lust erotic diary story

lust erotic diary story

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thai Girl Sex

Just come back from a Thai Spa around the neighborhood. This Thai Spa is very comfortable with a swimming pool on the 8th floor where you can have a view of the city and the night scene. Of course it provide the service of thai massage, the massage is fabulous, you should try the massage in thailand if you happen to visit there. The thai girl wear a pretty sexy outfit and have a very good figure, during the massage she touched my sensitive area purposely and making me so high. When she see that I'm enjoying the touch, she make it more obvious and getting closer to me. I enjoy her caress, this make me so horny as I haven't have sex for quite some time. My penis erect and my hand get so naughty, running around her body as well. Her skin is as smooth as silk, my hand is going inside her shirt as well. After the massage, she asked me whether I want the extra service. Actually she can see that my penis have a full erection, and the towel can't really cover it up.

I replied her by kissing her on the lips, I'm so thirst for sex right now and my mind is not functioning after my little brother penis wake up. The rest is pretty normal like what you can see in the porn movie. She gave me a hand job mix with blow job, this is making me crazy. Having sex with them is really different making love with girl friend. Having sex with prostitute is totally different experience, it feels like the master and servant. They are providing the service that pleasure you most so they can get a have nice tips. You are the master and they are doing whatever you want. Well making love with girlfriend or wife, you will have to pleasure them as well, you may enjoy making them high or teasing them. If I have to choose one among it, I'll choose to make love with partners, I like the feel of hug and when I penetrate into her vagina, it's like she's totally mine. Can feel the passion, love, horny in the whole sexual intercourse.

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