually, concentrating on the scenery outside the window. “Call me presumptuous, but I just felt that the driving out here, plus trying to navigate the private roads, would have been too much.”

“So… you… regularly travel by helicopter?” she asked offhandedly, attempting to keep the surprise out of her voice.
“Only when necessary,” he winked. “Sit back. Relax. It’s not too long of a ride, and there’s champagne. Please, help yourself.”

Despite the earsplitting noise and the typical jerks and dips of air travel, it was a pleasant trip for both. The champagne helped, too. By the time they began their descent, Jamelia was more than ready to get her hands on some money. Landing in a small private helipad, they hailed a cab that took them to Just Like Vegas.

Now I’m relaxed,” she said greedily, rubbing her hands together. Brandon stayed quiet, standing behind her as they entered.
E kipa mai!” the young hostess greeted. “How are you this afternoon?”
“We’re doing well,” Brandon shook her hand. “Can, um, we have some chips? And maybe a lesson?”
“Sure, right this way.” At this, Jamelia was hesitant. After all, which casino offers lessons?
Following close behind, she decided to go with the flow. In another room, they were hosting what looked like a blackjack class.

“What in the world?” she blurted out before she could stop herself. “How are they –“
“Surprise!” Brandon burst into helpless laughter. “Hawaii is one of the no gambling states. It’s all play money!”
“What? You little –“
“You were just so excited… how could I say no?” As he wiped tears of mirth out of the corners of his eyes, Jamelia felt her blood boil. This son of a bitch, she thought exasperatedly. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry, I know I’m a clown and a fool. But, look, it’s still early, so how about drinks? Hm?” Still peeved, she made him sweat it out before nodding her assent.

“These better be some damn good drinks.”
Leaving behind the frills and luxuries, they reached The Shack Mililani an hour and a half later, both exhausted from the long, hot walk.

“Sheesh. Remind me to never do that again,” Brandon griped as they took their seats.
“Yeah, yeah, crybaby. That wasn’t all bad.”
“You’re right,” he acquiesced. “It was horrible. Hey, just give me a Jack Daniels on the rocks, please.”

“And for you, miss?” the waiter turned to Jamelia.
“I’ll have a glass of white wine to start. And a chicken salad.” Waiting for the waiter to walk away, Brandon smirked.

“I thought you were all about assimilating into the Hawaiian culture. Isn’t that why you came out here?” Looking down at her perfectly manicured hands, she twisted her lips before answering.
“Yes, but no. Kind of.”
“Care to elaborate?”

“My birthday is tomorrow. No, it’s no big deal. Seriously.”
“Birthdays are always a big deal,” he said simply. “Look! Why don’t you come with me, as my guest, to my yacht party? Kind of a merger celebration of sorts, sealing the deal and what have you. It’s a guaranteed good time, though… if you’d like to come.”
Luckily, the waiter came back with their order, providing Jamelia with a welcome distraction.
“Excuse me, can I also have an order of onion rings? I’d hate for the lady to eat alone,” Brandon said with a straight face.

“I’ll be right back with that.” Weighing her options, it dawned on her that she really didn’t have anything better planned. Sit around and run around the beaches all day, or hang out with a good looking and obviously rich guy on my birthday, she thought.
“Well?” he pressed, practically seeing the wheels turning in her head. “It’s not life or death.”
“What time is this party?”

The next morning was a whirlwind of activity nearly from the moment Jamelia opened her eyes. It’s my birthday, she realized, feeling out of sorts. For the past few years, getting older was not exactly something to look forward to. Until now. After fielding a constant stream of celebratory phone calls and texts from friends and family alike, she got dressed and donning a simple pair of shorts and a t-shirt. It was, admittedly, her first date in a long time, so she went down to the spa once more, excited for what the evening held in store for the two of them.

