lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My First Time With Him

I’d been with Paul for as long as I could remember. We started dating in high school and had our first sexual encounter at a house party. We were both completely drunk. Even thought we’d had sex a million times since then, I was never really comfortable with anal. But that all changed a week ago.

Paul was away on business and I felt really horny that night. I grabbed my rabbit vibrator and penetrated myself with it, but mistakenly had it turned the wrong way. This resulted in the rabbit part going up my ass a little. At first I was horrified… but the feeling was magical. I never thought I would feel that way about anal.

“You okay?” Paul asked, ripping me from my flashback.
“I want to try something,” I said, pulling my naked body off him.
His big erection slipped out of me. It was completely soaked in my juices.
“Yeah?” he asked, looking quite excited.
“I want you to put it in my ass,” I said, my face going red almost instantly.
I turned around so I could do a reverse cowgirl, just like in the article I read.
“Wow,” Paul said, clearly surprised.

His harder erection looked even longer as the veins around his shaft bulged. He may take some sex pill before this.
I lowered my ass over his dick, feeling the tip pressing against my ass. I reached around, using both my hands to pull my cheeks apart. He had his hands on my hips, guiding me onto him.

“Ahhhh!” I shouted, feeling his tip breaching my tight hole.
“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.
“Yes,” I panted. “Just push it in.”
I lowered my body slowly, feeling his thick erection stretching my ass wider than I ever thought possible. I clenched my teeth as pain gave way to pleasure.
“I feel so filled,” I stuttered.

A few minutes later my cheeks were against Paul’s body. He was inside me. Completely. I could feel my nipples harden so much it hurt. Anal was clearly my biggest turn-on. A turn-on I never even knew existed.
I leaned forward, placed my hands on his legs and lifted my body, feeling his throbbing shaft sliding out. I brought my hips back down hard as he penetrated me again.
“Ahhhh!” I shouted, louder this time.
I continued lifting myself up and down as he slipped in and out of my ass. It became easier with each passing second.

“This is so damn hot, I’m going to cum any second,” he panted.
It was too late for me. Electricity coursed through my veins. I closed my eyes and moaned loudly as the most intense orgasm ever ripped through my body, burning my inner thighs with orgasmic ecstasy. At that moment, I could feel Paul tightening inside my ass.

He grunted loudly, digging his fingers into my waist as he drilled me hard from below. I could feel a warm feeling inside my body as he exploded, filling me with a stream of hot, sticky cum.

A few seconds later I pulled myself off him and collapsed on the bed, completely exhausted.