“Hi! Back again?” the receptionist smiled knowingly.
“Yeah, but this time, I think I’d like to throw in a hot stone massage and a facial along with the seaweed wrap. Oh, and can I get another one of those cocktails? They were so good!”
“Right away, ma’am.”
As she laid her head back in the massage chair, her whole body feeling light as a feather, she heard her phone ring.

“Oh, uh oh,” she muttered lazily, fumbling a bit for it. “Hello?”
“How are you this morning? I hope I didn’t call you too early?” Brandon’s deep voice intoned.

“I’m all right, having a spa day so that I can be all ready for your shindig tonight.”
“Excited, are we?”
“It’s not every day that I get to rub elbows with the social elite.”
“And you’ll fit right in,” he assured her. “Pick you up later, Ms. Jamelia.”
“I’ll be waiting for you… Mr. Brandon.” Tickled, she accidentally splashed the water a bit, wetting the nail technician, who laughed good naturedly. “Sorry!”

“Don’t worry, I was brought up on the beach,” she waved Jamelia off. “Hot date tonight?”
“I guess that remains to be seen…”

By that afternoon, it had cooled down considerably, after the short but fierce rainstorm. Throwing a shawl over her knee length dress, she stepped out onto the balcony, staring out over the beach. Towels and people in brightly colored bathing suits peppered the white sand beach, and Jamelia could almost smell the food sold by the roadsides. Lost in her thoughts, she watched as a large, sleek stretch limo pulled up to the front of the hotel. Piqued, she leaned over the railing to get a better look, just as she heard her phone ring from inside. Rushing back to the living area, she answered breathlessly,

“Hey! Are you close by?”
“Sure am. I actually just pulled up to your hotel, so if you’re ready…”
You’re the one in that limo?” I shouldn’t  even be surprised anymore, she mused.
“That’s me,” he replied cockily.

As she rode the elevator to the lobby, she concentrated on keeping herself steady; seeing Brandon by the door, she teetered on her six inch heels, willing herself not to trip or stumble. So far, so good.

“Don’t you look nice,” he complimented her. “See? I told you that you’d fit right in.” Opening the limo door for her, she grinned at the bottle of Dom Perignon chilling in a bucket of ice.
“I see you pulled out all the stops.”
“Happy birthday,” he opened the bottle and poured her a glass. “Cheers to you, and to many more years to come.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Sipping her drink, she wiggled her nose as the bubbles rose and tickled her. “So where are you taking me?”
“You’ll see. But I will say this: I hope you’ve gotten over your fear of helicopters.”
“Oh, ho,” she chortled, much more bravely than she felt. “The plot thickens.”
“Indeed.” He turned away, ignoring her for the rest of the trip as she downed over a quarter of the bottle. “Here we are.”

Again, the daunting looking aircraft loomed in the distance as they approached yet another helipad.
“Who knew there were so many helipads on this little island,” she said weakly, trying to cover up her apprehension.
“It’s so spread out that the best way to get around is air travel,” Brandon replied evenly, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. As he chatted with the pilot, Jamelia busied herself looking for some more alcohol to calm her nerves, but found none. “Hey,” he stuck his head into the back, still seated up front in the cockpit. “We’ll be taking off in a minute. Are you okay?”
“Yeah! Great!”

They flew over the bright, shining blue ocean, past Maui, finally landing two hours later in Kilauea.
“A volcano?” she asked disbelievingly. “How did you manage that?”
“I know someone that knows someone,” he said mysteriously. “Any other questions? The food is going to get cold.”

Food?” Holding his hand out for her, Jamelia followed him numbly, still trying to process everything.
“Yes, food. I hope you like a more… unconventional breakfast?” He led her to a tiny tiki hut, surrounded by obsidian. There was no vegetation in sight, and she felt as if she were in a totally different place.

“That all depends on your definition of ‘unconventional.’”
Pulling out her chair for her, she peered warily at the trays of food on the table. Sniffing furtively, she couldn’t quite identify the scents, but whatever it was, it smelled scrumptious.
“It smells heavenly.”

“Doesn’t it? Edouard outdoes himself every time.” Uncovering the trays, her eyes bugged out when she saw the caviar, salmon, croissants, and in some smaller trays, fruit, delicate pastries, and a few truffles. “Well! Dig in.” Producing a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne from under the table, he poured them both a glass, raising his in a toast. “Before I forget, the best part. To new friendships.”
“To new friendships.” Clinking glasses, Jamelia took a small sip before serving herself some smoked salmon, the croissants practically melting in her mouth.
They ate in relative silence, simply enjoying each other’s company and the solitude of the volcano, until Jamelia broke the silence.

“Why me, Brandon?” she considered this for a moment, buttering half a croissant.
“Why not you? I mean, I could be asking you the same question, don’t you think?”
“Funny. I’m serious… why?”
“You want the truth? I like you, Jamelia. There’s something about you that’s just… amazing. Is that crazy?”

“No,” she admitted. “The other day at the beach may have been a coincidence, but I’m glad I met you. Too bad I’m only staying here for a few more days.”
“In that case, finish up so that we can make the best of these next few days, don’t you think?”

Between the two of them, they made short work of the food, not leaving a single crumb behind.
“So who comes and cleans all this up?”
That is something that you need not worry about,” Brandon retorted cockily. “Ever. Not while you’re with me, anyhow.”
“I see. A girl can definitely get used to that.”
“I insist that you do. Let’s go; I have to get the yacht together.”
“Ha. I’d almost forgotten about your yacht party… I’m completely blown away by this, Brandon.” He stopped mid stride to face her, cupping her face in his strong, broad hands.
“That’s what I like to hear.” Leaning in close, he kissed her gently on the lips, their skin barely touching, but it sent chills up and down Jamelia’s spine. This man is something else, she thought, dazed.

The trip back was a lot smoother, or maybe it was all the alcohol in her system. Either way, she found herself chatting vivaciously with Brandon and the pilot as they flew to neighboring Maui, where his yacht was docked in Lahaina Harbor. It was nearing high noon, and despite the earlier coolness, the day promised to be a scorcher. Walking down the dock, he led her to an impressive looking vessel, bobbing with the ebb and flow of the crystalline water.
“And this belongs to you?” Jamelia squealed.

“Why are you so surprised? Let’s see if anyone showed up early, and I can show you around.” Complete with staterooms for any guests that decided to stay, a fully stocked kitchen, and attentive staff, she was beyond mesmerized. “Ah, Mrs. Tanner. How are you?”
“Brandon! My husband and I were just talking about you last night… sorry he couldn’t make it, but he sure wanted to be here.”

“Well, he rarely misses one, so I’ll let him slide. This time.” The two of them laughed conspiratorially, and Jamelia stood off to one side, feeling left out. “Mrs. Tanner, this is my date, Jamelia. Jamelia, her husband helped me start my business; I owe these two a great deal.”
“Good to meet you,” Jamelia shook her hand.

“Likewise. Listen, I’m going up to the sun deck to lay out… catch you two later.”
Watching her go, it hit her that she’d forgotten any swimwear. Foolish me, she chastised herself. As if reading her mind, Brandon tapped her on the shoulder.

“There are some extra bathing suits in one of the guest staterooms. If you like, you can go look for one? See if any of them catch your eye?” Opening her mouth to reply, the commotion outside interrupted her. “Whoops. Looks like the party got started a little earlier than anticipated.” Grateful for an excuse to explore on her own, she let Brandon deal with his guests while she wandered off in search of the perfect bathing suit. Passing by a few stragglers, she smiled and greeted them all as she found her way to the lower deck. The cedar was fragrant and comforting as she opened a door at random, hoping that she’d found the right place. Rifling through a few drawers she came up empty handed.

In the next room, she had better luck, until she felt an almighty lurch and a deafening horn blew, loud and clear. Damn, we’re really heading out to sea, it dawned on her. Swaying slightly, she kept her balance by holding onto the dresser. The door opened slowly, and Brandon stuck his head inside.

“I thought I’d find you in here somewhere. Did you find the bathing suit?” he asked sweetly.
“I did.” Holding it up for him and waving it around, she smiled seductively, still remembering his kiss. “And what do you know? It’s just my size.”

“Perfect.” Licking his lips hungrily, he stepped further into the room. “Just perfect.”
“Let me get changed; I’ll be out in a minute,” Jamelia sang, sidestepping him and closing the bathroom door behind her, giggling. Stripping off her dress, she put on the pearl white bikini, checking herself out in the full length mirror before exiting. “What do you think?”
“I think… I’m thinking screw the party, we should stay right here,” he closed the gap between them, grabbing her forcefully. “But, of course, I’d be a terrible host, wouldn’t I?”

“I suppose that depends on who you’re asking.” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately, feeling the rough material of his jeans against her warm body before pulling away. “There’s time enough for that. We have a party to get to. ”

Upstairs on the main deck, the staff was beginning to serve the guests, the majority of whom preferred to drink and mingle on the sun deck.

“Something to eat, miss?” One waiter dressed in black and white asked her.
“Hm? Oh, no thank you,” she declined politely.
“Okay. Just to let you know, we do have an open bar on the sun deck, if you’re thirsty.” Sounds like a great idea, Jamelia thought. Passing a few guests who stopped mid conversation as she passed, she ignored them, head held high. As she stood at the bar, she spied Brandon going downstairs in the company of a few other men, beers in hand.

“What’ll it be?” the bartender asked, wiping his hands on a rag at his waist.
“Um, I think I’ll go with a Lava Flow. Do you make those?”
“Sure do.” Crossing her legs, which really didn’t offer much more coverage, she waited. “Here you go.”

“Cheers.” Jiggling her foot in time to the music, she looked around, enjoying the salty ocean breeze.
“Having fun?” Brandon asked, edging up to her.
“Mm hmm. A lot more than I expected, honestly. And the drinks aren’t half bad.”
“Good. I have a few contacts and I wanted to take you someplace else.”
“Really, and where might that be?”

“Have you ever heard of a place called Ni’ihau? It’s not too far now.”
“And what’s on Ni’ihau?” Feeling herself loosen up, she stroked his arm gently. “Another birthday present?”

“Maybe. I guess you’ll have to see it for yourself.
Pouting, Jamelia had to content herself with that answer for the next half hour, until they came ashore at a jungle like island. Hearing the “ooh” and “ahh” of Brandon’s guests, she looked up at him quizzically.

“They’ll have to stay and party here without me. But you can come with me as my guest to the island.”
“My, my, my,” she quipped, taking his hand. “Are you sure you won’t be missed?”
“And what if I am?” Ashore, the sand was powdery and soft, and her first thought was that it looked way too good to be true.

“What do you do out here?”
“I have a cabin about a mile inland. Kind of my little getaway, since this island is really off limits to the general public,” Brandon boasted.
“You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?”
“The best is yet to come.”

As hot as the day was, walking through the canopy of tropical fauna made it a bit cooler. As if it were a mirage, a small, rustic looking cabin appeared in the distance. In the few days that she’d been in Hawaii, Jamelia was so used to seeing the typical island theme that a tiny log cabin looked laughable.

“That’s yours?” she asked with a bit of a smirk.
“Yep. That’s it. I had it built a few years ago. It doesn’t look like much, but I think it’s more than adequate for one person.” Opening the door with a loud creak, she was struck dumb.
The hardwood floors were waxed and shined to perfection, and the brown shag rug was spotless. There was a modest kitchenette and a bedroom on the other side. Who would have thought?
“Who maintains it while you’re gone?” she asked, grasping at straws for a topic of conversation.

“I have friends who come by every so often to lend a hand. It’s not as much work as you would think.”
“Not too shabby.” It was then that she realized that it was the first time that they were totally alone. On an island. In his cabin. Alone.

“I’m glad you approve, my lady.” Grasping her chin, he lifted her face and kissed her, taking advantage of the solitude. “Did I wish you a happy birthday yet?”
“No. But you’re off to a great start.” Returning the kiss, she slipped her tongue into his mouth, feeling his erection press against her bare stomach.

Tugging down his shorts, she pulled out his thick, though slightly short and hard erection penis. It stay hard for quite some time, with the smallest bead of precum shining at the tip, so she did the only thing that came naturally to her and sank to her knees in front of him. Licking her full lips, she took his entire length into her mouth in one shot, which wasn’t really such a big feat. In fact, Jamelia even managed to find room for his balls, which drove him crazy. Grabbing a fistful of her loose, unruly hair, he bobbed her head up and down forcefully, moaning all the while.

Jesus,” he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut as she tried to struggle away from his iron grip. Grabbing his ass, she spread him slightly, just enough to ease her finger in between his cheeks and rub small circles around his tight, puckered hole. “Ah, dammit!” he cried, pushing her away.
Doubled over with laughter, she stood up to kiss him once more, wiggling her hips against his. In retaliation, he reached around and untied her bikini top. Feeling the fabric loosen and drop to the ground, its touch made her nipples harden and she shivered. Looking down, she saw his cock twitch, and it turned her on even more. She longed to feel him inside her, finally, so she wrapped her arms around him and ran her fingers through his hair, gripping it lightly as their tongues wrestled incessantly.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted someone like you?” he asked breathlessly between kisses.
“Does it matter now? Here I am.”
Leading her to the rug he leaned back so that she would fall on top of him. As he slid his hands down to cup her ass, she straddled him in the tight space. Lifting her hips to give himself more room, Brandon ripped the bottom of her bathing suit clean off, tossing the pieces aside as she giggled.
“Such a bad boy,” she teased. “I don’t usually associate with the likes of you.”

“Oh, yeah? Is that right?” Sitting up, he turned her around so swiftly and so hard that she ended up face first in the soft, velvety material, her bare ass sticking up in the air.
Taking this as an opportunity, he rapidly discarded his Bermuda shorts and held her by her hips as he drove into her with so much force that she couldn’t even gather enough wind to cry out. Clutching the fabric of the rug for dear life, it was all she could do to hold on while he pounded her crudely. The sound of his skin slapping against hers seemed to echo in the relatively small cabin, as Jamelia’s face was pressed into the floor. Momentarily letting go of her hips, he used one hand to grab her hair and pull her back, making her groan, half in pleasure and half in pain.

“Brandon… oh, God, Brandon…” she moaned, squirming against his grip.
Leaning in close, he put his lips next to her ear, making her shudder and clench her muscles around him. 

“Cum for me… you know you want to.” Biting her lip to try to hold back, she couldn’t. With a pained cry, she came, her eyes rolling back in her head involuntarily.
“Jesus!” she cried, panting. Thinking that she would finally get a breather, she was sorely mistaken.

Pulling out, and seeing he maintain hard erection cock shining with her juices, he grinned. Perfect, he thought amusedly. Watching her catch her breath, he held her down once more, sliding his still wet member into her tight, puckered hole.

“Brandon!” she yelped, trying to pull away from him once more, but he was too strong for her. As he slid into her, she moaned. It was a completely new sensation… but she enjoyed it. Pushing back against him, she gripped the rug tighter, vaguely giving thanks that there was nobody in the vicinity who could hear them. Gritting her teeth, she felt his hand snake around her neck, clutching her and steadily placing more pressure. “Mm… be careful,” she whispered as he tightened his hold.
“Ah, shit,” he grunted, his body jerking wildly with his own orgasm. He seemed to go limp as he let go of Jamelia, who instantly fell forward. “You’re quite some woman.”
“Something like that.”

Never again would she complain about another birthday.